30+ Incredibly Cool DIY Denim Ideas Ranging from Organization to Accessories!

1. DIY Denim Embroidery

DIY Denim Embroidery

Why use a regular denim when you can add a personal touch to your piece by embroidering a little personalised message to the fabric. You can also go for the initials or your name or a loved one’s. The major supplies you need are a embroidery hoop, needle, floss and pins.

Details : honestlywtf

2. DIY Repurposed Denim Wall Organizer

DIY Repurposed Denim Wall Organizer

Give a new purpose to all those pockets of old denims you are just about to throw away. Grab the different pockets, no matter what their sizes. Pin them to a bulletin board and your funky organizer is ready to be all stacked up.

Details : redoityourselfinspirations

3. Necklace Out of Jeans

Necklace Out of Jeans

Switch from the regular store bought jewellery and make this unique and beautiful necklace piece by repurposing your old denims. You can choose for different accessories that will be put on the necklace. This item will surely be the talk among your friends once you flaunt it.

Details : gloriafort

4. DIY Denim Pencil Case

DIY Denim Pencil Case

Denim pouches never go out of style and are all about funk. Making this super cute denim pouch is pretty easy and requires a little amount of time. For added decor, you can put badges or little printed fabric stamps on the pouch with a few simple stitches.

Details : handmadiya

5. DIY Denim Detailing

DIY Denim Detailing

Those little customizations you can make to your denims make it completely exclusive for yourself. Just grab a colored thread and start from the end of the pocket to the other side, you can also choose different colored threads and create zig zag designs on the pockets.

Details : vivadivaboutique

6. DIY Denim Choker

DIY Denim Choker

What can be better than the transformation of an old denims to an all new funky accessory that we all love to wear. All you need to do is cut out a strip out of your denim and going for jeans that have white inside threads will work up as wonderful frays along the borders of the choker.

Details : youtube

7. Crop top DIY

Grab all those pair of denims that you have outgrown from your wardrobe as its time to turn them into super chic crop tops with just a few cuts and stitches. The piece here can be paired with skirts and other denims making the look perfectly funk.

Details : diy.2ndfunniestthing

8. Making Old Things New Again

Making Old Things New Again

Who knew that the thick side stitches of a denim can be converted into a super chic and cute bracelet. You just have to cut the seam and put a wire inside the strip, wrap the strip around your wrist and cut the wire as per the measurement. You can add beads to the ends of the bracelet as safety and also as decor.

Details : oneartsymama

9. Earrings with recycle creative old jeans

Earrings with recycle creative old jeans

Earrings are the most versatile accessories and any customizations works perfectly for a pair of earrings. Here, the tutorial features a stunning pair of DIY denim earrings which is easy to make and looks super cute. You just need to cut small squares out of the denim and put a sponge between the two pieces, attach them to the earring wire and you can add more items as per your choice.

Details : craftandfun

10. Denim Pocket Organizer

Denim Pocket Organizer

This hanging organizer is built using a scrap of wood thoroughly covered with a burlap cloth that makes it even more rustic. The varied sizes of the pockets placed on the board, makes it funky and cute. This organizer will be perfect for any setting or will complement any decor.

Details : sistersofthewildwest

11. DIY Denim Toy Whale

DIY Denim Toy Whale

One of the most unique ideas to repurpose those old denims is featured here in this guide. You can make this little fluffy whale toy for your little one with just some scraps cut out from your denims. This toy made from denim is really soft and you can let your little one play with it stress free.

Details : valaanvillapaita

12. DIY Denim Tic Tac Toe Game

DIY Denim Tic Tac Toe Game

Bring a twist to the regular tic tac toe game that we used to play on paper and in notebooks and make this unique DIY denim game which makes playing more interesting and fun. This is super easy to make and perfect for those family game nights.

Details : diyshowoff

13. DIY Denim Wall Sign

DIY Denim Wall Sign

What can be better than a denim canvas where you can write a personalised message or draw some design which adds charms to your decor when the canvas is displayed. Use a denim with a little weathered texture that makes it appear so funky.

Details : abeautifulmess

14. Denim Do-it-All Bins

Denim Do-it-All Bins

Put that old worn out denim to good use by converting them into a few Denim Do-it-All Bins. They’re great for organizing your yarn stash, magazines, or craft supplies. The printed batting pieces added to the bins makes it even more cute and fun to look.

Details : makezine

15. Old Jeans into Vest

Old Jeans into Vest

With just a few cuts and stitches you can turn that old weathered jeans into an all new cool vest which is just amazing. The vest will surely be the talk among your friends as it is so unique and you can always add your customizations to the design.

Details : style-boulevard

16. From Old Jeans to New Skirt

Who knew that turning an old jeans to a completely new skirt can be so easy and effortless. All you gotta do is remove the top of the jeans and attach ruche to the piece to make the design of frills. Move on by attaching a piece to the belt area for a more beautiful look.

Details :  mintesen

17. Make a Camera Cozy

Make a Camera Cozy

Give a new purpose to the old denim by making a cute and rustic looking camera bag out of it. The idea here features a denim camera pouch which has a lot of room for a camera along with its batteries. You can alter the size according to your device and add customizations to the pouch.

Details : evilmadscientist

18. Old Denim Corner Heart Bookmark

Old Denim Corner Heart Bookmark

If you are a book lover, then make this cute little denim heart bookmark out of your jeans. Cut two hearts from the denim and attach them from the bottom so that they can hold the page. You can also stitch little cloth stamps or do some embroidery on the bookmarks.

Details : thecheesethief

19. Rustic Jean Corsage

Rustic Jean Corsage

Got that dark colored jeans lying in your wastebasket, then have a look at this amazing idea that is pretty easy to make. Cut some flowers out of the jeans from big to small or vice versa, stack the flowers as per the size and stitch beads in the middle of the flowers. You can place them anywhere you like for a rustic look.

Details : tearosehome

20. Denim Rosette Headband

Denim Rosette Headband

Grab a normal looking plain headband and turn it into a rustic and funky denim headband. All you have to do is wrap the headband with a strip cut out of the denim. You can use it with that light look or add some embellishments or some denim rosettes.

Details : creationsbykara

21. Denim snack bag

Denim snack bag

What if you could have a huge bag that will be dedicated only for snacks and perfect for all those picnics. With this tutorial here, you can make your very own denim snack bag with just one leg of your denims. The look of this bag is completely funky and super chic, while it is as easy to make as it is cute.

Details : pm-betweenthelines

22. DIY Denim Clutch

DIY Denim Clutch

Every denims comes with a number of pockets, who thought that you could turn those jeans into an all new and unique looking clutch. The clutch here features a lot of sass and looks stunning. It is quite easy to make and you can rock this denim clutch with any outfit or look.

Details : thatblackchic

More ,stay tuned.

The above ideas for working up DIY Denim pretties that not only work wonders to accessorize you but also increase ease and functionality around the house are surely a must-try bundle of creativity.


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