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40 Best Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair And Shag Haircuts

Unfortunately, not every woman can boast luxurious long, thick and healthy hair, falling down the shoulders like silk streams. But the thing is, every woman wants to look beautiful no matter what. Never forget that every flaw can be easily hidden, or even turned into your virtue. So, you mustn’t despair – fine hair is not a punishment, especially if it’s long.

Modern hairdressers offer such a great variety of hairstyles for long thin and fine hair for any taste and purpose, including braids, ponytails, updos, loose hairstyles and many coloring solutions. We tried to gather the most modern and interesting ideas in this article to give you some hints on how to style your fine long locks.

You have no clue how many possible tricks there are to make fine hair look thicker. Not only do these tricks hide the lack of hair and add the false volume but also provide you with the desirable thick and full hair texture.

Let’s start!

Cute Easy Hairstyles With Bangs For Long Thin Hair

If you want to find work-well-for-all-occasions hairstyles which are not only beautiful and easy to do but also able to add volume to your long thin hair, here they are. They are basically an everyday option for thin hair to look extremely bright, modern and, more importantly, voluminous. So what’s the trick? Due to graceful contrasting highlights all over the length as well as soft layering and wispy bangs, your fine hair can look just as you want it to. Such hairstyles would be perfect if you like wearing your long thin hair loose.

Quick Braiding Hairstyles For Long Fine Hair


Quick Braiding Hairstyles For Long Fine Hair 1

Quick Braiding Hairstyles For Long Fine Hair 2

Quick Braiding Hairstyles For Long Fine Hair 3

Let’s face the truth, when it comes to braiding, thin or fine hair doesn’t work to your advantage. But it doesn’t mean that braids are a big no-no for you. Besides, if your hair long, you’re already on your way to success. There’s one thing that should always be considered though – sleek and tight braids aren’t the best option for ladies with thin hair. So every time the question “How to add some volume to my thin hair?” pops up in your head, keep in mind that loose braids and curls are your magic wands that should always be on hand.

Something like a cute half-up braided updo, or a slightly messy milkmaid braid, or a pull-through braid would work well for girls with thin hair. Speaking of the first idea of braided hairstyle, try to use less hair for the upper part in order to leave more hair for the loose hair part.

It’s not a secret that the messy hairstyles with French braids are ones of the best ideas for fine hair. They allow you to add extra volume and open a wide field for demonstrating your fantasy and creativity.

Special Occasions Updos For Long Thin Hair



Slick French Twist for Special Occasion


Just look, how soft and weightless these hairstyle are! It’s all about freedom and naturalness like the wind has tangled in them. Such hair-dos demonstrate how your fine hair can turn into an advantage, as you’d never reach this sweet effect with thick and voluminous hair.

And the best part is, such cool hairdos are perfect for fine hair, as they satisfy all girls’ needs and solve a lot of thin hair problems. Besides, you get something more than just messy updos, as they are also very easy to style and extremely comfortable to wear as well.

Among all the hairstyling options, take a closer look at a classic twisted updo as it is a very suitable hairstyle for your fine hair. The thing is this twist requires long straight hair, but at the same time, too voluminous and full hair would become a true disaster, as it will turn this careful hairstyle into a gigantic nest of huge sizes that seems to be very heavy to carry on the head. So…sometimes less is more. Agree?

Wanna find some pretty and romantic hairstyle to wear on your big day? How about light low-do with a beautiful floral touch? It can become a gorgeous hairstyle for any special occasion. It looks magnificent and is extremely comfortable and secure. And the most important thing is, since you have long fine hair, it’ll be a lot easier to make such hairstyle.

Our Top of Haircuts For Long Thin Hair

Fine hair should still be beautiful hair, so wait no more and refresh your locks with some dye. What’s the best thing about the balayage technique? – It suits almost everyone and looks good even after a long time without color correction.

If you can’t stand when hair falls on your face, low buns and chignons are your best friends, right? But don’t forget to update them in order to avoid turning your favorite hair-do into a boring routine – add some texture, volume, change the technique and enjoy your new creation.

All women with thin hair should keep in mind that the secret of visually more thicker hair hides in different length of hair. So, no matter, what kind of haircut you prefer wearing, don’t forget that it’ll look better if there are a few layers added. Flat hair of same length doesn’t look attractive in most case.

Pics With Tips On How To Style Long Thin Hair

Summer Hair Highlights

Pics With Tips On How To Style Long Thin Hair 1

Pics With Tips On How To Style Long Thin Hair 2

Pics With Tips On How To Style Long Thin Hair 3

If you love being different, long hair is your thing for sure. No matter, whether it’s thick or thin, it allows you to choose among a great variety of styling options. Leave your hair flowing and pin a twisted bang on one side to get some easy but new image for every day.

Don’t want to change the texture? Change the color! Modern hair coloring techniques suggest extremely natural and soft looks for any hair type. For fine hair, for example, they offer lots of ways to add some volume and thickness to the locks.

Are you a fan of ponytails or half ponytails? Well, go for it, but don’t forget to create a visual effect of thick and voluminous hair. How? Take a look at the picture with a tutorial above. Everything is more than easy.

How To Do A Messy Bun With Long Thin Hair?


How To Do A Messy Bun With Long Thin Hair 3 Even if you have fine hair you’re able to create a big bun with volume. The secret is in initial messing up the hair and loosening it as much as possible in a ready top bun. Don’t forget to fix it securely, as this hairdo can betray you, splitting at the wrong time.

If you think your hair is too fine to work with when styling it, you can opt for a French low chignon hairstyle, since the amount of hair isn’t a big deal at all when it comes to buns. There is ALWAYS an option, see?

Cool Long Hair Styles For Women With Thin Hair


Cool Long Hair Styles For Women With Thin Hair 1


There’s one never-changing truth when it comes to hair. One will never be completely satisfied with what one has got. What do we mean? Well, let’s take thick and curly hair at first. If you ask any girl who has this type of hair, she will say that she would die for thin and straight hair. It would be logical to assume that ladies whose hair is thin should be satisfied with what they have. And… Nope. Most of them wish they had thick and curly locks.  Hope you get the idea – the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

Dear readers, don’t jump into conclusions thinking that your long fine hair is your curse. Thanks god, there are plenty of cool tricks to make your hair look thicker. Natural and soft, the balayage coloring technique is ready to maximize the visual effect of thick textured hair and create your unforgettable fresh image, hiding the lack of hair behind the artistic coloring.

And if you aren’t ready to have your hair dyed, that’s ok, because we have one more ace in the hole. And it’s called ‘the layers’. Yeah, you read it correctly. Layered hairstyles are these hard-to-explain styles which can do wonders. They can visually make your hair look a lot thicker. Besides, you can double this effect if curl your long layered locks a bit.

The Best Casual Haircuts For Long Fine Hair

Foil Highlights + Balayage Knotted Half-Up

The well-known messy effect is the saving grace for girls who have long thin hair. No matter if you wear your hair loose or prefer putting it into ponytails or buns, a little bit of mess will always work in your favour.

You can change the looks and rock your thin but long locks without worrying that someone will notice that your hair is actually thin. We have a few pics with dreamy looks for the young ladies with thin hair. The first stage on the way to perfect hairstyle is a proper artistic coloring that will add thickness and texture. After that, you can bravely play with your long locks, twist and braid them, or tie into nice knots like it’s showed in this picture.

Awesome Haircuts For Long Straight Thin Hair

If you think that there’s a limited number of haircuts that suit straight thin or fine hair, we are happy to tell you that it’s not so. Face-framing styles, two-layered cuts, the ones with cascading layered effect, to name a few. There are tons of other cuts that can add some texture and volume to thin hair without the need to curl it. For instance, you may ask your hairdresser to add some layers to your cut and wave all hair tips with a blow-dryer and a round brush.  After all you can leave your straight thin hair the way it is, like Cara Delevingne, and still look impeccable.

Wavy Hairstyle For Long Fine Thin Hair


Bring Fall into the Hair


Wavy Hairstyle For Long Fine Thin Hair 1

If your locks are naturally curly, fine hair problem is not actually a problem for you. It’s a well-known fact that curly hair is very voluminous and that texture allows hiding hair thinness. But if your hair is straight, all you need is to curl it and enjoy your full loose hair style.

Airy curly layers and lowlights is a fabulous combination for any occasion and event. Such hairstyle will suit your elegant little black dress, smart business suit and your favorite casual jeans with a T-shirt.

Experiment with the size of your curling iron and play with hair texture. For example, big and massive locks will become a perfect addition to your classic office costume and dilute your gray weekdays.

The flawless wavy style looks so easy to perform, but it turns out a hard nut to crack when starting to style it. The finer hair you have the lighter and more natural this hairdo comes out, it also influences the security of the hairstyle, making it keep the waves during some days if the hair is thin enough.

In conclusion, we’d like to point out that you are beautiful the way you are! In the end it doesn’t matter if you have long or short, wavy or straight, thin or thick hair. The only thing that is important is to learn to love yourself..

Best Shag Haircuts to Shine Bright

The shag haircut appeared due to the fashion for rock ‘n’ roll culture in the first place. Today, it is worn not only by rock stars but also by famous models and actresses. Due to its originality, the shag hairstyle compares favorably to other popular and standard fashion trends for hairstyles.

In fact, what is a shag haircut? This is a messy and textured hairstyle with choppy layers along the entire length. But unlike the traditional layered haircut, shaggy hair allows you to create more complex and therefore individual hairdos.

Moreover, the shag haircuts look great on the hair of any structure and length and open a lot of space for creativity – see for yourself!

Shaggy hair with shaggy bangs 2Best medium length shag haircuts 1Best medium length shag haircuts 2Shag hairstyles for thick hair 4Shag hairstyles for thick hair 3

shaggy bob haircut 2023 effortless mid shag with waves checopie

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