35+ tips for decorating Living rooms with style and perfection

A well-made room decoration is one that conveys the warmth and comfort to receive both residents and visitors. And to do this, it is very important to know how to choose the ideal furniture, the right colors, decorative objects and it is also necessary to know how to organize them in the space and, of course, how to put your face in the decor.

And to help you with that, we are going to give you several unmissable tips that will serve as a step by step for you to make your living room decoration . Write down what you think is most important and have the decoration of your dream room!

How to decorate the living room

The living room is the most used environment in the house , as this is where we usually spend time with the family and it is also where we receive visitors, especially when we talk about the living room integrated with the American kitchen , because of that, the decoration of the room should be designed to make the environment beautiful, cozy and functional for everyone who will use this space.

In this post we will show you tips on how to create a decorated living room that has to do with your style and that transforms this environment into a pleasant space for living and resting.

Invest in quality furniture

Whenever we think about decorating ideas for the living room, it soon comes to mind what type of furniture to choose. Of course, some furniture is essential in every living room decorated like a sofa, a rack for the living room , a  bookcase, a home for the living room and even a side table, but all of this will depend a lot on the size of your room.

For large rooms the choice of furniture is always easier, after all, you will have plenty of room to use all of your decorating ideas for the room and will be able to distribute them better by the environment, but for small room decoration you need to be more careful .

The furniture for small living room decoration must be functional, in addition, it is important to have the measure of the entire room at hand before buying the furniture, to avoid arriving at home and come across something that does not fit in your environment. 

To choose the right furniture for living room decoration it is also necessary to think about the habits of the people who live in that house. If it is a house with a small family and does not usually receive many visitors, it is not necessary, for example, to think of extra places to sit in the environment, in addition, for families who spend many hours watching TV in the living room, it is necessary choose sofa models that are very comfortable like a retractable sofa, for example.

Learn to choose colors for room decoration

Another very important step is the choice of colors for the room that will be used, as they will bring personality, harmony and will help to compose any style and decoration ideas for the room you have.

Here the tip is to choose a single color to serve as a base in the room and it should be used in the largest area of ​​the room, then you can choose colors that will help bring more personality and complement that room and these colors can be used in decorative objects for the living room, on rugs, pillows, blankets, curtains, pictures, among others.

For those who are thinking about colors for small room decoration it is very important to remember that light colors help in the feeling of spaciousness, because of that, they are the most recommended for this type of room. For large rooms, colors can be used much more freely.

Room decoration style

The decoration of the living room can be rustic, classic, modern, retro, industrial among many others, for the important thing when it comes to thinking about decorating ideas for living room is to choose the style that has more to do with the personality and tastes of residents of the house, as this will make the environment much more welcoming. 

For a very classic and sophisticated decorated living room, the tip is to invest in more elegant decoration objects such as a crystal chandelier, a linen sofa, golden details, for an industrial decoration invest in coverings such as burnt cement and brick wall. the view, but if you want decorating ideas for a rustic room, wooden furniture is essential, as well as the presence of leather.

Analyze the size of the environment

As we already said, decorating a large living room is easier because it is possible to distribute furniture and decorative objects with greater freedom, but that does not mean that the decoration of a simple and small room is something super complex.

The tip for decorating a simple and small room is to choose light colors as the basis of the environment, leaving the colors darker or more vibrant in details such as pillows, carpet and decorative objects, in addition, choose functional furniture such as a chest puff or a sofa that is comfortable but compatible with the size of the environment will also make all the difference. Here, the furniture even serves as a room divider making the integration of spaces much more pleasant.

Finally, it is also important to invest in a good lighting project for the decoration of a small room, after all the lighting will make the environment much more cozy and also beautiful, especially when done with a modern pendant or a beautiful chandelier.

What you can not miss in the decoration of the room

Some items are essential in every room decoration, because these items will ensure greater comfort and practicality to the environment. In addition to basic furniture such as a good sofa, bookcase or rack with a TV panel, there are also other decorative objects for the living room that will help compose this environment. 

One of these items is the rug which, in addition to helping to give a special touch to the decoration of the room, it also guarantees a warm and cozy touch to the environment, especially in winter.


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The curtain is another essential element in every decorated living room, as well as the rug it also helps to enhance the decor of the environment, but in addition, the curtain balances the brightness of the room, especially in rooms with large windows and a lot of light, which can end up getting in the way of watching TV or even taking a nap on the couch.

A piece of furniture that can be very useful in the decorated living room is the side table. For larger rooms the coffee table is one of the best options, but for smaller rooms invest in a side table, as it will serve to support decorative objects for the room, a plate with snacks to receive visitors, a cup of coffee while reading a book among others.

As for the decoration of a small room, it is very interesting to use puffs that can be placed under the suspended rack. These models of puffs are excellent because they serve as an extra seat whenever you have visitors at home, but when they are not in use they can be accommodated in the environment without disturbing circulation. 

Finally, items such as cushions, pictures and plant pots are also very interesting both in the decoration of simple rooms and in super sophisticated rooms, because in addition to complementing the decor, these elements help to make the environment beautiful and with much more personality.

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