35+ Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice

Waiting for the baby to appear in the family is the most exciting and happy time. But along with the happy moments, future parents meet a wave of responsibility and concern for the preparation of space for their baby. Whether it will be a separate room for an infant or an area in the parent’s bedroom – it is necessary to arrange a place for a small family member with convenience, practicality, safety and eye-pleasing aesthetics. Of course, every parent wants his child to be surrounded by a safe, eco-friendly, beautiful and functional environment. But in order to achieve the maximum realization of your desires and criteria for the best nursery, it is better to start preparing it long before the appearance of the baby. The more time you have, the more nuances that are important both at first and in the future can be foreseen during the renovation, construction and decoration phases.

Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. Additional ruches in form of stars for the room with blue backlight

Common Question:

  • When should you start putting together a nursery?
  • What furniture do you need in a nursery?
  • How do you decorate a nursery on a budget?
  • Where do you put a crib in a nursery?
  • When should you have a baby shower?
  • What do you need for newborns?
  • What do you absolutely need for a newborn?
  • Is it OK to run a fan in a baby room?
  • When should you have your nursery ready?
  • What’s the best color to paint a baby’s room?
  • Who pays for a baby shower?
  • Do you have to open gifts at a baby shower?
  • Are baby showers on Saturday or Sunday?
  • How can I keep my nursery safe?
  • Can you put a crib in front of a window?

At first, the child will not have his own color preferences or favorite options for decorating the space, so it is important to focus on an environment in which it will be convenient and comfortable for parents. If mom and dad are happy and calm, pacified and satisfied with their lives, then this mood will surely be transmitted on to the baby. For an infant, it is important that the furniture and decoration that surrounds it are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and safe, so that the room does not have sharp corners, retractable and swing mechanisms that pose a threat.

Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. Traditinoal calm design of the space with vinyl wallpaper

Recommendations for the arrangement of the room for the baby:

  • space for the baby should be bright and well ventilated;
  • in addition to natural lighting, it is important to consider the options for artificial light sources of various modifications;
  • it would be nice to organize at least a partial sound insulation of the room (made during the preparation of surfaces for finishing works);
  • the room should be warm, but not hot (the organization of the heating system with the possibility of temperature control);
  • the space should be functional, but not cluttered, it is important to use only the necessary furniture and decor, leaving as much space as possible for the games of the younger child;
  • materials for decoration and furniture should be environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and create warm and cozy atmosphere of the interior;
  • textile decoration of windows should be minimal and easy to clean;
  • similar criteria apply to carpets, which should be easy to maintain and take up no more than a third of the floor space.

Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. Fully white modern space with unusual form of window

The Space with Snow-white Decoration and Furnishings

From the point of view of creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the nursery, it is necessary to use light, neutral shades, pastel colors. Obviously, such a palette will be an excellent background for furniture and decor. On the other hand, psychologists say that bright elements of the interior that can attract children’s eyes are necessary for training the baby’s brain and for its proper development. For the growing up child it is important for him to be able focusing on the accent spots of the surrounding atmosphere. As a result, both light, pastel colors and bright, colorful interior elements should be present in the baby’s room.

Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. The pattern on the rug for yellow painted room

If you are planning to finish the children’s room in white, then do not forget about the color accents. With the help of bright stickers you can not only diversify the interior palette, but also introduce the element of the game into the design of the space for the baby. Such stickers are easy to remove and replace with more relevant options, corresponding to the age and preferences of the younger child.

Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. Minimalsitic setting of the modern space with laminate

Choosing beige and sand shades for arranging a room for an infant, you create a favorable atmosphere for rest and relaxation. At first, these color effects will be associated primarily with your condition. If the parents are calm and confident, then the child is relaxed.


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Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. Yellow wall paint for contemporary styled space

Decorating a Nursery


For walls it is better to use a safe painting or wallpapering. Paper-based wallpaper with a vinyl surface will not only create an attractive appearance of the room, but will also be a practical option for finishing the walls after a while, when the child starts to walk and then draw on any surfaces. Hardly did you plan to make repairs a year or two after the birth of a child. Therefore, it is better to think about the wall decoration with practicality and functionality to meet the growing needs of your child.

Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. Neat pink walls

The development of tactile reflexes is extremely important for a young child. With age, it helps to improve motor skills. Choose wallpaper with a relief surface and the child will be pleasant and interesting to touch them. It is better to stop the choice on monochromatic options. On the background, any wall decor will look advantageous – starting from family photos to drawings of your rising artist. In addition, you will not have to worry about whether the look of the baby is annoying with the print on the walls.

Starry wallpapered interior with small crib for infant

In addition, you can use staining with the help of special stencils, which are in wide range in building stores. A more expensive and unique way to decorate the walls in the room of a small family member is art painting.

Unusual modern rustic touch in the lighting and ceiling of the small nursery


In the room for the baby is better to abandon so popular now stretch ceilings. The material with which the covering is made out is completely synthetic. It is better to prefer safe wall painting. However, for this you need to achieve a perfectly flat surface of the ceiling either by plastering, or by means of suspended structures.


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Nursery with painted tree, colorful rug, and white furniture


For flooring in the nursery, designers recommend the use of cork material – it is environmentally friendly, pleasant from the point of view of touch, hypoallergenic and safe, easy to maintain. True, the appearance of cork flooring may not appeal to all homeowners and will not be suitable for any space design style. You can also use high-quality laminate. This material cannot be called environmentally friendly in terms of production method. Moreover, the cases of allergic reactions to such a coating become less and less often every year. It is due to the improvement of the process of manufacturing floor cladding products.

Neat and properly lit nursery with small cot and sloped ceiling

Another flooring option is a wooden flooring with varnish. The option is not cheap, but no one doubts the environmental friendliness of the natural material, and any style of the interior will look harmonious with this kind of flooring.

Blue color theme for the nursery with white wooden crib

One of the most undesirable design options for floors in a baby’s room is carpet. It is better to replace a solid canvas with small rugs, which you can easily clean and take out of the room for ventilation. Bright small rugs can not only bring color diversity to the nursery, but also zone the room, highlighting the gaming segments of the space.

Purple rug and pibk ottoman for Classic styled room with yellow rack

Furniture in the Nursery

Wooden furniture is a clear favorite for the arrangement of children’s rooms. Natural material is environmentally friendly, durable and has an attractive appearance. Furniture made of unpainted wood brings the warmth of natural material to the atmosphere of the room, creating coziness and comfort.

Gray striped walls and the rug for richly decorated nursery

The Cot: Kaleidoscope of Ideas

If you have the opportunity not to buy a baby cot for growth, but to buy a small cradle first, then be sure to use it. Psychologists say that for the first months in the crib, the child needs very little space so that he or she does not feel a dramatic change in his stay, because the mother’s womb was all around him, the baby was wrapped in warmth from all sides. In a small lullaby, babies sleep more easily. In addition, there are a lot of ideas for the manufacture of unique design – cradles with a swinging mechanism, equipped with lighting and the ability to turn on quiet, pleasant music.

Laminate and plenty of ligth for modern nursery in Scandinavian white theme

The original cradle made of wood is not just a place to sleep, but a small house for the baby, creating “protection” from almost all sides. The theme of the starry sky in the cradle’s design is extended in the finishing of the baby’s corner.

Red dotted walls for the baby's room

And when a child grows up from a small cradle, and this happens within six months, he can be moved to a crib, which is enough for him until the age of two or three years.


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Wooden crib on the pelt and the canopy for the nursery


A round bed is a unique opportunity to create not only an original, comfortable, but also a safe place to sleep for your child. Of course, this option will not serve you more than a year, but during this time it will also serve as an arena. In addition, these models create a truly royal look for a room for a little prince or princess.

Round crib in the center of the nursery as a highlight of the interiorRound crib and the tulle above it

Metal beds are strong and durable, they can serve as a bed for more than one generation of children in the family. It is only important, when acquiring a similar model, to make sure that there are no protruding forging parts in the design, that all surfaces are smooth, the decor is flat and rounded. After all, only the first months the baby is lying in a bed almost motionless, then he will start to get up and test everything.

Pink tulle to decorate teh crib

Storage and Changing Tables

Open shelves for books and toys are the best option in terms of security for organizing storage systems. Low racks do not have drawers and hinged doors, which create a lot of reasons for getting light traumas for young children. The only thing you need to worry about is that the rack must be quite stable and made of environmentally friendly materials.

Red curtain for the modern styled nursery in white and with laminated floor

The changing table located near the crib is an ideal pair of furniture for arranging a room for the baby. A changing area will be more convenient if there are storage systems near the table – shelves, drawers and compartments for placing care products that are important to keep on hand.

Small boxed nursery with gray walls and white ceiling

A large chest of drawers for baby things is an effective way to think about the future growth of the baby. So far he has very little clothes, but the children grow very quickly, you will need a constant change of clothes and it’s better if there are enough storage systems in the nursery for such an extension. A chest of drawers with a large number of drawers is a great way to systematize all the wardrobe items and baby care products to spend as little time as possible on finding the right item.

Wooden chest of drawers and the gray crib in the nrusery Minimalistic design and white interior of the modern designed room

Built-in storage systems will allow you to create a base for the future when your baby’s wardrobe grows up and one small chest of drawers for storing things and accessories will not be enough. You will only have to change the cradle to the crib, and later to the sleeping place for the preschooler and teenager, and the storage systems will remain the same.

Gray walls at the two-level nursery with the stairs

Additional furniture for parents

In addition to the bed for the child and the storage of toys, things and care products, you should install furniture for parents here. Whether it will be a comfortable rocking chair or a small couch, and maybe a full-fledged place for sleep – it’s you to decide. It depends primarily on the area of ​​the room and your personal preferences.

Minimalistic design for the nursery with open shelves

If you install a chair near the cot, do not forget to worry about the source of local lighting. Surely, such an arrangement of the room is a temporary option, so it is better to choose a table or floor lamp and not drill holes in the wall to install sconces.

calm light gray design of the room with upholstered armchair and the crib

One of the options for additional furniture is suspended bubble chair, which can be mounted either on the ceiling or placed on a stationary tripod. Such a device helps to rock the baby without holding it in your arms. Install a comfortable seat next to the hanging chair for parents and ease the process of rocking the baby.

Bubble chair and red touch for the modern nursery

Lighting, Decor and Textile Design Space for a Newborn

It is better to give preference to simple textile solutions while decorating the window. It is important that the room for the baby is light, so it is better to use transparent tulle as curtains or not to curtain the windows at all. You also need to think about the option of windows’ decor, which will collect the minimum amount of dust. Choose simple curtains that will be easy to wash, refuse complicated compositions, a variety of folds, ruches and lambrequins, minimize the presence of various fringes and brushes.

Pinkish touch in the room

To create the necessary level of artificial light in the nursery, you need several light sources. In the area of ​​the crib, you can use both a pendant chandelier and wall sconces, and in the so-called parent segment you can install a floor lamp. Ensure that the design of the light fixture is stable and safe.


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Black stains of handwriting print on the rug for large kids' room

Wall decor is one of the most spectacular ways to diversify the light finish of the walls in the room for a newborn. Family photos in bright frames, pictures with the image of fairy-tale or cartoon characters – they are easy to change when the passions of the child are different as he grows up.

Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. Colorful interior in Loft style with neutral walls

From the point of view of decorating a baby’s room with carpets, it’s important not to be zealous. The first time, until the child learns to sit and then crawl, you only need a small rug in the area of ​​a baby cot or changing table, where parents will spend the most of the time.

Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. White ceiling and gray accent wallfor casual styled room

Baby Area in the Parent Bedroom

Not everyone has the opportunity and desire to equip a separate room for a newly born baby. If people arrange a place for a baby in their bedroom, then most likely they will not make repairs due to this event. At the very least, you need to take care to ensure that there are no sources of loud sounds, such as a TV and a computer (if there are any in the bedroom) near the cot. It will be more convenient if, in addition to a crib for a baby, you also install storage systems for children’s clothes and care products. The best option would be a chest of drawers with a changing table.

Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. All-gray colour theme for the small room with armchair and unusual windows

Examples of Nursery Design for a Newborn Boy

It is difficult for us to get rid of stereotypes that have developed the color preferences among boys and girls over the years. No matter how many years the history of interior design has been counted, they will never stop designing rooms for boys in blue, and for girls in pink. From the point of view of color choice, the little owner of the room is indifferent to the ways of decorating the walls and furnishing the room in different colors. For a favorable atmosphere in the baby’s room, it is important that parents love the decor and the color choices they made, and then the child will be happy. In the future, he will be able to talk about his preferences in color.

Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. Small wigwam as decoration for the space with stripes on the walls

Room for a Little Princess or all Shades of Pink in One Space

When creating a room plan for a newborn girl, many parents opt for various pink and peach variants. All shades of purple are not less popular as the main color choice for the decoration of the children’s room.

Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. Pinkish decoration in the Classic and minimalistic atmosphere Nursery Interior Design Ideas with Photos and Practical Advice. Pink coloured modern space for little girl

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