45+ DIY Home decor Ideas To add a Twist to the interior

Want to add a twist to the interior? Would you like to update the design of the room, but there are no funds for repairs? You can decorate the house with your own hands with elegant trinkets or functional crafts created from the remains of various materials using simple tools. DIY room decor is a fascinating activity for the whole family. Having mastered simple tricks, you can, using your imagination, craft exclusive items that will decorate your home.

DIY  room decor techniques How exactly you will create decorations for the room depends on the materials that you have, as well as on your skills and talents. If you do not have experience, do not take up woodcarving – try to master quilling or felting. Have you noticed any artistic inclinations? Then give preference to batik. Know how to knit? Decorate your interior with yarn products!

Wood carving. Gorgeous figurines, candlesticks, caskets – that only skillful joiners do not carve out of wood. However, for an unprepared layman, this occupation is likely to be unsuccessful.

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Art painting  is a  great way to decorate walls. The drawing can be applied using stencils , sketching from a sketch on graph paper or using a slide projector.



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