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50 Chic Updos for Medium-Length Hair to Try

All too often medium length hair ends up in the boring category. It seems too short to do anything spectacular and too long for an edgy look inherent to modern short cuts. But don’t forget there are tons of updos for medium hair out there – look in the right place, and you’ll see there are at least 50 worthy hairstyles to choose from. From formal events to weekend hangouts and nights out on the town with friends, there’s a style for every occasion.

How to Updo ? Step by Step Process

A classic is a classic: all the tips for achieving your dream updo hairstyle

Updos (hairstyles with hair up) are stylish hairstyles and easier to do than they look. Try some of the tips below and turn your dull ponytail into a hairstyle worthy of a red carpet, which you would be proud to show off!

  1. Wash and dry your hair thoroughly. It is necessary that it is clean and without any residue of hair products, and that it is also as dry as possible, so that the hair can be shaped more easily to the updo. If possible, wash your hair one night before doing the updo.
  2. Try the elegant banana bun for a formal event or wedding. This updo that never goes out of style is beautiful and gives a sophisticated look to women of any age.
  3.  If your hair is extremely straight, use a babyliss to add more texture to the strands before you start. But if he is normally very frizzy, use some method that smooths him, leaving his curls behaved.
  4. Comb your hair behind your shoulders. Part the hair in a lock about 4 fingers wide, from the top of the head to the middle, and divide into 3 equal parts.
  5. Comb each strand of hair with a small comb in the opposite direction, combing the three strands backwards, from the ends, going towards the root. Leave the three strands combed in front of your face.
  6. Tie the rest of the hair and make a small ponytail, twisting it firmly until the end.
  7. Lift up the twisted ponytail as if you are making a bun and leave it in the middle of your head. Secure it with a clamp in the center of the twisted ponytail.
  8. With your hands, smooth the three strands in front of your face and bring them on top of the twisted ponytail, untangling and carefully removing the flaws from the hair with a comb.
  9. Start partly fitting the hair that has been combed back into the twisted ponytail, combing and stapling where necessary to keep the hair in place. Take the last strand of your hair and fit it under the bun formed in the twisted ponytail using staples.
  10. Spray your hair and touch up the flawed areas with more hairpins.
  11. Incorporate the look by loosening some tufts of hair to give your face a more relaxed and elaborate look. Add more color to your hairstyle by adding a few flowered clips on the twisted ponytail or a single flower on the side of the hairstyle.



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