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35 souvenirs for teachers and tutorials to give the masters

October is a very special month for the colleges, because Teacher Day is celebrated. So, nothing better than honoring this important person for the education of all. For that, a great idea is to deliver a personalized teacher gift!

See handmade gift templates and tutorials to make an original tribute to teachers. For sure, this act will be remembered for many years.

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35 Easy-to-Make Teacher Inspirations

Some masters mark life in a very meaningful way, so offering a souvenir is an act of great affection. Check out these creative templates to give this irreplaceable professional.

1. You can customize a gift box

Emily Carvalho

2. Or make Teachers Day themed cookies

Candy shell

3. Another idea is to do a fold with the kids

Bianca Oliveira

4. And a little pad is always useful in everyday school


5. And you can thank them for all the support

KG Souvenirs

6. And customize various gifts

Su Arts

7. Or even use sewing skills

Atelier Mirandela

8. There is the option of decorating a box and stuffing with truffles

Agni world

9. How about a souvenir for teachers in EVA?

She is creative

10. One option is to compose this pen holder to post notes

She is creative

11. A bag and case kit will please many teachers

Elaine Victoriano

12. There are several creative ways to gift

Agni world

13. A card with a box of chocolates is traditional

Bianca Oliveira

14. And a little detail already leaves the original souvenir

Sah Maria Gingerbread and Sweets

15. The owl is the symbol of the Pedagogy course.


16. In addition, apples are always listed as gifts for the teacher.

Sweet Personalized Souvenir

17. This idea will make Teacher’s Day sweeter

Atelier Alini Teixeira

18. And you can always use candy

Atelier Alini Teixeira

19. Thematic foldings are simple and can be stuffed with candy

Atelier Alini Teixeira

20. Flavorings are a good idea too

Sweet Personalized Souvenir

21. Look at that creative option!

Gi Arteira Ateliê

22. How about gifting with a notebook kit

Special memories

23. Or Themed Cookies

GS Craft Candy

24. And a glass of water is perfect when working with the voice


25. These Gifts Are Great As Souvenirs For Graduation Teachers

Carol’s Corner

26. And you can offer simple cookies too

Flavors and Arts Workshop

27. There is a choice of car flavoring

Pat Scotti

28. Pieces made of biscuit are beautiful

Atelier Lilly Models

29. You can customize a hand washcloth

Custom Aromas Art

30. Or choose a special mug print

Sifhar Decorated

31. You can still make a pen holder


32. Or hand over an owl as a table ornament

Little things Uai

33. There are cards that play with the words

Beautiful Custom Art

34. But a little note already makes the souvenir unique

Fabiane Nascimento Pereira

35. Thank all your teachers for their dedication

Caramella fiori

To make a unique souvenir you don’t have to offer something expensive. In fact, every gift made or personalized is much more meaningful when it comes to someone close, such as the teacher.

How to Make Teacher Gifts

Whether it’s souvenirs for teachers back in school or on Master’s Day, there are many ways to please this person who takes care of education so hard. Call the children, sort the materials and create a delicate and unique item.

Prestige Cash and Talent Teachers’ Day

This is one of our favorite Teacher’s Day boxes. In addition to being creative, she is fun and can be a great gift to thank teachers for their dedication. In the video you give tips and learn how to do it step by step.

Cheap Teachers’ Day Favors

Here are several ideas you can make not only for gift giving, but for selling on this commemorative date. The video provides kit tips and suggests values ​​for sale.

Creative Teacher’s Day Party Favors

If you like more handcrafted gifts, these ideas will be the best for that day. Take a look at this tutorial that brings 3 easy favors for teachers with EVA.

Teacher’s Day Pencil Case

This video shows how to make another inspiration on the list. This pencil-shaped folding is practical and its filling is with candy. Sweeten your teacher’s day with this reminder!

3 handmade gift ideas for Teachers’ Day

Teaching children to value their educators is easier than it seems. One way is to encourage them to participate in the making of gifts and make the delivery on the special date.

Have you chosen which souvenir for teachers you will make with your children? In addition, the idea is also valid for the coordinators to present the teachers. For sure, these pampering will make Teacher’s Day unforgettable.

A bonus tip is to personalize the chosen gift with an EVA owl !

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