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47 Stacked Haircuts You’ll Be Dying To Try

Stacked haircuts are a great way to add volume and texture to your hair. They can be worn both long and short, and are a versatile style that can be dressed up or down.

To get a stacked haircut, your stylist will first need to determine the length of your hair. If you have long hair, they may need to use thinning scissors to create the right amount of texture. Once the length is determined, your stylist will then cut the back of your hair into graduated layers. The shortest layer will be at the nape of your neck, and the longest layer will be at the crown of your head.

Once the back is cut, your stylist will then move on to the sides. They will again cut graduated layers, making sure to blend them in with the back. The final step is to cut the top layer of your hair. This layer will be cut shorter in the front and longer in the back, creating the signature stacked look.

Stacked layered bob hairstyle

All ladies know that even though clothes matter, the hairstyle has the greatest influence on the whole look. The wide variety of beauty products proves this: hairsprays, plenty of special brushes, mousses, hair mask, all these goods are produced to help women look gorgeous. However, every lady faces a difficult task: buying a lot of hair care products is not enough, choosing the best hairstyle is even more important. If you still haven’t found it or are looking for something fundamentally new, check out the best stacked haircuts ideas. Maybe amazing stacked bob turns out to be exactly what you are looking for!

Super Short Stacked Bob Haircuts

Some women avoid wearing too short hairstyles because in their opinion they are not feminine enough. Well, they are not entirely wrong. Short haircuts can be hardly compared to long beautiful locks, but still, they have a lot of advantages.

Firstly, they are incredibly stylish. Front, as well as back view, is amazing: the shape of this cut is not like any other hairstyle, and it creates tons of volume! Cutting it is not an easy task for a hairdresser, but if he or she knows what to do, the result will be worth all this effort!

Secondly, you do not have to spend a lot of time in the morning to style your hair. Of course, you will need a special brush and hairdryer to give your hair the desired shape, but the whole procedure won’t take too much time. Thirdly, such hairstyles look great with any clothes from sophisticated and eye-catching evening dresses to jeans and T-shirts.




Super Short Stacked Bob Haircuts 4


In general, short stacked haircuts are great for a woman of every age, body type, and face shape. It may seem that such hairstyles are very similar, but there are a lot of opportunities for customization, actually. Take a glance at the pictures we have selected for you and choose your perfect haircut!

Stacked Bob with Bangs

stacked bob hairstyle

Bangs or no bangs? There is no right answer to this question. Some consider that they have more pros than cons, while some choose easier alternatives. It should be emphasized that the result is really worth the efforts: stacked bob with bang look absolutely gorgeous.

Moreover, it’s never boring mostly because there are plenty of ways to style them. You can choose different clothes and makeup techniques and make your looks completely different. Want to be a femme fatale this evening? Red lipstick and evening dress with stacked bob with a bang will make you the star of the party! Want to look like a tender girl? Headgear, cool accessories and natural makeup will turn you into a princess!


Do you like funky, courageous looks? Choose the eye-catching hair color and this haircut, and you will get a great combination that will make you stand out in the crowd. If you need even more volume, don’t forget to add some contrast highlights and shine every single day!

Cute Short Stacked Haircuts

As we have already mentioned, stacked bob can be completely different. Do you like short or long haircuts? In any case, you’ll find a great stacked haircut that will make you look even more beautiful. One of the best things about such hairstyles is that you can customize and change them the way you want to express your unique personality and highlight your best features. Of course, the hair color matters too. Blonde, stacked bobs are more romantic and playful, while the brunette bobs are really classy.



Cute Short Stacked Haircuts 3


Cute Short Stacked Haircuts 5

If you want to make your hairstyle even more eye-catching, choose the wedge bob. We personally consider it to be absolutely awesome and highly stylish. Look at the pictures we’ve selected for you to decide if this is your perfect haircut. This option, however, is not for the shy girls because it really grabs a lot of attention and makes you stand out in the crowd. Unfortunately, there are a very few ways to style it, and your hair will look the same yet really gorgeous!

Long Stacked Bob Haircut

The long bob is a perfect haircut for those who want to have an opportunity to change their looks. Unlike the short stacked bobs, such hairstyles can be different. Everything depends on your imagination! You can even do a ponytail or a bun if you too tired to spend too much time styling your hair before study or work. Moreover, this is a perfect choice for girls with straight as well as curly hair. Maybe wavy hair will look a little bit messy, but this is stylish!

Long Stacked Bob Haircut 1



Long Stacked Bob Haircut 4

Long Stacked Bob Haircut 5

Another cool way to make your hairstyle look even more voluminous is to add some dark or light highlights. Moreover, ombre will also look great on any bob and especially on the stacked one. If you do not want to dye your hair, no problem, just ask your hairdresser to cut the wedge bob that creates tons of volume!

Stylish Stacked Layered Bobs

Times are changing, so does the fashion. There were the times when women with short hair were considered the most unattractive ones, and now we see the Hollywood stars and top models with short haircuts. We personally think that this is awesome. Today a woman can decide if she wants to have long or short hair and look fantastic regardless of her choice. If you feel more comfortable with short hair, you have a lot of great options to choose from including the highly stylish layered bobs that look feminine and elegant or funky. Everything depends on the way you see your hairstyle: a lot of various beauty products, a wide range of possible hair colors and combinations of shades provide us with the most important opportunity, the opportunity to choose.


Stylish Stacked Layered Bobs 3

Stylish Stacked Layered Bobs 4


What is the main feature of stacked bob? Everybody knows that it is short in the back and longer in front, and that is all. However, there are plenty of versions of this hairstyle that can blow your mind. One look at the photos we have gathered for you is enough to understand that the number of options and variations is almost endless. All you need to do is to analyze them, choose the pics you like the most, download them, and show to your hairstylist!

Medium Length Stacked Hairstyles

When we hear the phrase ‘stacked hairstyle’ we usually imagine chic short bobs. However, there are also medium length stacked haircuts that differ a lot. Their shape is not so extravagant and eye-catching, but it still fulfills its main function – turns casual mid-length hair into the creative hairstyle. The contrast between short hair in the back and long hair in the front looks awesome, especially if your hair is multicolored. In fact, two colors are enough to make your haircut even more special and express your individuality and uniqueness.

There is another cool option for those who love tons of volume. Medium choppy bobs look really messy, but it the thing we really like about them. Even the movie stars do not hesitate to appear on the red carpet with such a hairstyle. They know that style does not always mean that each lock must be perfect and that so-called controlled mess helps create even more stylish and fashionable look. If you are not afraid to grab a lot of attention and impress people by your awesome hairstyle, this option is for you!

Stacked Inverted Bob Style

This hairstyle is perfect for those who cannot decide if they want short or long hairstyle? Why choose one option when you can choose two? That is why stacked inverted bob is so popular among women of different age, professions, and face shapes – this is a unique hairstyle that will never make you regret that you did not choose another haircut. Can you imagine a young 16-year-old model with such a hairstyle? Sure. Can you see the successful businesswoman on her way to work with a cool stylish bob? Of course. It is undoubtedly a unique cut that never goes out of fashion.


Stacked Inverted Bob Style 2


Stacked Inverted Bob Style 4

Stacked Inverted Bob Style 5

Paradoxically, women with curly hair want to have straight hair and women with beautiful straight locks want to have curls, arguing that they are really voluminous. However, there’s one more option for the girls with straight hair and this option is called ‘stacked hairstyle.’ The shape and layers do everything for you, what can be better? Love your shiny, beautiful hair and enjoy the volume!

Cool Ideas of Very Short Stacked Hair

If you are courageous enough to go really short, you should turn your attention to very short versions of stacked bob. Some may argue that this hairstyle is for women over 50, but that’s not true. One look at the photos we have carefully selected for you is enough to understand that this truly versatile hairstyle is perfect for ladies regardless of their age. It may be classy or funky, everything depends on how you style it. The color also matters: platinum blonde, sophisticated black, eye-catching pink or blue color, nothing is forbidden, everything is allowed. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hairstyle and you will create a lot of cool looks!


Cool Ideas of Very Short Stacked Hair 2

Cool Ideas of Very Short Stacked Hair 3

Cool Ideas of Very Short Stacked Hair 4

Cool Ideas of Very Short Stacked Hair 5

If you don’t know how to style a stacked bob, don’t worry, it’s really easy. All you need is round hairbrush, hairdryer, and maybe a hairspray or mousse. This simple procedure will not take a lot of time: a few simple moves are enough to make your hair look gorgeous. It’s even easier when your hair is super short, so if you don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror, you should consider this option!

Awesome Stacked Angled Bob

Angled bob is rightfully considered to be one of the most hairstyles ever. It never goes out of fashion, it is the favorite haircut of a lot of celebrities, and it is versatile. This hairstyle seems to have no cons, but there is a better version of it, and this version is called ‘stacked angled bob.’ The best thing about it is that is great option not only for women with thick hair but also for the girls with fine hair. A lot of layers and cool shape add tons of volume, and that is exactly what most ladies want!



Awesome Stacked Angled Bob 3


It should also be emphasized that this is also a great option for the girls with wavy hair. Curls look wonderful with such a bob, but that will not be easy. If you want the great volume, not a complete mess, you will have to spend some time in the morning styling your hair. Still, the results are absolutely worth the effort!

Hairstyles with Hair Stacked in the Back

It’s all about the color and the length! These two features allow us to be different. Even a hairstyle that is supposed to look the same looks completely different not only because we all have our own unique features but also because we choose various colors and customize our haircuts in the way we want. Of course, such hairstyles are stacked in the back and longer in the front, but this is the only one common feature. The rest depends on you and your imagination? Do you feel like a rebel? You can always go super short and choose a cool attention-grabbing color. What about warm red or cold blue?

Hairstyles with Hair Stacked in the Back 1

Hairstyles with Hair Stacked in the Back 2

Hairstyles with Hair Stacked in the Back 3


Hairstyles with Hair Stacked in the Back 5

However, not all women want to grab all the attention. Bright, vivid colors are not the must, they are rather the option for girls who want to make their look funkier. The others can choose a less extravagant yet creative option. What about grey or soft pink? Such shades are great for artsy girls who want to express their uniqueness and individuality. More common colors, such as brown, blonde, and black also do not go out of fashion, and you can always choose one of them to create a nice classy look.

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