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35 Short Haircuts for Girls with Added Oomph

Short female haircuts weren’t exactly our target during adolescence, were they? It took me a long time to cut mine, but after I did I can say that my life has changed! hahahaha It seems overkill, but for my type of yarn this was the best option. It is a thousand times more practical to care!

There is also another funny thing about this story: have you noticed how the Brazilian is attached to long hair ? It seems that the locks that swing back and forth are part of the DNA of the country … Lucky that this reality is changing and it gives, with certainty, to feel good ~ sensual with short hair .

Today I bring no less than 35 ideas to be taken immediately to the salon by anyone who is thinking of changing. It has for all types: straight hair , wavy hair , curly hair and curly hair , in different lengths – very short cuts and short cuts . Left to see?

The straight hair are very versatile when it comes to short cuts . The ones that are more popular these days are pixie cut (very short) and bob cut (chin length). I also put some a little longer because I know that those with long hair will consider this a big change! In my opinion, the very short ones look beautiful on those who have delicate features and on smaller girls – I am dying to do it, but I have very broad shoulders in relation to the size of the head and I think it would not look so good!

The wavy hair can be short but – why not? The biggest fear, in this case, is the excess volume of the wires. But there is a solution! In fact, you can take advantage of this feature to better frame your face and create a nice shape for your head. Texturizers help in the effect for those with little hair. Those that have a lot of volume should think of peak cuts to mitigate the characteristic.

Ah, these are my favorites! If I had curly hair , I would certainly use them natural and shorter, without any chemicals. They exist from the black power versions  to the very short ones, with or without fringe (which turns into a sensational tuft because of the volume). Whoever is more daring can play with the side cut , which is a side of the shaved head. I love it too!

Taking advantage, I usually receive many doubts from readers who are afraid of adhering to short hair  due to excess capillary volume, rounded face, rebellious curls … Unfortunately, I am not a professional to define what would look best, even if I saw a photo of each one!

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That’s why I recommend having a long chat with a trusted hairdresser before cutting. If the person is good, he will know what best fits the type of face, texture of the hair and amount of hair! It is also worth selecting references (up here there are several!) Of women with locks similar to yours – it is infinitely easier to visualize yourself with the cut this way.

Girls, there’s so much interesting going on in the world right now, that you simply can’t waste your precious time on painstaking hairstyling routines… A way out is a chic short haircut that looks pretty cool even after the trivial ”scrunch and go” styling. Whether you’ve dropped in to upgrade your usual cut or want a more drastic change like going from medium/long to very short, you’ll find a bunch of cute ideas below: fun edgy bobs, bold pixies and the loveliest boyish cuts are all here. Fancy taking a look?

Trends of Short Haircuts for Girls 2020

– Messy and matte razor-cut shags were sported in the spring shows of Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and Haider Ackermann, to name a few. Although shags of the current season are same edgy as ever, they feature the seamless transitions between layers.

– Mullets of the above-the shoulder length are as popular as their longer versions. If you have fine hair with a light wave and seek for more volume on the top of your head, go for a short-to-medium mullet cut. It’s going to work as a cool self-styling option.

– Trendy shaggy pixies hairstyles are good for girls with big eyes and small noses, while strong facial features become even more pronounced with such haircuts for girls.

– Bowl cuts are also on, but note that they don’t flatter women and girls with a strong jaw line.

Short Crop Ideas For Chic, Vibrant Looks

See the images below and enjoy!

I hope the post helps! And, just as a joke, there is a timeline of mine with photos of me from the time of long hair , going through the various styles of short hair and medium hair ! What is your favorite style?

In there is also a very nice post with suggestions of short hair.

And for those who have already cut the locks, below is a video showing cute ways to wear a scarf on short hair.

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