45 Awesome Ideas for How to Decorate Your Walls (No Matter Your Budget)

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There are days when all we want is to give a new look to our home and an easy way to do that is by investing in wall decoration. There are many ideas for decorating walls, some are so easy that you can even make them with items you probably already have in your home.

With that in mind, we have prepared ten ideas for decorated walls that are sure to delight and motivate you to get your hands dirty and redesign your home. Check out our wall decor tips below.

If you’re working to decorate a tiny space, you’re mostly limited by the square footage (or lack thereof). You know what doesn’t take up any of that precious floor space? Wall decor! If you’re in need of some inspiration for what to do with your walls,

we rounded up 45 of our favorite ideas to get you started. Whether it’s with picture ledges or vintage maps, wall sconces or clipboards, these walls are designed to inspire—and drool over.

Walls decorated with photos

Due to technological advances nowadays, it is rare to reveal photos, however, with the return of instant cameras – those that reveal photos at the same moment they were taken – many people have fallen in love with having photos printed again.

One of the ideas for decorated wall is to use photos. The wall decoration with photos is super fun and very easy to do. You can use string and make a clothesline from photos or even pin them to the wall in the shape of figures like a heart, for example.

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How about changing the face of that dull room in a cheap and easy way? The most practical way to do this is to decorate the wall with creative and cheerful ideas, leaving the environment full of personality and with your face! It is worth hanging fun pictures, family photos, posters, embroidered plates … the possibilities are endless!

To help you get inspired, here are some creative ideas that you can make yourself and start decorating your wall right now. Come see and choose your favorite!

Creative ideas for decorating the wall

1. Wall painting

A cheerful paint will make a big difference in the decoration of your room and in the energy of the environment. To make these balls on the wall, just use a foam ball cut in half, as if it were a stamp, and acrylic paint. You can even make flowers, hearts and other designs to add charm!

Show off your books

Love the look of a well-styled bookshelf but so over your bulky bookcase? Mountable ledges (like these from House & Home) and shelves work wonders in a small space and allow you to show off books magazine-style.

Picture Ledges for a Change

Searching for a stylish way to store (and show off) some of your most treasured objects? Pictures ledges are surprisingly affordable and instantly turn your beloved baubles (like this wall of cameras on Alt for Damerne) into works of art.

Hang up your hats

Storage hooks aren’t just for hanging umbrellas (or guitars, as seen above). A handful of wall hooks—self-adhesive ones work great for renters—can turn an empty wall into a sophisticated way to store your hats, just like this wall of hats in the studio of textile artist Jane Denton on SF Girl by Bay.


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Plates, hats and other collections

If you collect objects like hats, vinyl records, guitars and even plates, how about using your wall to display your precious collector’s objects? In addition to customizing the decor of the room, you will no longer have to leave them crammed into the closet.

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Photos, pictures and stickers with Clip on it

To create a different look in photos and posters, make frames with colored ribbons! Create combinations of frames and build colors and images that match the environment, until you get a happy and satisfying result.


Wall stickers are a great idea for practical, low-budget decorations! Among the numerous options of designs, phrases, shapes and colors, the stickers are easy to apply and remove and do not damage the wall. You can change them from time to time and always give a new face to the room!

Wall decoration with flashes

A lot of people think that the flashing lights can only be used in the Christmas season, but that’s when you are wrong. The lighting  flasher provides a super nice weather to environments and can easily be used for wall decoration.

Use these examples as inspiration to change the look of that dull white room in your home. To decorate the wall and change the environment, you don’t need to spend a lot – just be creative and get your hands dirty!

Take the time to tell us in the comments which of these wall decoration ideas you will put into practice!

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