40+ Modern Living Rooms Full of Luxurious Details

The modern living room

The living room or lounge is one of the busiest areas of the house, it is a place to spend time with the family, read books, relax or chat with friends. Precisely for this reason, it requires special care and its furniture must be chosen very carefully.
Furniture in the modern living room includes cupboards or sideboards, bookcases, coffee tables and tables, chairs, shelves and decorative items that set the chosen style. We suggest that you do not leave anything to chance, and if you are not an expert, consult a decorator who can advise you on how to achieve the living room of your dreams. Logically, the sofa and armchairs with modern lines will not be missing.

what makes a living room modern?

In the past, the spaces of the houses were clearly subdivided and responded to precise functions and times of the day: in particular, the day area included the living room, a living room and a dining room. Today, decorating modern living rooms means projecting an open space that unites all these rooms in a single environment. For this reason, it will be essential at the moment of design to take special account of the choice of furniture, decorative objects and seats.
The sofa and the armchairs must be chosen very carefully. Comfort, measurements, the number of family members must be taken into account and, consequently, choose between a two or three-seater sofa. The color of the sofa should reflect your personal taste, and should harmonize according to the tones of the walls and other furniture, as well as its covering. If you don’t have a spare bedroom and you want to host friends, a good idea is to buy a double or single sofa bed.

If we think of a modern living room, we imagine furniture of clean, geometric lines, walls with multifunctional furniture, and we think of materials such as glass, metal and cement. The predominant color is white, combined with gray to obtain an effect of great elegance or with beige and other delicate colors.

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