40+ Inspiring Living Room Decorating Ideas – Cute DIY Projects

For the interior decoration of your home, pick from our decor ideas. There is something for all styles (Scandinavian, retro, colorful …) and all rooms (bedroom, living room, living room, kitchen, bathroom …)

At the same time a space for relaxation, reception or even meals, the living room must be multifunctional … even when it is small! Modular, retractable furniture, light and airy decor: make your small living room a cozy and practical space.


Decorate a small living room: opt for modularity

We can never say it enough: modular furniture is a precious ally in rooms with a reduced surface. Their advantage: they change shape and function to accompany you throughout the day, like the low tables which transform into a high table for meals or the sofa beds , very practical to receive guests for the evening… or the night!

Very simple and yet formidably effective, folding furniture is to be considered, even in the living room, as the design of this type of furniture is now in line with the different decorative styles.

For example, you can take out a few folding chairs from a cupboard to accommodate more people at the table, which can also disappear by folding in on itself.

Your main task to make a small living room a pleasant place to live will be to free up space. This is why multifunctional, retractable or foldable furniture is so important: it makes it possible to rearrange the space permanently, according to your immediate needs.

Furniture on casters is also very useful for keeping an easy-to-live room: quick to move, they will be useful for

time and free up space afterwards.

Keeping a room tidy is also one of the things to keep in mind. To do this, think of the storage boxes to hide above a shelf or under a piece of furniture and do not hesitate to install shelves and wall shelves, a real saving of floor space.



Small living room: a light decoration

In a small living room, the decor style itself helps to enlarge the room. Thus, light colors are to be preferred: pastel tones, off-white, beige or light gray for example.

In terms of materials, blond wood and glossy or satin finishes illuminate the space, but it is the transparent materials (plexi, glass, etc.) that are most suited to a small space: tables, chairs but also cupboard doors.

By letting the light filter in, they give an impression of unparalleled lightness. Finally, do not forget to give depth to your room by installing large mirrors and taking care of the lighting.

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