50+ Creative DIY Home Decor Ideas & Tips

New house, new life, new expectations – and new decor, of course. But nothing like doing it yourself and printing your personality in your corner

Taking care of the house is a delight, especially when it is a new house. We just changed and soon want to see her with our face, call home and say “I did it”. Therefore, we have separated 52 very easy DIY decoration tips (Do It Yourself, in English) to inspire you to use all your creativity with a lot of love and care. After all, there is nothing like transforming what is yours into a reflection of yourself. Ready to get your hands dirty?

DIY – A real decoration craze

Who has never been to a decoration store, loved an accessory and thought: “Ah, I can do better”? Exactly for that reason DIY decorations have gained more and more fans and have become a real craze for those who like to impress their personality in every corner of the house. Whatever your style, these tips will help you come up with cool ideas and make your new home the coolest place your friends have ever seen.

1 – Letters with lights to decorate the wall of the new room

How about debuting the new room in a very cozy and different atmosphere? Personalize the wall in the living room (or bedroom, office, even the bathroom!) With a name or phrase written with hoses of light. They are super easy to find, malleable, cheap and in different colors. Write what you want and hang with small clips on the wall, like the ones to hold wires.

2 – Make a hanger from an old wooden ladder

Did you just change and still have no closet in the new house? There’s no need to warm your head, take that wooden ladder used for the renovation, give it a quick sanding and paint it with wood paint of the color you want.

Then just attach it horizontally with chains to the ceiling, leaving it suspended at the height that is most comfortable for you. You can also make or buy ready-made French hands for support and attach the ladder to the wall.

Use the steps to hang the hangers. You will have a macaw so beautiful that it will be difficult to want to replace it with a closet.

The stairs, by the way, are excellent to enhance your DIY decoration. Leaning against the wall they can be used as shelves in the bathroom, bookshelves in the living room, support for vases on the balcony, hanging pots in the kitchen or even as a point of light in the room: just surround it with a set of lights or Christmas lights .

3 – Create with nails and make your own pictures

For those who like romantic decor, the heart frame made with nails is easy, inexpensive and extremely charming. Take an MDF or plywood board of any size and make the outline of a heart with little pleats, leaving them firm, but with a good part of the body to the outside.

Then randomly join all nails with a red line, until they are all connected several times. You can make as many hearts as you want or just one, whatever: the result is beautiful and can even be used as a headboard.

4 – Fair boxes for storing shoes

Markets and fairs throw tons of crates away every day, which is a real waste for those who like DIY decoration. They are versatile and provide an immense amount of possibilities.

One of them is to use them to store shoes: just paint, lay them on their sides, put casters on the base and attach an intermediary shelf, which can be made with the wood itself from another box. If you want, glue or attach a pillow to the top and it becomes a delicate puff to put on your shoes.

Crates can also become flowerpots, bookcases and objects, coffee and support tables, built-in cabinets and even room dividers – just stack them and secure each other, and preferably the base to the floor. There, you already have a very cool way to create a new corner in your room and still win a bookcase.

5 – Custom fan

Autumn is the ideal time to start having ideas for the coming summer, so how about having a fan that no one else has? Take that dull white model and paint each propeller a color. Beautiful still and a real rainbow when it’s working.

6 – Enjoy the boutique bags and make a DIY vase

Answer quickly: what do you do with those boutique bags? The small ones, made of jewelry, can have a much more charming destination than the garbage bag. Just place a plastic bag inside with sand and stick flowers and leaves to enhance the DIY decoration. The result is delicate and very charming.

7 – Addicted to plants? Make a stand with ice cream sticks!

They make the house happy, they are good for the soul and even help to decorate any environment. Plants are a real addiction for those who love nature indoors – and your new property will not be without them.

What you don’t know is that ice cream sticks can help you create really cool DIY stands. All you need is 12 toothpicks attached by the ends to form a square: glue the first four and then the others one above the other, reinforcing the square.

One tip is to paint them, before gluing, the color of the vase that you will put there in the middle. Then make four equal loops of string or sisal and tie at each end, joining them on top in a ring to hang. There, you have a beautiful Diy Checopie

8 – Different and vintage DIY hanger

One thing that everyone has and ends up taking to a new home are those old cutlery, loose, that no longer have a pair: spoon without fork, fork, knife and so on. With forks, especially, you make a very charming rack for your decor.

To do this, drill a small hole with a drill in the base of the fork hand. Over there you will attach it to the wall after you bend the hook-shaped cable. To make it look nicer, fold or separate the “little fingers” from the fork in the form of “peace and love”, “hang loose” or “long and prosperous life”. The composition is charming.

9 – Bollards for storing utensils

Do you know those colorful enameled buckets? They are the perfect DIY solution for you to have more space for your stuff. And put it easy: just hang them on the wall with delicate hair clips and store hairbrushes, combs, makeup brushes and whatever else you need. As they can be found in various sizes and colors, just let your imagination run wild!

10 – Cool and easy DIY pallet lamp

You can have a beautiful rustic and easy DIY lamp with just a small pallet and a few sockets. Just attach it to the ceiling and make holes for the wires to pass through the wood, leaving the lamps hanging. The more lamps you use, the prettier it looks.

So, are you ready to make your new home even more beautiful?

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