45+ White Living Room Ideas: Different Style Interiors with Photos

White color in the location of the living room will give the interior tenderness and elegance, but you need to be able to use it so that the interior is not boring. Trends and styles in the design of interior arrangement change every season, but the white color always remains relevant, as both the classic and modern living room in this color solution will look great.


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  2. White is perfect background
  3. Combination with other colors
  4. Kitchen-living room in white
  5. Small room
  6. Attic living room
  7. Different styles of interior in white
  8. Room arrangement: principles
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  13. Disadvantages

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Orange and green infusion to successfully designed room

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White Living Room: Photo of Universal Design

The white living room can be furnished in a modern or classic style. There are no restrictions here. After the bright hues promoted in recent years, white interiors seem to be a real relief. Pure color thanks to timeless elegance will add chic and unite even the craziest combinations. The arrangement of the living room in white is associated with good taste and class – true, because such a room always looks fresh and stylish. It is better to have a good rest in this interior. In addition, the white room can be easily changed by adding colorful accessories. Architects choose neutral materials for arranging a modern living room, where the floor looks like a mirror, and white lacquered furniture looks bright and modern. Due to this, the interior increases and shines.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Modern leather angular sofa adn wooden floor for great designed living

White Living Room in the Interior – the Perfect Background

The white color of the walls and floors is an ideal background for any experiments on decoration. However, nothing prevents you from arranging a white living room, highlighting only the shades and textures of this color. Such an arrangement of the room will always be elegant and fashionable. Natural materials are perfectly combined in a white space. For example, wooden floors and furniture that can be whitewashed and dyed. Linen fabrics, wool blankets and sophisticated light fixtures give the white living room a cozy atmosphere.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Classic sitting room with flowers

If you like modern interiors, in the white living room there can be a self-leveling polymer floor, lacquered furniture and simple decorations. You can decorate your living room completely white, betting on shades and texture. Mix fluffy and silky fabrics, smooth and coarse texture, hard and a soft surface. Imagine in one interior frosted walls, shiny floors, thick velveteen pillows on a leather sofa, sheep pelt on the floor, a lamp made of Japanese tissue paper. Even a pure white space can be significantly diversified.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Creamy curtains in light interior

White style living room with a bright complement in a different color

When you decide on a white living room, you can give the room a refreshing, bright touch with the help of additives. Just a few multi-colored pillows, tablecloth, carpet or ceramics in a bright shade will give the interior a completely different character. Room objects can be changed at any time. The white room will look completely different. Saturated colors acquire even greater intensity and depth on white, while at the same time affecting its hue. You can check it out by putting red pillows on a white sofa. Take a closer look to make sure that the white color turns a little pink. It is easy to decorate a white living room that blends perfectly with wood, glass, metal and ceramics, emphasizing the natural qualities of these materials.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Red additions to the nicely decorated open area apartment

White living room and natural colors

The white arrangement of the living room may seem too laboratory and cool, so you should decorate it with at least small elements of a different color. Arranging the living room in white color works well when it is combined with other natural shades:

  • beige;
  • brown;
  • olive;
  • blue.

This combination will deprive the living room from monotony, and natural colors will give the interior peace and harmony.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Brown upholstered sofa in the large living with open ceiling beams


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Black and white living room

Having decorated the living room in white, remember that you do not need to immediately choose the option of exceptional monochrome. It is enough that in a modern living room white color will have a definite advantage being at walls and furniture. The white color in the living room can create interesting contrasts that further highlight the modern character of the interior. You can choose pastel, sunny and yellow compositions, not to mention the priceless duet of white and black, which always pleases with its contrast and elegance. In the arrangement of the living room, combine white with natural materials in black colors, such as wood, weaving, textiles, enlivening the design of the room.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Sparkling top and black bottom of the high-tech designed room

In the modern version, the white living room is characterized by a simple form of furniture, geometric patterns and budget decorative accessories. It looks great in timeless combination with black, which gives the interior elegance and audacity.


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Gray and White Living

White can also bring romance and refinement to the interior. It all depends on which add-ons you choose. Gray and beige create a sophisticated composition in a white living room. This combination looks completely different in the interior, which was complied with furniture having a very modern design. The white plaster looks great in design, emphasizing the spacious nature of the composition.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Unusual gray color play in Classic interior

Dark beige or bluish-gray furniture in combination with a white wall allows you to optically expand the room, but the location gives a little depth. These wall colors will work in large rooms. Spacious living rooms that combine several functions look good in white. It seems there is always order in them.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Dark wooden table and artificial fireplace

Kitchen-living Room in White

Today, studio apartments that combine a living room with a kitchen are very popular. An interesting solution is the design with a combined room when the white case of MDF lacquered plate occupies the entire wall in the apartment. Kitchen furniture is an integral part of the room. Artificial light in each zone illuminates the interior in different ways.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Boxed open space apartment with the sitting area designated with gray rug

Small Little Living Room in White Gloss

White color is also an ideal way of arranging a small room. It reflects light and makes the living room look much larger. To enhance the effect, choose light furniture, a glossy table and a sofa with a clear geometric shape. An excellent solution will be shiny surfaces. With this combination, the living room will seem spatial and filled with light. In a small room, white allows you to decorate the whole wall. The interior will remain transparent and will not be overloaded with detached objects or knickknacks.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Green tulle curtains and round coffee tables

White is a great idea in the interior design of a small, hard-to-reach, narrow, dimly lit room. The room becomes more expressive, absorbs natural light better, making it brighter. Moreover, white walls make the room spacious. A great example is the modern living room, which can be extremely narrow and oblong, having access to the light only through one window. Universal use of white makes the room bigger and brighter.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Large sofa and tulle all over the sitting area

White Living Room in the Attic

White in the living room also works in the attic, where oblique planes often limit the possibilities of arrangement. White color fills the interior with light. It seems bigger and higher than it really is. Adding black and white elements is the synonym of elegant simplicity. The bright white attic where the living room is planned is an oasis of peace and relaxation. Such decorations are ideal for decorations in earth tones, using brown, beige, and green.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Nice laconic style and peculiar architecture

White Living Room in Different Styles

White works well in many styles. It is a universal color that is present in trends of interior design in almost every season. The white living room can be gentle and airy, but also expressive and full of inspiration. The versatility of white lies in the fact that it is considered to be the ideal background for any other color and is harmoniously combines with many finishing materials. It also looks good with warm wood and cold metal, stone and bricks. All you need is a few new additions and decorations to change the look of a white living room. So if you want the room arrangement to delight you for many seasons to come, could be applied to an inexpensive metamorphosis, then take advantage of the living room design ideas in white.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Apparent retro with lots of pictures

White classic living rooms

White living room looks beautiful in any style, but also allows fashionable, although difficult to combine styles. Classic, upholstered furniture looks good not only in traditional arrangements. The rooms, decorated with a trendy pattern of decorative fabrics, surrounded by modern equipment and lighting, will be recognized among supporters of a more daring interior design.

Classic does not mean old-fashioned interior. It can be modern and functional. Referring to the most subtle variations of the Scandinavian style, white works perfectly especially in small rooms, visually increasing them.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Shabby chic designed room with large cupboard

Eclectic style in the interior

The catchy colors combine with soft fabrics and modern furnishings, creating a slightly eclectic interior, although still completely consistent. White perfectly reflects light. Combining it with other colors, you can create an unexpected, but quite attractive design.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Green colored sofa and glass table

Provencal or Tuscan style

White is a great background for stylized furniture and dark colors. Because of this, the Provencal or Tuscan style will look amazing, because all you need is to fill the room with natural materials and an earthy palette.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Dark wooden accent wall and white classic furniture

Scandinavian White Living Room

Graphic motifs, functional furniture and comfortable simplicity are the hallmarks of the Scandinavian style in the modern version. Interesting colors, including yellow in the form of bright elements, allows you to create an original style of the room. The combination of Scandinavian and retro styles is one of the most fashionable decisions of recent seasons.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. White walls with classic stucco decoration


It is modernity, but in a completely different style. Minimalism can often be associated with the whiteness of a research lab. But only a few accessories, for example, green, allow you to invigorate this style. The simple form of the white living rooms amazes with the functionality of the solutions.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Industrial open space apartment type with modern top LED lighting

Modern English Style

Finally, let’s take a look at a good idea for a white living room in a modern English style. No color takes into account such a variety of shades and patterns of accessories as universal white. All you need is decorative fabrics and several interior items so that the chic interior gets color and comfort.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Neat gray sofas in the sitting zone

White Living Room in Modern Style

What does the modern hall mean? There is no unique and unambiguous definition of this concept. This is a living room decorated with a minimal amount of furniture of simple shapes. It is not only wooden furniture, but also products from various materials, such as plastic or metal. In these interiors, no one is surprised by plastic chairs or metal stairs. In some embodiments, the modern style goes even further, recalling industrial design. Then it is even more minimalist, and the associations that arise after a first glance at such an arrangement are connected with a super modern laboratory.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Ultramodern design with plastic framed accent wall in relaxing zone

Minimalism in the interior is visible not only by the number of equipment placed, but also by their shape or colors. Modern living rooms are often monochrome rooms in which different textures, materials, and shades appear in the same color. White color may be contained on the walls, curtains or as a sofa upholstery. Depending on the material, it will have a slightly different shade, so the white interior will not be boring and sterile.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Unusual lampshades at the ceiling

However, modern interior can also be based on contrast. Consequently, combinations of white and black or white and red often appear in such rooms. Use an unusual combination of white and blue.


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White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Blue colored furniture and accent zones of the walls

White Living Room Arrangement

When planning the arrangement of a white living room, you can approach the issue in two ways. The first is to place a bet on a monochrome white interior. The second is to enrich your arrangement with flowers. The first decision that needs to be made is the question of the color of the floor. The white interior of the room does not mean the presence of a floor in such a color. It may be dark. Then the surface will become the background on which white walls and bright furniture will become more visible. The wooden floor of the old battered boards in the modern living room looks great. However, nothing prevents the appearance of a ceramic floor in the living room, for example, from large white tiles, decorated with resin or concrete. The latter will give the interior a bit of austerity, without meaning that such an arrangement will be cold and unfriendly.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Exposed wires and ancient looking furniture for Retro room

An important decision is the color of the sofa. The white living room is not necessarily a room with a white sofa bed, which will probably not make happy parents with small children and pet owners. Multi-colored, beige, dark blue sofas or any other color will look good in a white living room. However, if you choose a stronger shade, you should stick to it in other decorative elements.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Velor uphsoltered chic furniture for grandeur designed room

What Furniture is Best in the Modern Living Room?

In the modern living room you should not be limited to wooden furniture only. Just the opposite, it often happens that wooden furniture is a crucial minority, and if it does appear, it presents a very modern form. Painted furniture with an intense shine dominates the interior.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Cool decoration in the form of small mirrors and silver surfaces of the cabinet

Furniture in the color of natural wood is quite rare. If it appears, then it is not just a wood, but models that are equipped with a raw texture. An interesting option would be an American walnut, the grain of which is really extremely decorative. Many designers decided to combine such wood with white lacquered facades, which gives a very interesting effect of the arrangement.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Black dotted rug and soft corner for galley room

Chairs made of plastic, polypropylene or another modern material will help to complete the composition in a modern living room. The original design makes them an important part in the layout, which is apparently striking. Glass or iron furniture is a great addition. It can be not only in the form of tabletops. This decision gives the interior distinctiveness.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Silver lamps and built-in shelves at the accent wall


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White Wardrobe in the Living Room

As a rule, decorative design objects are not a priority of a modern living room. Therefore there are few of them in an apartment. Spatial decisions, architecture, and not just things solve the issue of the character of the interior. However, a white wardrobe is a fairly fashionable accessory that will be appropriate for a living room of a different stylistic direction. Owners of white interior are not averse of installing furniture in the same color. The cabinet can be either fully closed or open with shelves and glass doors. On the shelves will look great photos and new books, jars of shells from the holidays. The exhibition of family photos is a fashionable touch in interior design. Bottom shelves can be filled with children’s toys.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Chic quilted sofa for large modern room

Designer Tips

If you want to decorate a modern white living room, think about whether you want to achieve the final effect due to different structures and materials, or you want to introduce some kind of additional color. The monochrome version is much more difficult to implement, because the white color has its own shades. It happens that the combination of two elements together creates some dissonance. It may turn out that one white will be yellow, and the other will shift to bright gray. When you put them next to each other, instead of joy, you’ll get the impression that one of these things is old and worn out. That’s why more experienced decorators recommend combining white with some contrasting color. This will give the effect of freshness and modernity, and at the same time protect you from unpleasant surprises. Look at several offers of a white living room and choose for yourself the most suitable option.

White Living Room with Colorful Accessories

The very spacious and comfortable living room is decorated under the sign of white color, which prevails on the walls and furniture. Thanks to its versatility, as well as to avoid monotony, white is complemented by multi-colored accessories, which can be chosen in soothing, warm colors. An example of a room shows how comfortable a white living room can be. This gives you many design options and allows you to move in different color directions. However, be careful with bright colors, as they can give a white room a kitschy look.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Yellow accents at the modern living

White Oak Living Room and other Wood Combinations

A well-known truth is that white is perfectly combined with wood, especially with that which has a light shade of bronze. The combination of white and wood is one of the characteristic features of the Scandinavian style, giving it a very elegant and natural effect. Moreover, wood is able to warm the interior, which, because of the dominant white looks cold and unpleasant. A striking example is the sharply white interior, which acquires a completely different character, thanks to the wooden floor and other furniture elements.

White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Gorgeous creamy shaded design

Black and White Living Room – Design of Elegant Rigor

The classic combination of white and black is one of the most obvious choices when it comes to interior design. Modern designers are not opponents of such a direction, but they believe that sometimes it can give a room boring, die-cut, and in extreme cases a cheap character. White furniture and walls are contrasted with black furniture and textiles. Windows that are designed in black and white colors give the interior a stylish and trendy character. Decorative accessories, such as a chandelier or pillows, will complement the look of this trendy living room.


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White Living Room: Different Style Interiors with Photos. Black accents

Gray-white Kitchen-living Room

Another interesting idea is a combination of white and gray. Accessories and furniture of this color look great in the living-kitchen room, where the predominant shade is white. This is a great combination for small spaces. In fact, the room may even be very small, but white on the walls as well as on the furniture will give the living room / kitchen an extra dimension.

Laminated floor at the open space living room with the dining zone

Living Room with White Walls

The white room is not only the walls and the sofa in this color. The room can be designed using different materials in shades of white. Playing the textures and fabrics of the room is visually complemented by the area of ​​dimension, and the character becomes more interesting. Tiled floor painted white goes well with a gray carpet and a beige sofa. The white wall is only the background for the overall decor of the room. Wood panels in a natural tone may be located at the ceiling. Whiteness is also visible in the choice of textiles, including curtains.

Huge LED TV screen and hanging lighting fixtures at the wood laminated ceiling

Lighting in the White Living Room

For lovers of minimalism, modernism and harmony in the interior design, white is the answer to everything. The hotel room, in which the dominant, and generally the only color is white, will always look stylish, elegant and luxurious. The minimalist décor, in terms of both color and equipment, can be compensated by appropriate lighting. This is not an option for every design, but is definitely worth considering. The white living room is an interesting idea, but it needs to be thought about. Accordingly, a well-thought-out project with the use of additions and accessories, good quality materials should not look inappropriate, but, on the contrary, can give an exclusive character to the interior.

Open space living room in high-tech style with dark furniture

The Advantages of the Living Room in White

White color is considered the most popular in the arrangement of apartments and houses. And it’s hard not to agree. For many reasons, it enjoys continued popularity in interior design. Living room in white has many advantages.

The Ideal Solution for Small Interiors

White color works great in small interiors. It optically enlarges and brightens the space, especially if you choose furniture with a delicate sheen. White is not only a symbol of purity, but also associated with it. Such a living room will look extremely neat, of course, provided that you maintain relative order in it. White perfectly harmonizes with the light, perfectly reflecting it, and thereby creating the effect of a spacious interior. It also looks great with mirrors, giving the interior a glamor. In a small living room, white furniture fronts can merge with the walls, and the interior will still not be overloaded. This color is also a good option for people who like to collect a lot of items. The choice of white as a background will help avoid chaos, perfectly highlight your favorite knick-knacks and much more.

Dark blue sofas and gray curtains

Timelessness and Elegance

White is called the eternal color. This is an indispensable choice, especially for lightening all existing shades. This is an excellent base and background for other colors, both pastel and saturated. Best of all it appears as the color of walls, ceilings and furniture. Moreover, white goes well with multi-colored accessories, as well as with different textures. It is associated with purity and elegance that never go out of fashion, because it is timeless and classic. And if you are already bored with white walls and furniture, you can easily diversify the design of the room with colorful accessories. In addition, you will not spot so much dust on light-colored furniture, which, of course, is good news for most of people and for those who do not want to waste time on constant cleaning. Homeowners who have a living room in white are associated with taste and class. And the interiors, decorated in this shade, generally contribute to rest and the flow of energy. Moreover, white does not distract attention, so it will appeal to people who love working in the living room.

Whitewashed exposed brickwork of the accent wall

Cope with any Idea in Terms of Design

It can be said that white looks great in any interior design, but is most popular in the Scandinavian, glamorous, Provençal and loft-industrial styles. The first of these areas almost can not exist without white, so choose the Scandinavian arrangements. They are associated with minimalism, order, peace and are ideally combined with natural materials such as stone, vegetation and wood. White combines particularly well with wood, creating a cozy interior. In turn, the glamorous style, full of glitter, finds in the white elements a hint of calm and clarification of space. This decor also has a contrast, that is, white with black, which creates a very elegant composition. Loft style likes white color, often choosing a sharp finish and lack of decoration.

Large window with jalousie and rug in sitting area for Scandi designed

Some Cons of the white Living Room

Unfortunately, despite many advantages, the white living room also has its drawbacks. First of all, the interior is easy to stain, which will be unfavorable and most quickly observed in the case of houses with small children. However, there is a solution – choose paints with the ability to clean stains and easy-care coated furniture, for example, laminated, which will be more durable than matte ones. White furniture fronts also turn yellow faster. Purchase products from solid materials that will last for many years without changes.

Azure blue sofa, large standing lamp and laminated floor for ideally white painted living room

Opponents of the bright living room believe that the arrangements in white are monotonous, cold, unpleasant. Perhaps there is some truth in this, but any shortcoming can be turned into an advantage. Choose shades of white, for example, dirty or cream, which will be warmer. In addition, you can safely combine bright furniture and walls with flashy accessories such as curtains, pillows, blankets, soft sofas and vases, flower pots and fancy figurines. Of course, they will not only add color, but also revive the room beautifully and give it momentum. The living room can be fully decorated in white, but you can maneuver with shades, creating a still fashionable and elegant composition.

Ultramodern rich living room with smooth lines of the sofas and round installation with lighting at the ceiling

Do not think that white is boring, reminding a hospital room. Yes, it is a calm color, but it is ideal for a living room. The white interior of the main room of the house will be boring only if you don’t apply a good idea. The white living room is not only fashionable, but also very practical. In fact, it transforms a small interior and harmonizes with even the most insane and colorful additions.

Green uphosltered furniture at the gray and white colored living room Gorgeous designed furniture for the living with retro touch Whita and black triangle checkered carpet in the living room

Unexpected union of black white and yellow palette in the modern living room


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