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30+ Short Spiky Hairstyles That’ll Stun You

There were the times when women wore similar, classic haircuts, but today the number of cool hairstyles is really large. Every lady can choose her own perfect hairstyle, change and customize it the way she wants, and that is undoubtedly great. Nevertheless, we still have so-called classic hairstyles such as bobs and more creative and eye-catching haircuts as spiky pixies. It cannot be said that some of them are better or worse: it is always a matter of choice. If you are one of the girls who want to look creative and stylish and value short hair more than long one, you should turn your attention to short spiky hairstyles that are created especially for confident and elegant women who want to highlight their uniqueness!

Eye-catching Short Spiky Haircuts for Women

Eyecatching Short Spiky Haircuts for Women 1

Eyecatching Short Spiky Haircuts for Women 2

Eyecatching Short Spiky Haircuts for Women 4


Some may say that such spikes suit girls with a perfect face, and can spoil the whole look if you have at least one little imperfection. Well, that is not true. In fact, short hair is perfect to balance out the face shape, even if it is not oval. After all, it is all about the shape of the haircut, so if your hair stylist know how to cut it, the result will exceed your expectations.

Girls with round faces know that the haircuts with the high top are the best ones. Short sides and long top allow making a face look a little bit thinner and highlighting beautiful features, particularly eyes and lips. In other words, if you want a short haircut but still have doubts, do not worry – there are a lot of cool spiky versions of classic pixie that will make you look like a Hollywood star!

Modern Short Spiky Hairstyles for Girls


Modern Short Spiky Hairstyles for Girls 2


Modern Short Spiky Hairstyles for Girls 4

Women with long faces should not avoid short spiky hairstyles too. The trick is to make the sides a little longer and messier, and that is all! Perfect shape of the hairstyle will make you look really beautiful regardless of what you wear today, casual jeans or sophisticated evening dress. The photos of plenty of movie stars with elegant and at the same time creative prove this! The good news is also that you can always choose between wild and classic looks depending on your mood. If you want to shine at the party this evening, just use some hair spray or gel to make your spikes as high as possible and enjoy your new funky look! Or choose the classier version of short hairstyle to look elegant on your business meeting. Keep in mind that everything depends on how you style your gorgeous spiky hairstyle!

Ideas for Female Short Spiked Up Hair

Ideas for Female Short Spiked Up Hair 1

Ideas for Female Short Spiked Up Hair 2

We do not know why blondes love this hairstyle this much, but we can suggest it is somehow related to the gorgeous looks they create with this awesome hairstyle! A lot of top models and movie stars choose short spiky haircuts for various reasons. Firstly, they allow them to stand out in the crowd of other stars that choose classier, purely feminine haircuts that unfortunately often look the same. Secondly, such hairstyle shows the face as it is, highlighting beautiful features and hiding all imperfection. So why not use their secret to create your own awesome look that will definitely make you noticeable? If you have fine hair, do not worry – the layers will add volume effortlessly. Besides, you can always smooth your spikes down to look more elegant this evening. Do not be afraid to experiment and create new cool looks!

Cool Styles with Short Spiky Hair for Ladies

Cool Styles with Short Spiky Hair for Ladies 1


Cool Styles with Short Spiky Hair for Ladies 3



Undoubtedly, such hairstyles will never go out of fashion, but the question is how to spike women’s short hair. The good news that the styling is not as difficult as it may actually seem. First of all, you should wash your hair, dry it and then apply hairspray to add some volume. You can also use mousse instead of spray, it is up to you/ Then brush your hair upwards or finger comb it to do high spikes. Fix the hairstyle with texturizing spray, and that is it! Sounds pretty easy, right? Of course, this will take some time, but the results are worth it. Maybe it is easier just to brush your long hair in the morning, but it is a matter of priorities. If you really like short hairstyles and feel very comfortable with them, wear them proudly!

Trendy Short Spiky Haircuts for Women Over 50

Trendy Short Spiky Haircuts for Women Over 50 1


The truth is most of older women, particularly women over 50 cut their hair short. It happens not because they refuse from their femininity, in contrast, they highlight it in such an unusual way. In fact, you cannot look like a young nymph when you are 50, but you can look like a confident, elegant, smart woman in the best shape. Moreover, today there are a lot of great hairstyles that suit mature ladies perfectly, and short spiky haircuts belong to this category. You can choose to dye or not to dye your hair, to cut it extra short or wear a little bit longer hair, but one thing remains the same – short, perfectly shaped spiky hairstyles suit all women who know how to style them. Just ask your hairstylist which shape will suit you best and go ahead!

Awesome Short Spiky Hairstyles for Fine Hair


Girls who have fine hair are usually looking for hairstyles that will add tons of volume, and we have plenty of great ideas for them. Instead of growing long locks, they can choose awesome short spiky hairstyles that are easy to style and maintain! As for the volume, layers will do everything for you! All you need is hair spray or mousse and few minutes in the morning, and voila – the perfect hairstyle is ready. Moreover, you should not go extra short – the length can vary depending on how you see your perfect hairstyle. Different length, colors, cool highlights – do not be afraid of experiments with your hair, express yourself!

Amazing Short Spiky Haircuts for Thick Hair

Amazing Short Spiky Haircuts for Thick Hair 1


Amazing Short Spiky Haircuts for Thick Hair 3

Amazing Short Spiky Haircuts for Thick Hair 4


One of the best things about short edgy hairstyles is their versatility. Moreover, they suit women as thick hair as well as girls with thin hair. Girls who are lucky to have thick locks can cut them extra short if they want to, and they will still look very feminine and elegant. If you still have doubts, take a look at the pictures in our collection. Classy or creative, funky or elegant, our collection includes various options. Hope some of these photos will help you make the right decision!

Bangs or no bangs? It is always up to you. Some women consider them to be too stubborn and difficult to maintain, while some adore them in spite all the difficulties they face. Spiky hairstyles are great, but they can be even better with long bangs or short edgy bangs, and we have some pictures of celebrities that seem to share our opinion! They make the look complete and stylish, highlight the beautiful lips and balance out the face shape. A lot of famous stars choose the short spiky hairstyles and do not hesitate to wear them with beautiful dresses from big brands, so why not follow their example?

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