40 Genius and Creative decorating tutorials for you to make at home

There are those who believe that decorating an environment requires big expenses, when, in fact, all you need is a little time and time to get your hands dirty.

With a little creativity, it is possible to personalize the decoration of any environment with great affection, regardless of the chosen style. Some materials are even easy to find for a very low cost, or even thrown somewhere in the house, unused. There is also a beautiful way to reuse retired objects or recycle something with good taste!

And if you have the knife and the cheese in your hand, but you have no idea what to do with the material, just remember that the internet is there to be explored and make our life easier, full of incredible tutorials and projects that you would never imagine that were possible to do. The number of possibilities that exist to give that renovation in a practical and economical way is immeasurable, by the way.

Below, we list 40 creative decorating ideas that you can make at home, which are easy, practical and very beautiful:-

In this tutorial, you will learn to make some decorative items, such as a picture with a clothesline, a candle holder with glass packaging, bottles painted in pastel colors and a coaster made with ice cream sticks.

You don’t have to spend horrors to make a decorative object – just reuse some unused or recyclable materials to turn a possible garbage into a great utility. And, in this tutorial, you will learn how to make a canning arrangement, a cachepot made with preachers, an organizer with magazine sheets and a glass storage jar.

Instead of spending horrors in decorating stores buying tiny baskets at exorbitant prices, make your own basket out of cardboard, a stylish pillowcase with a pretty print and covered with sisal or painted crystal hose.

Have you thought about making necklaces more organized, without being wrapped in a box? And make your plant look different? You will only need a hanger for the first option, and barbecue sticks for the second. As a bonus, you even learn to make a decorated glass trinket rack and a fake frame for your poster on the wall.


It is difficult to find a good and cheap headboard today, right? But what if you made one for your room, in your own way and with more affordable features than a finished model?

See how easy it is to give a new look to the room using only small ideas and decoration references, using materials such as flasher, photos, MDF frames, handles, among other accessories. Having a dull white wall is now a thing of the past.


Give the bathroom a makeover, creating simple items for it that make all the difference. You can make a towel rack, storage jars, a glass vase and a super creative hook without spending too much.


If the man got fire with just two sticks, why can’t you get a key ring with wood and biscuit? The result of this tutorial is a very modern and minimalist piece to make the entrance to your home even more beautiful!


Have you ever thought about making the furniture of your dreams with your own hands? Do not even think that this is an impossible or overpriced task, because the main material of this piece is reused wood.


This project can be used in several different environments in your home, so take advantage of the versatility of the piece and get your hands dirty! The materials are found in a building materials house for a much cheaper price than a finished bookcase.


Another option with features very similar to the previous tutorial, but this time to color and make that special corner of the room more beautiful.

The kids will love the result of this little project made only with pipe, fabric and rope. The hut also serves as a den for your pet.


The famous wire rack is widely used in offices as an organizer, and you can believe that in your home it will also look pretty! In addition to giving an industrial air to your decor, with the help of books and some special articles, it will be much more than a dull and cheap bookcase.

A very elegant way to give that dull mirror a makeover with those retired trinkets from your drawer and a piece of cork. You will spend almost nothing and still use pieces that could possibly be thrown away.


That cheap rug can be customized in a very simple and quick way. You only need to make EVA stamps and black ink to give your neutral piece another look. This feature can also be used on pillows and towels.

Some great ideas made with clay to decorate your corner in boho style. The pieces of this video are decorative plates, candle holder and a mobile with feathers.

The paintings in your home are primarily responsible for bringing personality to your decor, right? And here is another inspiration for those who enjoy geometric figures and minimalist decor.

It is not necessary to have a specific camera to make several stylish photos for your personalized mural. Just use an online editor and creativity to transform that dull wall into a space literally with your face.

Terrariums with cacti and succulents are very much in evidence and this idea was carried out with ordinary lamps, ideal for hanging them in some corner of the house, or leaving them exposed in a safe place.

Those animal toys made of plastic or rubber can win countless uses that you can’t even imagine! In this video some pieces were made with great ease, like a tray, a cachepô, a toothbrush holder, a jewelry organizer, a door weight and trinket holder.

Do you know those old cinema facade signs, in which the names of the films were embedded, announcing what was playing at the time? You can have one of these (of minimized size, of course) in your home using only feather paper, parchment paper, acetate and led tape or flashes.

Still in the cinema mood and using materials similar to the one in the previous tutorial, you can assemble a retro bright poster for your TV room.

One of the most desired decorative objects in the world can be a little expensive when bought in online stores over the internet, but why spend it when it can be done? This model of the video was made with biscuit dough and paint.

A very beautiful decorative object and also a flavoring one. Even better when it can be done for little and very simple, isn’t it? Dried fruits, spices and special aromas are the most important materials to make this material.


Learn how to make a glass pendant and a niche made with a drawer to make your bathroom more personalized. The materials used in this tutorial are storage pots and retired objects, which have been repainted with paints and some other accessories.

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Nobody ever imagined making a huge rug for the bedroom or living room, did they? But this tutorial shows how easy it is to make a very modern and stylish piece, spending 1/3 of the value of a finished piece sold in the store.

It is impossible not to feel motivated after watching so many inspiring Creative Ideas like these. Separate the necessary tools and materials, and get your hands dirty!

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