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50 Current Ideas of Most Flattering Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

All Unique and Newest Different types of hairstyle for women 2022

Many women who have a round face go around to find out what types of cuts best harmonize with the shape of their faces. Each woman has a different face design and, of course, there are cuts that fit like a glove with certain types. Knowing what they are, is halfway to creating facial harmony.

Check out our best haircut tips for those with a round face and gain security to face the hairdresser and achieve a transforming result in your look.

Discover your face type

The first step is to really identify the shape of your face. To do this, pin your hair up and take a picture right in front. This will allow you to analyze your traits well.

What is the best length for thinning the face?

If your intention is to disguise the round aspect of your face, invest in medium or long cuts, with peaked, frayed or layered effects. Thus, you will have more vertical volume and will disguise the full face.

Asymmetrical cuts, such as the sidecut or the spout chanel also reinforce this longitudinal characteristic. A side bang that runs from the nose to the chin is another sure-fire option to give your face a more elongated effect.

But if you like your round face, your options increase! The short ones, for example, will highlight the features of your face and bring modernity and sophistication to your look. The most important thing is to feel good!

Check out the 45 best haircuts for those with round faces


The round face has unique features, such as prominent cheekbones, similar vertical and horizontal measurements and a smaller chin. These features can combine with different types of cuts that enhance your face in the best possible way.

“The round face combines with several types of cuts, but it is always recommended to look for a visagist if you don’t feel safe” is what hairdresser Liliane Galvão says. A visagist is the professional who will determine which haircut suits you best, taking into account your hair type, your daily life, your personality, the shape of your face etc. However, if you want cutting tips for round faces to start thinking and choosing, come with us and we will help you:

Pine Bob with finely chopped ends 2023 - checopie

graduated-blonde-bob-with-layers 2022 checopie

Unequal hacked praise blonde wavy choppy hairstyle 2022 - checopie

Well-groomed short bob with delicate layers 2023 - checopie

choppy bob with waves

Black & Orange two tone hair color with Bob hair Cuts

beige bob haircut

amazing brown wavy and choppy bob hairstyle

amazing blonde choppy bob hairstyle for short medium hair

amazing blonde choppy bob hairstyle

Short-Wavy-Bob-Cut 2022

ombre messy bob haircuts

light messy bob haircuts

blond wavy messy bob haircuts


wedding-updo-hairstyle-before and after updos for every hair type and length

braid and updos hairstyle 2 in 1

cool haircuts for thin hair 2022

Wild mid-brown textured bob with ice-pink balayage

Messy ash-blonde with dark roots – pretty short wavy hairstyles

diy short hairstyle step by step guide

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