30 Wallpaper options for living room

A new wallpaper is a strategy to add color, texture and pattern to the room

Wallpaper for the living room is the perfect solution to transform the look of the room, making it more charming, receptive and original. In stores specializing in this type of product, it is possible to find a variety of models, so it ends up being a laborious task to define the ideal finish.

Considered an “old acquaintance” of decoration, wallpaper has been used over the decades as a smart strategy to change the face of different spaces in the house. It can be applied in all indoor environments, as is the case in the living room. And there are thousands of options to cover: colorful, simple, thematic, fun, among others.

Living Room Wallpaper Templates

Casa e Festa has selected wallpaper options for the living room in order to enhance all preferences and styles. Check out:

 1. Textured wallpaper

The finish that appears on the walls of the room imitates the texture of a fabric, making the space more cozy and pleasant.

You do not need to use the same wallpaper for the living room in any environment, just choose a wall and modify it. For sure this material will make all the difference in the decoration.

3D wallpaper

The trend of the moment is 3D wallpapers, which play with the feeling of depth and even trick the eyes. They can be inspired by geometric shapes or reproduce a landscape.

2. Chevron Wallpaper

The adhesive wallpaper can be found on sale in different models, as is the case with the piece with a chevron print. The zigzag leaves the modern environment and contributes to the spaciousness of the room.

Wallpaper with dramatic scenery

Is it possible to create a dramatic scene while still being contemporary? Yes. The tip is to choose a wallpaper with an ancient urban landscape, with a black and white color scheme. Surely this finish will leave the room with an original look.

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Wallpaper with foliage

Those who cannot have many plants at home have the alternative of installing a wallpaper with a pattern of foliage. The pattern has a tropical air and combines with funky environments.

Paper that imitates bold painting

Decorate your home with artful wallpaper, the pattern of which mimics a bold and contemporary painting. The vertical lining is sure to have more life and personality.

B&W Wallpaper

The living room wallpaper model can be black and white, a color combination that never goes out of style. The striped pattern with these two neutral colors is indicated mainly for an environment with modern furniture.

This room is a compilation of several periods and styles which appear modern and appropriate for the way we live today.

30. Fresh flowers wallpaper

Create a delicate and natural environment in your living room with a wallpaper of fresh flowers. The illustration imitates the watercolor technique to compose a scenery with flowers, leaves and birds. The white background makes the pattern even softer and springier.

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