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40 Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

The beauty trends are constantly evolving, and burgundy shade remains popular! Of course, it cannot be said that nothing changes: every year the new fascinating shades are emerging, and this is definitely the good news for all women in the world. New colors, shades, and ideas help ladies create the wonderful warm looks that highlight their best features. Burgundy, the perfect mix of red, crimson, wine, and brown colors is a perfect option for every girl who wants to have all eyes locked on her. Moreover, it suits every woman, highlights the beauty of pale skin, and creates a wonderful contrast with dark skin.

Cool Maroon Hair Color to Try

Cool Maroon Hair Color to Try 1

Cool Maroon Hair Color to Try 2

Cool Maroon Hair Color to Try 3

Are you looking for a new highly stylish look? Why not choose a wonderful maroon shade that can be completely different but always remain gorgeous? What do you like more, wine, plum or maybe saturated cherry color? Do you want to dye all your hair or choose some other, a little bit more creative technique? What about a balayage, or maybe ombre would be a better option? If you do not want to lose your natural hair color, just add some cool maroon highlights to freshen up your whole look! The good news is that such shades go with any hair lengths so it can be chosen as by women with pixies, as by ladies with long straight or curly hair.

Dark Burgundy Hair Color


Dark Burgundy Hair Color 2

Dark Burgundy Hair Color 3

Here we have some cool pictures for the dark tones fans!  If you are looking for your own, unforgettable style that not only expresses your individuality but also fascinates everyone, you should definitely consider these awesome ideas. The coloring is so deep and moderate that resembles something intangible but seductive. The light waves are an unconditional adornment for most of such hairdos because they make the whole look very feminine and romantic.

Dark burgundy hair shade is also perfect for the gothic style – it looks a little bit challenging and induces the feeling of mystery, especially with splashy makeup and piercings.

The Best Burgundy Hair Dye for Dark Hair


The Best Burgundy Hair Dye for Dark Hair 2

What shade of burgundy will you choose? Do you love warm colors or the cold ones? If you love cold burgundy that is very close to violet, you should keep in mind that this wonderful color has its disadvantages as well: you need to have perfect skin to enjoy it to the fullest or bright make-up to hide all imperfections and highlight your features. However, most women who have already tried this wonderful shade say that it is absolutely worth the effort. If you love warm shades, everything is much easier. Reddish burgundy suits almost everyone!

Burgundy Highlights on Brown Hair

Burgundy Highlights on Brown Hair 1

Burgundy Highlights on Brown Hair 2

Burgundy Highlights on Brown Hair 3

The fashion industry is constantly developing. It offers us a lot of cool innovations including new awesome dyeing techniques. Ombre, balayage, and highlights of other color allow us to create eye-catching, unique looks that will never go unnoticed. If you are looking for truly interesting ideas, you should definitely think of adding some burgundy highlights that look really great on brown hair. You will love such wonderful bright accents on your hair as well as everyone who surrounds you!

Curly Burgundy Red Hair Styles


Curly Burgundy Red Hair Styles 2

Curly Burgundy Red Hair Styles 3

Beautiful hair is considered one of the symbols of a woman’s beauty. However, not all of us are born with perfect locks of vivid color, so plenty of girls have their hair dyed to get the shade that is the best one for them. If you have not chosen your favorite color yet, take a glance at stunning curly burgundy red hairstyles. Men consider such shades to be very hot and sexy, while women think that they highlight their best features perfectly! Cherry red will make you look like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” is not this awesome? If such a hairstyle is not for you, choose softer shades of burgundy red to highlight your femininity and gentleness.

Red Violet Hair Color You Will Love

Red Violet Hair Color You Will Love 3

A lot of people ask “What color is burgundy?” but there is no easy answer to this question. It is a mix of plenty of colors, and it may be very different. However, it is not a disadvantage. In contrast, you can always make your hair look more purple, violet or red – everything depends on how you see your perfect look! There are amazing mixed shades like red-violet that looks unbelievably good and grab all the attention. Such eye-catching colors are not for shy girls, but courageous women consider them to be the best ones!

Long Burgundy Hair with Blonde Highlights

Long Burgundy Hair with Blonde Highlights 1

Long Burgundy Hair with Blonde Highlights 2

Long Burgundy Hair with Blonde Highlights 3

A lot of women love light colors but do not want to look like so-called classic blondes in pink dresses and with pink lipstick. If you are one of them, you can always dye your hair burgundy with some blonde highlights that will add some volume and make your hairstyle truly creative. This is a perfect option for women who want to show how passionate and confident they really are, but do not want to refuse from their femininity. In general, such an unusual mix helps to express personality and looks very stylish.

Deep Burgundy Brown Hair Color

Deep Burgundy Brown Hair Color 1


Deep Burgundy Brown Hair Color 3

Some women have certain doubts concerning burgundy color, and that is easy to understand. Of course, one can hardly imagine a businesswoman, or a director, or a teacher with the vivid red or violet hair color. However, there is a compromise between funky looks and formal looks – deep burgundy brown hair color. This is one of the colors that go with a business suit, evening dress, and jeans, and that is wonderful. If you want to be a business lady in the morning and a young and funky girl in the evening, this unique shade is for you.

Burgundy Purple Hair

Burgundy Purple Hair 1

Burgundy Purple Hair 2

Burgundy Purple Hair 3

Some may think that purple is a hair color only punks wear, but a lot of examples show that this stunning color highlights femininity perfectly. Long locks, curly or straight, look wonderful when dyed burgundy purple for various reasons. Firstly, this color looks pretty unusual but not too extravagant. This is “the golden mean” between the so-called funky colors and classic, natural shades. Secondly, it is deep and beautiful. Thirdly, it is perfect as for pale as for dark skin. Seems like it has no disadvantages, so why not give it a try?

Short Burgundy Hair Ideas



Short Burgundy Hair Ideas 3

What do you like more, amazing pixies or classic bobs? These hairstyles always remain trendy, and a lot of women choose them to express themselves and highlight their natural beauty, but the question is how to be creative when your hairstyle is this popular? Well, every girl chooses her own way. Some add some bright streaks and highlights, others ask their stylist to do something extraordinary, some try to change the classic shape of the haircut, and some choose vivid and eye-catching colors like burgundy. The last option is a win-win! Do not believe us? Take a look at these pictures!

Dark Purple Reddish Hair

Dark Purple Reddish Hair 1

Dark Purple Reddish Hair 2

Dark Purple Reddish Hair 3

Reddish purple is one of the most beautiful colors ever. No wonder that a lot of women want it to become their trademark! Short and straight, long and curly, this unique shade looks absolutely awesome on any hair type. You can have all your hair dyed or add some highlights to freshen up your whole look. However, the hair stylists notice that this shade suits brunettes more, so if you have dark hair and look for something that will make it look even more gorgeous, you should definitely think of dyeing your hair reddish purple!

Black and Burgundy Hair


Black and Burgundy Hair 2

Black and Burgundy Hair 3

There are a lot of colors that go with black, but this one is especially good. When you see stunning burgundy hairstyle, the associations with a vintage wine come to mind immediately.  However, as we have already mentioned, this unique color is always different and makes different impressions. For instance, the red-violet dye is extremely popular among the owners of long hair. You may try the balayage method and design an unforgettable look of the dark burgundy top and red-violet hairstyle.  Have you ever thought to try an image of vamp-woman? Gorgeous ladies with pale skin, long, wavy ruby locks are the kind of women we usually call femme fatale. What about this red lipstick? Power, excellence, and beauty are the ingredients of this style. If you do not belong to the category of people who always want to stand out in the crowd, you can easily make your look more casual yet beautiful by adding some burgundy highlights.

Maroonish Red Hair Colors


Maroonish Red Hair Colors 2


Although a lot of women consider warm, pastel shades to be the best ones, some still choose cold maroonish hair, and we must say that they look truly stylish. This shade is perfect for girls with blue or green eyes, and full lips, but they also need to highlight their features by making bright, eye-catching make-up. Of course, you can make your life easier by choosing the warm, simple color, but the ladies who have already dyed their hair maroon say that despite the fact that this shade does require some effort, the result is absolutely worth it.

Wine Сolored Hair

Wine olored Hair 1

Wine olored Hair 2

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Wine olored Hair 3

The biggest advantage of the burgundy palette is that it suits all types of skin. All you need to do is to consider your skin type and to choose the right shade. For instance, the chestnut burgundy is indispensable for women with dark brown hair who wish to accentuate both their strong-willed character and femininity.  Restrained purple tone, in turn, is not far from a natural hair coloring. It is quite a cold shade, which suits women with a tanned skin. Moreover, there is also modern ombre technique includes different shades of burgundy, namely the Auburn and redwood colorings that are neatly united in one nice wavy composition. Which of these gorgeous wine shades will you choose?

Burgundy Plum Hair Color

Burgundy Plum Hair Color 1

Burgundy Plum Hair Color 2

Burgundy Plum Hair Color 3

Making a decision is not an easy task, especially when it comes to hair color. It is commonly considered that once you make your choice, there is half the battle. However, some choosing the best color is only part of the task. You need to analyze a lot of factors deeply to find out whether it will make you look young and beautiful or highlight the imperfections. Plum color is awesome, but you need to consider your features and type of skin not to make a fatal mistake. It looks great with green and blue eyes and with pale skin. It also looks good on black women, but take a close look at some of the pictures – all of these girls wear bright makeup to highlight their features mostly because plum hair color grabs all the attention, and you need to do something to turn it to your face. Anyway, this shade is one of the most beautiful hair colors ever, so if you really want it, nothing can stop you.

Light Burgundy Hair

Light Burgundy Hair 1


Light Burgundy Hair 3

Light Burgundy Hair 4

A lot of women are looking for universal tips when it comes to choosing hair color. Unfortunately, there are only some recommendations, but every woman has unique features she should consider when making a choice. If you doubt that dark shades are for you, think of dyeing your hair light burgundy. There is a wide variety of light shades, and one of them may be exactly what you are looking for. Do you like ash shades? There are awesome colors that are a kind of compromise between ash grey, pink, and burgundy. Want to have an eye-catching hairstyle? Think of the wonderful light plum color that looks highly stylish and a little bit funky. And of course, there are classic options like light reddish burgundy that never look boring!

Images of Burgundy Ombre and Burgundy Balayage

Images of Burgundy Ombre and Burgundy Balayage 1

Images of Burgundy Ombre and Burgundy Balayage 2

Images of Burgundy Ombre and Burgundy Balayage 3

Every girl wants to try something crazy in her life. Why not begin with ombre or balayage? Balayage method remains popular because of its numerous pros. If you are not ready to change your hair color completely, start with one of these wonderful ideas.  It should be emphasized that any haircut with balayage filler is always fresh and modern, especially when the mix of burgundy and blonde tresses are combined together. Ombre is another cool option for any fashionista who wants to stand out in the crowd or for women who value their natural hair color. After all, what can be better than a mix of natural beauty and modern, bright, and eye-catching techniques?

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