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43 Impressive Emo Hairstyles for Girls

There are two things that can make everyone see that you are emo: the clothes and the hairstyle. We won’t talk about the clothes here — you probably know everything about this part of emo fashion. Instead, we’ll talk about the hairstyles.

At first, emo haircut doesn’t mean black haircut. It’s all about the color nowadays — so you can choose almost any color and it will work great. Red, pink, and blue are the most popular colors, but you are not limited to these three. Damn, even blonde is fine!

The same is about the length and texture. It’s not about black and short hair anymore — nowadays you can make a long or medium cut and it will still look emo! Layered and wavy hairstyles, bangs (and especially dyed bangs) — the choice is extremely wide.

What should you do now? It’s simple as that. Check out our collection of 40 fantastic emo haircuts, choose the one you like most, show the picture to your hairdresser and that’s all!

The best emo hair ideas for girls







You’ll need to choose the best hairstyle to get that emo look, but there are still some rules here (and yeah we understand that it’s quite odd to write “emo” and “rules” in one sentence). But still, you can’t pick any beautiful haircut and call it “emo”. What are these rules?

At first, the bangs. You may like them or hate them, but since you are gonna make an emo haircut, you should not ignore bangs. But of course, that’s not those traditional bangs — in general, all the emo bangs are like side bangs, but shorter than all the other hair (when we are talking about the emo girls. Emo guys, on the contrary, do usually have longer bangs). These bangs can also cover an eye — it looks fantastic.

And don’t forget about the layers. Whether it’s a pixie, a bob cut, a medium hair

cut or something longer, the layers are the must-have. There are some straight emo hairstyles, of course, but they are not as popular as the layered cuts.

Here we have five great ideas for emo hairstyles — and they are really worth your attention. Check them out!

Cute short emo haircuts for girls






Can emo haircuts look cute? Of course they can! While the buns, ponytails and pigtails (which are probably the cutest hairstyles in the world) are not the best choices when we’re talking about emo cuts, we still have bangs — and believe me, the bangs can be cute as hell, especially when it comes to the long hairstyles. Just take a look at the pictures above and you’ll see it with your own eyes!

Eye-catching long emo hairstyles for girls





It was extremely simple for us to find the eye-catching emo hairstyles for girls. Why?

Because that’s the word that can describe literally all of the emo hairstyles. They all are eye-catching, they all are beautiful and they all will definitely make you stand out from the crowd — but we are sure that these long hairstyles above are really the best ones. Check them out to make sure we’re telling the truth!

Cool black hair emo style for girls





Cool black hair emo style for girls 5

We’ve said that you can choose among lots of colors (even blonde!) and your hairstyle will still look emo. However, the classic emo hairstyles are black — like, jet black. Here we’d like to return to the classics.

But don’t worry, there will be no outdated cuts here. Black emo hair styles can look trendy, and here we’ll prove it.

Inspiring ideas of emo bangs for girls





You didn’t expect to see the mullet hairstyles here, right? Mullets are considered to be outdated and out of trends, but that’s definitely not true when we’re talking about the emo cuts. Black longish angular mullets with bangs look just fantastic — especially with thick bangs.

Check out the photos above to get even more inspiring ideas for emo hairstyles with bangs — mullets are cool, but it’s not only about them!

Pretty emo girl hair styles




What if you’re an emo girl but you still want to look pretty? What to do if you think that all the emo hairstyles look aggressive, edgy and sharp?

Well, yes, the majority of them are really sharp, but not all of them. Choose any of these 5 pretty emo hair designs and find out how to look lovely!

Popular emo hair colors for emo teen girls





Popular emo hair colors for emo teen girls 5

There is a belief that the popularity of emo dissipated in the 2010s, but that’s not true. Emo culture is here again, stronger than it was — and we are happy to see this comeback.

Emo hairstyles, as a very important and big part of this culture, are here again as well. They are influenced by the latest trendy hairstyles, like undercuts and fades, but it’s still easy to distinguish emo cuts from all the other colorful hairstyles with bangs.

Here we’ve gathered 5 extremely popular emo hair colors, that will work great for all emo teen girls and ladies. Check them out!

Female hairstyles with emo fringe






Emo fringe is probably the central feature of every female emo hairstyle. If you’re looking for the best female hairstyles with that awesome emo fringe, then you’ve come to the right place. Look at these five images above and you’ll not be disappointed!

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