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50 Gorgeous Medium Hairstyles for Women You’ll Want to Try

The most beautiful hairstyles for those with straight hair and never know how to style them! From the braid to the bun, here are the most beautiful hairstyles to learn by following simple  tutorials .

At the base of a beautiful hairstyle there is almost always a good hair care , even more so for those who have a beautiful smooth hair, which if not well cared for is likely to appear flat. Taking care of the hair means washing it enough, but also using the right products that from the root to the tip keep the hair healthy, even when we use the best stylers on the market.

blonde medium bob haircuts

After showing you different  hairstyles for curly hair and some tutorials to make some hairstyles quickly and easily, today we want to focus on straight hair and the best hairstyles to focus on according to your tastes, but also taking into account the occasions of use.


The problem with straight hair is that it tends to not have a good hold, unless you get specific fixing products that allow you to keep your hairstyle intact at least for the whole day.

Let’s start with an apparently complex but still simple hairstyle. As you can see, the base is a short bob  enhanced by a high fake bun . A perfect hairstyle for those with angular features because this hairstyle frames the face.

medium bob haircuts

purple medium bob haircuts


brown medium bob haircuts


medium bob haircuts

two tone hair color medium bob haircuts

medium bob haircuts

medium bob haircuts

medium bob haircuts

Ombre medium bob haircuts

ombre medium bob haircuts


Out of all the hairstyles you could consider, medium hairstyles for women are probably the best because of their versatility. Not only do they work for every single face shape from round and oval to heart-shaped and square, but they suit all hair types as well, including thin and thick hair.

These are the 50 most gorgeous medium length hairstyles for women you’ll want to try!

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