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32 Do-it-yourself fingernail design – with full instructions

Stylish and Amazing nail design Step by step guide with picture

Would you like to paint your nails in an unusual way, but still quickly and easily yourself? Then check out these great ideas for do-it-yourself fingernail design ! The instructions aren’t that difficult, but the end result will be fantastic. All you need is several brightly colored nail polishes and an extra thin brush. You can easily and quickly score points with a toothpick or a pin.

Beautiful, well-manicured hands and nails are always a real eye-catcher. But having a manicure done in the nail salon often costs a lot of money and time. In this article you will find lots of ideas for cool nail designs, as well as detailed step-by-step instructions that will help you paint your nails like a trained professional. Some of the nail designs that we show you can easily be done by yourself, the others require a bit of skill. But if you let your imagination run wild, you will get really great results. We wish you a lot of fun!

Fingernail design with marble effect

Do you already know this trick with a toothpick? Or have you always wondered how to create a beautiful gradient and the trendy ombre effect on your nails ? The secret is in the makeup sponge. Make a strip or two of the nail polish on the sponge and then dab lightly on the nails. Use stickers, beads and rhinestones to complement the beautiful design. Browse through our picture gallery and find your favorite!

step by step Summer nails in purple

step by step spring-like design with roses

diy nail design colorful stripes Diy lemon nail design

DIY Red apple nail design 

Black and white

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golden fish scales

Draw a honeycomb pattern

Summer nails design with palm trees Step by step Halloween motifs nail design Diy  Valentine’s day nails 

Zigzag nail design pattern with stickers

Diy Ethnic motifs Nail design

DIY Mustache motif nail design

 Do-it-yourself fingernail design – glitter-Grundge


This DIY idea is also an eye-catcher. First a transparent glitter nail polish is applied, which you then complement with black nail tips. However, the black color is not applied with a brush, but dabbed onto the nail with a sponge. With such aids you can create all kinds of interesting motifs and patterns.

the magical universe diy Nail design

This also includes such a space design. Black is the foundation. Then dab the base coat with other metallic paints, creating the look of a galaxy. Combine several colors. Finally, fix the result with a transparent top coat.

DIY Ombre nail design

Blue design with a zebra accent

If you want to imitate this idea, first paint the nails with a dark blue glitter nail polish. Once this has dried, a light blue color is added diagonally. Let this dry well again. Cover the diagonal line where the two colors intersect with a silver varnish. Finally, add a zebra pattern in black. You are welcome to try out the idea with other colors.

Paint the zebra pattern on the nails

A zebra pattern is also designed for this variant. If you’re looking for something faster than the previous design, this is a wonderful alternative. Paint the nails white first and then draw a black zebra pattern or choose another variant for an even more upbeat look.

Fingernails design with an abstract look


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