40+ Do-it-yourself projects to make your home more modern

They are easy to perform and make all the difference in the look – from the front door to the service area.

As much as we like the house we live in, it is normal from time to time to hit that urge to touch something in the decoration to give the place a new look. And it doesn’t even have to be in the extreme scheme of those TV shows that put the rooms below! Often, a painting, an arrangement of plants and even a renovated doormat are enough to give you the breath of newness you need so badly.

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If you are looking for inspiration to make your home more modern, this is your place! We selected 10  DIY projects , the “do it yourself” projects, to help you. Best of all, they are easy to make, with materials you can easily find. Oh, and if your English is rusty, you don’t have to run away from projects that are in this language: all are very visual and you can understand just by looking at the photos or images. Or you can play the texts in Translator, without any problems. 

Choose yours and get to work!

Any piece of wood can be used to make a beautiful panel for your living room, bedroom or office. You only need to give the wood a minimum treatment, choose the paint colors for the paintings, decide the formats that best match your decor and get your hands dirty.

If you do not have or are unable to provide wood, a piece of MDF also works well to make the panel.

Ah, very important: when buying the paints, pay attention if they are appropriate for the chosen material (wood or MDF). A paint for plastic surfaces, for example, does not work well on wood and compromises the result.

When the closet is too small, hanging all the clothes inside it takes more work than leaving them outside – the “overcrowding” ends up crumpling everything. To solve the problem in style, turn wooden stairs into a macaw.

If you want to leave the new piece with a very cool face, make a few irregular strokes of white paint. If your idea is to give the room a more pop art look, paint each part in a color that matches the rest of the decor.

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