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41 Sexy and Sassy Short Wavy Hairstyles

Shavyort w hair is just perfect. Whether you’re blessed with natural wavy hair or you make beautiful waves using a curling iron, the number of amazing hairstyles that suit such hair texture is literally overwhelming. You can choose among sexy, edgy, romantic and playful short haircuts for women with wavy hair — and if you’re still searching for the right hairstyle, you just can’t miss this list of ours. Why?

Well, because, as we’ve said, we gathered only the best hairstyles here. Beautiful, easy-to-maintain, charming and extremely trendy — these cuts will suit the absolute majority of women with short wavy hair. The thing is, short wavy cuts work great for almost all face shape types — the only thing you have to do is choose the cut that will flatter your facial features. We’ll help you choose the best one. Let’s start!

Modern short wavy hairstyles for girls

Modern short wavy hairstyles for girls 1

Modern short wavy hairstyles for girls 2

Modern short wavy hairstyles for girls 3


It makes sense that you don’t just want to find “a haircut”, but a modern haircut. The good news here is that the trends are quite obvious when we’re talking about short wavy hairstyles — we’ve been talking about soft waves, bob cuts, messy, inverted and asymmetrical haircuts for months, and these trends are still here to stay. During the next several years, at least.

Waves are one of the best ways to add softness to your look. That’s exactly what you need if you wanna make your short hair look more feminine and modern, but of course, it’s not about feminine hairstyles only. Thus, there are some cool, modern edgy short wavy cuts that will add movement to your look — and yeah, such cuts are here, too! Check them out above.

Women’s short wavy hair with bangs


Womens short wavy hair with bangs 2

Womens short wavy hair with bangs 3

Womens short wavy hair with bangs 4

For years we’ve been hearing that bangs will go out of trends “in the next season”. And you know what? They are still here. What’s more, they are gonna take over the salons in the coming year!

There are lots of reasons for that. Bangs can completely change and upgrade almost any haircut — whether you wanna add volume, cover the hairline or draw attention to the eyes, you should definitely pay attention to the bangs. They can also make you look a little bit younger (if that’s what you’re looking for) — that’s why bangs are extremely popular with older women. However, even if you’re young, you shouldn’t ignore haircuts with a fringe, because fringe can also add charm and flavor. Such hairstyles are beautiful, without any doubts.

Awesome short hairstyles for wavy hair


Awesome short hairstyles for wavy hair 3

Awesome short hairstyles for wavy hair 4


If you are looking for the hairstyles that will look fabulous on your short wavy hair, well, you’ve come to the right place. We know everything about such hair, we’re happy to share what we know with you and here we’ll help you solve one of the most common problems related to waves.

The thing is, it’s often quite difficult to manage short wavy hair and to maintain the haircut — it’s all about frizziness, you know. When your hair if very curly (and the curls are very small and tight), it can become “frizzy” — and it’s the problem that is extremely difficult to deal with. Short and low maintenance haircuts can help, but don’t forget about trimming them every 6-8 weeks, it’s very important.

Oh, and they are very, very stylish, of course.

Cool short wavy haircuts for women

What about something casual and chic? What about a haircut that will be a perfect choice both for your usual office day and for, like, a party at night? Here we’ve collected both fresh and retro cuts, and of course, such hairstyles will work great both for formal and informal situations — so whatever your plans for today are, each of these haircuts will be a great choice.

Alright, enough talking. Take a look at these chic and cool short wavy haircuts above and make your choice!

Stylish short haircuts for wavy hair


Stylish short haircuts for wavy hair 2

Remember what we’ve said about the bangs? They can add volume to your hairstyle, right. But that’s not the only option that can make your hair look more voluminous. Another option is called “layers”.

Layered short wavy haircuts are a win-win solution for the absolute majority of women. They can be effortless, they can emphasize your facial features and create a fluffy effect that will definitely work great for women with thin hair… Basically, such haircuts can satisfy all your wishes — and we highly recommend to check out the photos above to make sure we’re telling the truth. Are you ready to upgrade your style?

Beautiful hairstyles for short brown wavy hair

Beautiful hairstyles for short brown wavy hair 3

Short brown hair is classic. Unlike all that coloring techniques, simple brown looks very classy and can be quite formal — but who said that the short brown hairstyles have to look boring?

They can look fabulous, that’s what we know. Pixies, bob hairstyles, edgy haircuts — the choice is extremely wide, so you’ll have lots of cuts that will definitely inspire you. Well, and of course, here we’ve gathered four great wavy hairstyles — they look fantastic on short brown and black hair. Btw, styling these hairstyles isn’t too tiring, so if you are looking for short wavy low maintenance cuts, well, here they are!

Trendy short wavy hair styles


Trendy short wavy hair styles 2

Messy, asymmetric, edgy, textured… There are lots of fashionable short female wavy hair styles that are trendy now (and will be trendy in the following years). How to choose the best ones?

Well, consider it done. Take a look at these four pictures above — we’ve found the trendiest cuts for your short wavy hair, and we can guarantee they are certainly worth trying this year. We particularly recommend to pay attention to them if you want to add some volume — short&wavy is a perfect combination that will help you achieve this goal.

How to style short wavy hair

As we’ve already said, the main problem when it comes to short wavy hair is frizziness. Another big problem is the volume — and all the styling tips are basically about helping you solve these two problems. Let’s see what we have here.

The first tip is: do less. When we’re talking about short wavy or curly hair, the less you do the better — but this makes sense only when your waves are natural. You don’t want to damage your nice hair, right?

Use hair products (but not too many of them). Buying a high-quality texturizing spray and a sculpting spray or a cream would be great — yeah, these products are expensive, but they definitely worth it. These two are the must-have products for managing frizziness and adding volume.

Don’t brush wavy hair (as well as curly hair). Just no. It’s the fastest way to damage it and to make it frizzy and undefined. Brushing wavy hair is ok when you’re in the shower (literally, right after washing it), but even in this case, don’t use a brush, only your fingers.

Romantic wavy hairstyles for short hair

And here they are, finally: the romantic wavy hairstyles. The majority of wavy cuts can be called “romantic”, that’s a fact  — and here we’ve collected only the coolest of them. Only the softest and the most charming ones are waiting for you here, so don’t wait and take a look at them right now.

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