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50 Hot Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles That’ll Make You Go for the Chop

Don’t let the fear of short hair keep you from trying a bob haircut. Overcome it by just going for the chop – you will instantly fall in love with your new gorgeous look! We’ve got 50 perfect examples of bob cut hairstyles for 2020 covering different lengths, hair types, and textures. Get ready to find the one that will steal your heart. 1. Tousled Wavy Bob.

The above-the-shoulder length is super sexy and loved by many because you can easily style it however you want and it will always look flawless. Don’t be afraid to make it messy.

Long Bob Cut:

Slight waves can transform your “bed head” into a chic, trendy bob. Style it with a medium-sized curling iron wrapping pieces of hair around the barrel and holding for about 10 seconds

Short Bob with Bangs. For ladies with thin hair, you should try a bob with wispy bangs and edges to keep your cut fresh and light.

Asymmetrical Choppy Bob. An angled cut can be very subtle or very dramatic depending on how steep the angle is. Style it straight or wavy – you can’t go wrong!

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