70 + Trending Modern Home Office Design Ideas For Inspiration (1)

Those days that you don’t want to get up early, you think what it would be like to work from home. And the good news is that it is increasingly possible to do telecommuting in Colombia! Of course, practicing home office implies the adaptation of a home space, you must have a special place to be the most productive professional.

Teleworking/Programming in Colombia 


Before entering into the subject, a little context comes in handy … our regulations, in Law 1221 of 2008, explain that teleworking is a form of work organization that does not require the physical presence of the employee in the facilities of a company . The contact between the worker and the company is given through information and communication technologies.

With this clarity, let’s start organizing our work space.

Tips to adapt your “office” at home ??

home Office

Choose the ideal space ?

Perhaps you have heard people saying that working from home was not as cool as it seemed at the beginning. This can happen if you stay in bed all day or do not stretch with your body. Therefore, one of the most important aspects of telecommuting is choosing a good place at home.

office in the room

Ideally, establish a space in your home where you have privacy. Use your creativity, it can be any area of ​​the house while you are away from distractions. How about a corner of your room, a space overlooking the garden, near the living room or kitchen?

Telecommuting in the kitchen

Teleworking requires the best lighting ?

lighted workspace

Let the light be made! One aspect that will help you decide which is the best home space to work is lighting. This is key. Natural light clears the mind, puts ideas in order, fosters creativity, among other benefits.

Accessories and furniture to work at home ?

men working

It works just like a traditional office. You need tools, writing tools, furniture to store documents and more. These implements vary according to your profession and daily trade.

Telecommuting, the  page of the Government of Colombia for home office issues, recommends taking special care with the choice of the chair. You will spend several hours sitting, looking for one that helps you keep your back straight. Additionally, keep in mind the mix of styles and colors in the furniture, a striking space contributes to create a unstructured environment.

First of all, teleworking requires comfort ?

For you to have all the comfort you need, not only a comfortable chair is required. For this purpose, the workspace and the fulfillment of work routines also help. Set schedules to wake up, eat and take active breaks.

It is that telecommuting also needs a break . You can enjoy that moment of rest in another area of ​​the house, such as the garden. For activities that require a meeting place, Elle Mexico , recommends placing a table next to the relax area.

office in the apt

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Do not forget an indispensable aspect, have an excellent internet connection . Make sure you don’t have constant failures and voila! Open your mind to new work dynamics. Oh, and remember that in  we have real estate with which you can give yourself the opportunity to enjoy these new possibilities.?

32 Trending Home Office Design Ideas For Inspiration

70+ Trending Modern Home Office Design Ideas For Inspiration (2)

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