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50 Foolproof Hairstyles for Round Faces That Really Work

A square face, as the name denounces, is one that has four equal sides. That is, the forehead and the jaw line coincide in length or are very similar. The same goes for the sides of the face. This type of face has a very discreet chin, practically fused to the jaw line. To value this type of face, the reference is the oval face. “All types of face aim to attenuate or reinforce their characteristics, in order to be more similar to the oval shape”, defends the visagist Robson Trindade, from the Red Door Salon and Spa, in São Paulo. Fringes, sides of the hair, more volume in the tuft or the side, even the use of long earrings and other complements are thought by the visagists, to achieve this result. Here, it helps us to indicate the best  hairstyles for square face.

Hairstyles for square face: which ones to bet


The ideal type of fringe

The side bangs are a great addition to square faces, both in hairstyles and in loose hair. The diagonal line that she draws on the face softens the shape of the forehead, giving the upper part of the face an oval appearance.

Have straight bangs should be avoided. This is because, with it, the area of ​​the square face starts to have a very compact aspect, as if it were a rectangle, showing even more the features.

High bun

With the length of the forehead line and the jaw line similar, the square face can feel “flattened”. A high bun gives the impression of an elongated forehead. If you want to bet on the long side bangs, even better, as it gives the feeling of a thinner face.

short wavy to easy updo hairstyle

Bulky loose

The frayed cut in gradient , from the jaw line onwards, stretches the lower part of the face, while attenuating the straight line of the chin. Above, the volume also lengthens the face (to bet even more on the effect, invest in a high tuft). It can be done with dry shampoo  or texturizing spray, and fine tooth comb, combing the strands in the opposite direction to their natural trim. To complete, long bangs thrown aside, also to balance the strokes.

Product suggestion:  Texturing spray TRESemmé Expert Perfectly (Dis) tidy

Long bangs split in half

More than versions of ponytail and bun, high or low, the long fringe split in half and modeled – in waves or discrete curls – can be a good alternative, regardless of the hairstyle. Fallen down the side of her face, she smoothes, from top to bottom, the straight, strong lines of square faces.

Retro cabal tail

In addition to the long fringe split in half, a vintage ponytail has an ally on the forelock to lengthen square faces. To achieve the effect, it is worth using a filling made especially to add volume to tufts (also known as bump it ).

Tiara braid with fringe on the sides

Square-faced romantics can celebrate: by drawing attention to the top of their heads, braids-tiaras go very well on this type of face. A detail that makes all the difference is the bangs broken on the side and fallen along the faces, as well as the very long bangs.


romantic touch in hair - wedding hairstyle - checopie

Loose side braid

The side braid , with very voluminous and loose bangs, creates a transversal line on the face, attenuating the straight lines and giving a slightly more oval feel.

wedding-updo-hairstyle-before and after updos for every hair type and length

Product Tips

Do you want to keep your hair always soft and loose? Bet on treatment oils, such as  Dove Pure Care Dry Oil or  Nexxus Oil Infinite Oil .

The bun is one of the most traditional hairstyles for brides for being sophisticated and beautiful! So it must be done well in order to enhance your face. The shape and size of your neck can also influence the style of the bun.

The first tip is: if you have a long neck, prefer lower buns. The same goes for the opposite. If your neck is not that long, use the taller bun to give you an idea of ​​stretching. Also pay attention to the shape of your face. Check out some tricks: Round face You can easily bet on a taller bun, but leave a few loose threads around the face to stretch. Very straight and completely tied hair can accentuate the roundness of your face. Oval face Perfect with any type of bun, but the ideal is to avoid too much volume at the top of the head. If you have bangs, attach the strands to the side. Square face Use the bun with a little volume almost at the top of the head. The diagonal fringe also helps to soften the straight lines of the face. Follow the tips well and test your hairstyle a few days before. Ready! The bun will be perfect for your big day. Now check out some beautiful buns and get inspired! – Via Universe of the brides

The ideal bun for every type of face.


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If you have a chubby face, the wrong hairstyle can accentuate that fullness or cast shadows you may not want to see. The right haircuts for round faces, however, work with your curves instead of against them, highlighting your best features and showing off your beautiful smile, bright eyes, dimples, and other attractive characteristics.

You don’t have to be restricted to the same androgynous haircut you’ve had for years. These 50 top hairstyles are perfect for round faces and offer plenty of options, no matter what hair length, texture, or color you have.

cute light blonde lob long

short blonde stacked haircut 2022



blonde bob and wavy hairstyle
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