40 Shabby chic curtains for the home! Living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom

Shabby curtains  for a magnificent home! 40 inspirations

Shabby chic curtains for the home. Decorating the house following the Shabby Chic style gives elegance and refinement to the home, especially if we were talking about country houses. In fact, the sinuous lines, together with the shades and patterns typical of the Shabby style, compensate very well with a rustic environment, bordering on the vintage trend.
Not everyone knows that the Shabby Chic style has its origins in Great Britain, in a purely Bohemian society that used it to decorate country houses. Today, it is also used in urban environments, blending modern with ancient.

To outline the Shabby in a few words is difficult, despite the fact that it is a concrete and easily recognizable style. The use of soft colors such as pastel pink with neutral shades such as white and beige is certainly a peculiar feature. In addition to the floral patterns that mark the difference, what sets it apart is the use of fabrics such as Cretonne. Especially as regards the curtains, in fact, it is a very resistant material from the French Lower Normandy and composed of linen and cotton. In addition to this, it must be taken into consideration that decoupage and embroidery are undoubtedly decisive characteristics when it comes to Shabby Chic.

In case you are thinking of decorating your home following the Shabby style, keep reading this article … we will give you guidelines on how to give a touch of class to the rooms, through the use of curtains. Do not forget that the Shabby is a particular style, which requires choosing the right details that really mark the difference. It is not enough to choose a lamp or an armchair that follows all the typical characteristics and it is precisely here that curtains come into play.


Shabby chic curtains in the living room

Let’s start from the living room, an environment that has as main function that of welcoming guests and family. A definitely important room, in which we gather to talk or to spend time together. For this reason, it is necessary to think carefully about how to make it truly noteworthy, so that everyone feels comfortable. Let’s find out 10 inspirations of Shabby chic curtains for the living room.

The first example of Shabby tent is certainly one of the most characteristic, which delineates it perfectly. A long cream-colored curtain with lace ruffles, excellent for environments with lots of light.

Lounge with shabby chic curtains.



Take also into consideration the gray which, despite being a color not too common in the Shabby decoration, should not be underestimated in the lighter shade. Once again we find the lace to be the master that, together with the bows, is the element that can not miss.

Living room with shabby curtains.



Beige is also part of the shades of colors that are excellent for Shabby chic curtains. Opting for a longer length than the standards, gives a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Living room with green shabby chic curtains.



White, as we anticipated in the introduction, is the neutral shade par excellence in the Shabby style. The following example will give you an idea of ​​how an almost transparent lace curtain, with a good floral decoration, can give elegance without upsetting too much.

Lounge with shabby chic lace curtains.



In a Shabby living room like this, pale pink curtains are a touch of class that perfectly complement the environment and match the surrounding furnishings and fabrics.

Living area furnished in shabby chic style.



Lace is always a winning solution, as in this example. There are many lace curtains on the market that might be right for you. You just have to understand what is right for you, based on your decor.



In case you are not a fan of long curtains more than you should, you can also follow the Shabby style by using curtains following a standard size. Remember that color is what makes the difference and the more creative you are, the better.



Let’s go to the traditional and awaken the Shabby feeling with this magnificent cream curtain with pink roses. It will certainly give a touch of liveliness to the environment.



Roses are, therefore, a must in Shabby fabrics. This tent that we propose, in fact, reflects all the traditional standards of what were the old British country houses.



A curtain with many flounces is definitely a fabric that follows the Shabby style and, if we add linen to this, it will surely be a more than right choice.

Beautiful shabby chic style curtain.


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Shabby curtains in the kitchen

In the kitchen, short Shabby chic curtains are much better than any other model. In fact, especially in cases where there is a window placed directly on the kitchen unit itself, the short curtain is the only solution that can be used.

Kitchen with curtains in shabby chic style.



Once again a short shabby chic curtain, but still accompanied by ribbons and flounces. For your kitchen, opting for colors like light gray is a choice that will surely make a difference.

Gray short shabby chic curtain, ideal for the kitchen.



Imagine a Shabby kitchen and think of curtains … what comes to mind are whimsical shades, but this is not always the case. You can be Shabby using white and using it in the kitchen has an extraordinary effect.



The material of the fabrics underlines a style in which it is essential to try to be light in shape. For this reason, cotton adapts perfectly and gives shine and freshness, especially in an environment such as the kitchen.



In the Shabby style you have to dare with the details and, when you are in front of curtains with hanging fringe you cannot resist. The kitchen is the ideal place to use them and in the following photo there is a striking example.



We have certainly not forgotten that the cross stitch also belongs to the Shabby style. The cream-colored cotton curtains worked with this technique are a choice you cannot give up.



For a special kitchen, you must necessarily have ideas that are up to the environment and to follow the Shabby style, you must be consistent with the choices. Polyester is one of those materials that best suits the kitchen.

Glass curtains with lace, ideal for a shabby chic style.



Shabby-style short turtledove curtains.

disponibile QUI



disponibile QUI


disponibile QUI


Shabby chic curtains in the bedroom

In the bedroom it is necessary to vary and be creative in the decoration. Curtains also play a particular role which help accomplish this goal. In fact, one should not limit oneself to the usual fabrics and shades. Giving room for creativity is always a good idea. For this reason, we will take care of helping you find the Shabby chic curtains that best suits your bedroom.

In the photo that follows, the decoration of the tent goes outside the box and opts for butterflies instead of traditional Shabby flowers.


disponibile QUI


disponibile QUI



Shabby chic style curtains for the bedroom.

disponibile QUI



Short shabby curtains for the bedroom.



As we have seen above, lace curtains with flounces are characteristic of the Shabby style. It is precisely for this reason that we propose the following photo as an example of a typical Shabby tent. Don’t forget the curls and bows!



In case you did not opt ​​for a curtain cover, this is exactly what you need. A small turtle dove strip in front of the tent will be the turning point you have been looking for.

Beautiful curtains cover dove gray, ideal for a shabby home.



In the bedroom it is necessary that the curtains are blackout, to prevent light from entering and disturbing the rest. For this reason, curtains made of a light fabric are not always the best solution. In case you can’t do without it, you can have two overlapping curtains.

Curtains with floral motifs, ideal in a shabby chic bedroom.




disponibile QUI


Ricordate di mantenere l’armonia dell’ambiente e, per questo motivo, è importante optare per delle tende che si sposino perfettamente con i tessuti della camera da letto. Nell’esempio che vi proponiamo, il copriletto Shabby e la tenda seguono lo stesso motivo floreale.

disponibile QUI


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Rose window curtains ideal in a shabby room.



disponibile QUI


Shabby chic half curtains can also be used in a private environment such as the bathroom. Don’t forget the floral embroidery, to be Shabby it is a must.



Let’s go back to the traditional white curtain which, even in the bathroom, has a fairly relevant function. In fact, in case you already have a colorful bathroom, it is important not to over load the environment and lighten it through the use of neutral shades.


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We are facing a real Shabby tent. A characteristic and undoubtedly glamorous color combination.

Nice short curtain for the shabby style bathroom window.




In case you have a green bathroom, the Shabby chic curtains with carnations that follow the pastel shades, is a touch of class that will make the difference.



Thinking about changing the curtains for the winter is also a good idea to renew the style of the bathroom and give a touch of novelty. Why not think of thematic curtains with heart-shaped writings?



There is not always room for curtains and, often, in small bathrooms, opting for curtains that are too colorful or showy, visually requires more space than we have available. For this reason, there are glass solutions which, while following the Shabby style, are not too intrusive.



Creativity in the Shabby style must never be missing, for this reason, the curtains do not necessarily have to be applied to the windows. Think of a partition where you can separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom … a curtain is essential to do this.



In case you have a blind bathroom, but don’t want to give up a Shabby curtain for any reason, use it for the shower as well. Just remember that the fabric must necessarily be washable and not delicate.



A resistant material, a useful solution for using a Shabby curtain in the bathtub. Let’s go back to the floral motif once again and leave room for the characteristic colors: pink, green and blue.


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