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30+ Ideas Of Women’s Undercut Hairstyles

Let’s get rid of stereotypes: the undercuts are not for men only. Yeah, it was a male privilege to have such cuts several years ago — but the times changed, didn’t they? Nowadays, thousands of women make undercuts and we have only one thing to say about it: it’s great. The undercut women hairstyles are beautiful, playful, quite easy to do and trendy — so it makes sense everyone loves them.

Undercuts are trendy, yeah. But it would be an understatement to say that they are just “trendy” — because it’s basically one of those iconic hairstyles over the decades, like pompadour cuts or the Afros. The reasons for such popularity are quite simple (we’ve already listed them here), but it all doesn’t matter. The only thing you have to know is that no matter what undercut you choose, it will still be stylish and will not go out of trends.

However, there are so many cool undercut types that it can really make the process of choosing quite confusing. We’ll help you — here we’ve gathered 40 awesome undercut ideas that will work great literally for every woman. Let’s take a look at what we have here.

Cute undercut ideas for girls with short hair

Cute undercut ideas for girls with short hair 1


If you have short or very short hair (like if it’s so short that a pixie haircut is the only cut you take into consideration), don’t worry: it’s not about pixies only. Undercuts can look perfect with short hair, too!

Have you ever thought that short cuts can look both sexy and feminine, and, like, edgy and romantic? If you have not, then you just can’t miss these photos we’ve found for you. They are perfect for literally every woman or girl with short hair — so if you wanna find a stylish, trendy and pretty haircut, well, consider you’ve already found it.

Short undercuts are a perfect entry-level option, by the way. The cool thing about the short designs is that you can start with them and then step up to something larger, making that “transitional” undercuts later (from pixie to short bob, from short bob to long bob, etc.). Such haircuts are perfect for those who haven’t made their choice yet!

And it’s all about the top length, of course. It’s another important reason why everyone loves undercuts — they are versatile as hell, which means you can do whatever you like with the hair on top of your head. The haircuts we’ve found for you here will show you what you can do with your short top hair — and believe me, these options are truly awesome. Check them out right now!

Cool female hairstyles with undercut designs

Cool female hairstyles with undercut designs 1

Cool female hairstyles with undercut designs 2

Cool female hairstyles with undercut designs 3

What do you do if you’re tired of standard haircuts? You do something badass, right. Meet the queen of the badass haircuts — undercut with design!

Such hairstyles work great for all women, the only requirement is basically your courage. They are perfect for blonde, black, and red hair; for both short and medium length hair; for wavy and straight textures. Even your face shape doesn’t really matter here.

Another cool thing about these female hairstyles is that you can express everything you want with them. You can choose among lots of meaningful designs and even create something new — but first, take a look at the photos above. They’ll definitely inspire you.

However, there is one problem with the designs, and we believe that you have to know about it. The thing is, such haircuts are expensive. No, it takes only $20—$40 to make it (unless you visit one of those chic salons on Park Avenue), but the designs do usually grow out in, like, 10-15 days. If visiting your hairdresser every two weeks is expensive for you, a cool design may not be the best choice in such case. But isn’t is a small price to pay for beauty? It’s up to you to choose.

Trendy short undercut haircuts for women

Trendy short undercut haircuts for women 1

Trendy short undercut haircuts for women 2

Trendy short undercut haircuts for women 3

As we’ve already said (and as you might have noticed by yourself), the undercut haircuts are trendy as hell. It doesn’t look like they are gonna go out of trends during the next few years. Of course, some experts say otherwise, but let’s face it: they’ve been talking about it since 2014. So don’t worry about it — undercuts will be here in the coming years, with no doubts.

Another piece of good news is: the cuts here are perfect for your short hair. It’s a very common fear, actually — lots of women are scared of cutting hair short, but with these haircuts, there will be no such fears. Short undercuts are just awesome, that’s what we can say. They are perfect for casual occasions, but formal events aren’t a problem, too — but of course, you shouldn’t choose a very aggressive cut if you have such events in your schedule.

Undercuts work well for all face shapes, but there is one thing for you to know: if you have a thin face, you’ll look great with asymmetrical undercuts, but if your face is round, we recommend to pay attention to the comb over undercuts.

Cute female undercut hairstyles for long hair

Cute female undercut hairstyles for long hair 1


Cute female undercut hairstyles for long hair 3

Short undercuts are edgy, aggressive (sometimes) and urban (especially if we’re talking about that awesome cuts with shaved underneath). But what if you have long hair and don’t wanna lose the length?

Don’t worry, here is the solution of your problem. It’s called “long undercuts” — and they are extremely feminine, chic and romantic. Not like the short undercuts, but still great.

The cool thing about long female undercuts is that they can be completely different — it depends on your preference only. You can make a very provocative and sexy long undercut with a hair tattoo. Prefer conservative style, don’t like experiments and want something less dramatic? We have such undercuts here, too. Plus, you can always hide a tattoo shaved under hair — so even if you are planning to have some formal meetings, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Check out these amazing haircuts right now and be ready for change your style!

Messy women’s undercut hairstyles

Messy womens undercut hairstyles 1

Messy womens undercut hairstyles 2

Messy womens undercut hairstyles 3

If you are looking for something completely different than conservative and formal cuts, you should think about messy hairstyles. They are effortless (or at least they look so), they can give you that “straight-out-of-bed” look, they are casual and not polished — sounds like something really interesting, right?

And don’t forget that we’re talking about undercuts here! The combination of undercut and effortless look is perfect for those who wanna add some playfulness to the style — and we seriously can’t say anything bad about it. Take a look at the pictures we’ve found for you and get inspired by these amazing ideas!

Ideas of undercut on curly hair for females

Ideas of undercut on curly hair for females 1


Ideas of undercut on curly hair for females 3

There are lots of ways to keep your curls from falling in your face. Like, using a moisturizing product (water-based, it’s important) and making your curls crunchy and all that. But we have something much more interesting for you here.

It’s an undercut, yeah. Such haircuts are perfect for ladies with wild curls — cos all your curls will be on top, so they won’t fall in face. But it isn’t the only reason why you should try such a haircut, of course — the thing is, the curly texture of your hair will look incredibly stylish together with shaved sides. Just check out the images above and you’ll see it.

Hair styling variations for girls with undercuts

Hair styling variations for girls with undercuts 1

Hair styling variations for girls with undercuts 2


Girls love fashionable hairstyles, you can’t deny that. We have something to offer to them here — meet four fresh, cool, and trending variations of undercuts that will definitely look great on girls!

We’ve included only the most “girlish” undercuts here, which means no aggressive cuts and no too sophisticated ones. We understand that girls need something more subtle, simple and sassy — and that’s exactly what you’ll see at the photos above. Check them out!

Feminine undercut styles with shaved nape

Feminine undercut styles with shaved nape 1

Feminine undercut styles with shaved nape 2

Feminine undercut styles with shaved nape 3

Feminine undercut styles with shaved nape 4

Nape is basically the back of your neck, and it’s definitely not the most popular part when it comes to women’s hairstyles. It’s usually hidden by hair, end of story.

But what about adding an unexpected detail to your hairstyle and shaving this part of your neck? Such undercuts are extremely versatile: you can ask your hairdresser to make a simple or sophisticated bob, to do a top knot or to add layers — all these hairstyles will look really cool with shaved nape. This detail adds style, freshness and dynamics, and it just can’t make it worse. Look at the pictures and you’ll see the aesthetics of shaved nape with your own eyes.

Oh, and by the way: such undercuts are not only cool and feminine, they are also perfect for women with thick hair. Your hair will weigh less (despite the volume will be the same as before), it’ll be easier to brush and to maintain it – so if you have thick hair, think about this cut. You’ll love it.

Asymmetrical undercut hairstyles for women

Asymmetrical undercut hairstyles for women 1


Asymmetrical undercut hairstyles for women 3

Meet another stylish type of undercut — an asymmetrical undercut! “Asymmetrical” here means that one side is quite long (well, technically it’s “medium”, not long) while the other is shaved, and, as you might imagine, such cuts are extremely eye-catching because of the contrast between the two sides.

Of course, it’s not about medium hair only. Asymmetrical undercuts look mysterious and gorgeous on all hair lengths (except very long, of course) and they can flatter almost every face shape type. It’s one of those cuts that can slim your face and make it more oval!

One side shaved undercut for girls




One side shaved undercut for girls 4

One side shaved undercuts (they are also often called “sidecuts”) are really interesting. Such hairstyles are quite sophisticated and edgy, and they often go together with some cool designs. But, well, even if you are not into all that lines and hair tattoos, such cuts will still work great for you — check the pictures above and choose!

Dyed undercut for bright ladies

Dyed undercut for bright ladies 1

Dyed undercut for bright ladies 2

Dyed undercut for bright ladies 3

Dyed undercut for bright ladies 4

Undercuts are exactly what we call “statement” hairstyles, that’s a fact. However, if it’s not enough, you can always upgrade them. How?

With color, of course! That’s how you’ll make literally every hairstyle better, and it makes sense undercuts aren’t an exception. Just look at the photos and you’ll love these eye-catching colors and color techniques — and don’t forget to try one of them, of course!

The best long undercuts for women

The best long undercuts for women 1

The best long undercuts for women 2


The main thing for you to know is: it’s only up to you. It’s you who makes the choice, it’s you who chooses the color, the design, the texture and the length — and we are here to help you with this choice. In this paragraph we’ve gathered feminine and sexy long undercuts that will help you to express yourself — so don’t wait and choose the one that will suit you better right now!

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