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50 Gorgeous Shag Haircuts for All Hair Types

The shaggy cut is proof that the messy and full of movement style is what will be successful in 2020. Inspired by the retro style of the 70s, shag hair is a frayed haircut that has graduations along the length showing ends disconnected, which are highlighted with a super stripped messy finish.

The model is among the main trends of the year and is perfect for you to innovate the look and adopt a lighter and more relaxed style. Check out the 50 photos of the shaggy cut in medium and long short hair to get inspired!

Having mid-length hair isn’t a bad thing! You can style it curly, wavy, or straight, and it will look beautiful on all hair types. The best part about this length is that you can finally copy one of the much-talked-about trendy medium shag haircuts.

A shag looks effortlessly chic in seconds! Also, if you get too hot or just don’t feel like wearing it down, your hair is long enough to put it up. Here are some shaggy haircuts that will make you obsessed with your mid-length hair all over again.

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