30 Ways To Make Your Living Room Play Bohemian style!

Bobo living room is a style that many people prefer. Because such a Bobo living room looks colorful and full of vitality. It also carries a mysterious sense of art and national style. But Bobo living room also tests people’s taste and vision.

Do you think you may have a little worse taste in Bobo living room? But do you really love Bobo living room deeply? Then, follow the 30 kinds of Bobo living room ideas we recommend. Let others amazed as soon as they enter your Bobo living room.

Following our boho style guide ; it’s time to talk about the living room. Get the popular look gathered by mixing patterns, textures, colors and eras

Boho-chic decor has nothing to do with hard and fast rules. It’s a style that, when done right, rises above trends and fashions to create a timeless expression of personal taste and carefree lifestyle.

Of course, there are some common characteristics that are seen in boho decor, and here are a few to keep in mind when it comes to creating your own bohemian-chic lifestyle.

What is the bohemian decoration style?

The term  boho comes from bohemian,  which in turn is from a French word for gypsy . Refers to free-spirited travelers who are not tied to living in one place or culture. So as a decoration style, bohemian, or boho-chic, as it’s also called, it encompasses a whole world of influences, including elements of personal travel and dreams of exotic lands, mixed in an informal way that suggests you have brought your belongings with you and could be picked up and dropped off again at any time.

The boho-chic style seems casually elegant and almost effortless , even if some people really can put a lot of thought and care into it. Drawing on different colors, textures, patterns, periods, and plenty of antiques and personal touches to create a look that feels alive and steeped in history, while conveying a sense of fun and fantasy.

  • Discover how to create a bohemian-style room.

The boho style is highly artistic , even beyond the actual pieces that may be hanging on the walls. The touches of creativity, and lots of layers, add to a palette that feels eclectic, but generally has a sense of serenity rather than the drama and restlessness that eclectic spaces can sometimes project.

Boho style: How to decorate a bohemian living room


Start simple. While there are no true rules in boho-chic decor, starting with neutral walls  is a good way to give your space a solid foundation, especially if you want to make sure your design isn’t visually overwhelming.

There will be plenty of opportunities to add interest through furniture and art later, and keeping the walls light and simple will allow those pieces to be the focus.

Pure white walls will take your space in a somewhat modern direction.  For a more classic boho look, consider subtle off-white shades like cream, pale gray, brown, or just pinks and yellows to give the room a little warmth and character.

Either way, starting with a neutral habitable background will allow you to add richness later until the mix feels good.


Add a mat (or two). An area rug provides a good anchor in any room,  but is especially important in a boho-chic style. The rugs add texture, design, and color, and also make the room feel more intimate by bringing visual attention to the center of the room.

Boho-chic decor is all about layers, even when it comes to rugs. Try using a few side by side or overlapping each other, or on top of each other, to fill a larger space and add more texture.

If you have a bold rug that you love and isn’t big enough to fill your seating area, use a larger smooth mat underneath (big enough to tuck under the seats) and place the bold rug on top.

Consider placing the top mat at an angle to get extra attention and make it look a little bigger


Mix and not match. While many design styles, especially minimalism, tend to use a variety of equal pieces, the boho style is all about mixing pieces from different times and places.  To really capture the look, avoid the temptation to let two pieces go perfectly together, with the possible exception of a pair of side chairs.

Add lots of pattern. Another important point of boho-chic decoration is the bold mix of different patterns. In less carefree decorating styles, you may want to follow certain rules for mixing, for example using patterns at different scales or different types ( geometry vs. animal footprints ), to help make sure the patterns don’t fit in conflict. But in the boho-chic style it is important to forget the rules and mix on a more instinctive level.

One of the easiest ways to add patterns is to pile pillows and other small details . As you collect pillows and throws over time, mix new patterns and colors in small doses, and move the pieces to other rooms or storage as needed until the mixture feels good.

It is not rocket science and it can be difficult to explain why certain patterns just feel good or bad together, so trust your eye and give yourself time to live with your choices  and let your style grow.

Another great benefit of adding pillows and throws is the opportunity to add texture. Boho-chic living rooms must be rich and attractive , not only visually but also tactilely. Leather-like materials, fringes, leather, wool, thick fabrics, burlap, woven herbs, and wood are sumptuous textured elements that can give your space an organic feel.

Boho-chic decor is usually not about pieces that demand attention, but rather those that whisper a subtle story , so texture can be even more important than color when creating a rich palette that feels calm but deep .

Many vintage items can be given a new purpose, such as a coffee table made from a trunk, a shelf on a wooden ladder, or a DIY lamp from an old basket. Get creative and look for vintage items that can be used as occasional tables or displayed as art, even if it’s not what they were originally designed for.

Another tip: Think art.

Artistic expression is important for boho-chic decoration. Paintings are just one type of art, and boho rooms often feature sculptures, found objects, dream catchers, mirrors, natural items, and personal mementos.

Forget what you think you know about how art should be hung on the walls and let the momentum dictate how high and how far objects are. A little asymmetry only increases the effect, so don’t worry if your pieces don’t follow a centerline.

The boho-chic style is known for its worldly influence . Mixing pieces from different nations and cultures gives your space a diverse palette and can tell your travel story, even if some of the pieces are from places you haven’t visited yet.

Mediterranean influences, and especially Moroccan ones, are a common feature of the boho-chic style. Maybe it’s because of the rich detail and geometric patterns, or simply the way a beautiful Moroccan lantern can transform a room with light and shadow. In any case, a Moroccan lamp, a rug or a leather pouf will always carry a bohemian spirit.

Ultimately, boho-chic decor isn’t about rules. It doesn’t matter what is too modern or too traditional, too busy or too scarce. It should be a carefree attitude with a lot of personal expression. Show off your hobbies, your memories, any décor items you like, and the whole effect will add to your boho style, which is ultimately the most bohemian statement of all.

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