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30+ hairstyle ideas for Short hair -Step by step guide

When it comes to short hair, choosing the best one can be intimidating. And if you’re looking to go with bob hairstyle for your short hair, let your mind remind of those going outnumbered games. The thing is – it’s tough to choose when you decide to wear a super short bob hairstyle. One of the reasons is its numerous variation that ranges from inverted to graduated bob.

To cut all confusions for good, we have come up with 30 short bob hairstyles here. This guide will help you choose the right kind for presenting the best of your version.  So, let not that irrefutable dilemma overcome your peace of mind whenever you’ll be thinking of having a super short bob haircut next time. Take a look at all of them and go for the most enthralling one!

Super Short Bob Hairstyle



This super short hairstyle is so enchanting to look at. The length of the hair of your side head only covers your earlobe and then it is accentuated with front bangs. Looks great with casual outfits and you can also enjoy your evening party with the same look.

Blonde Bob Cut

Blonde Bob Cut, Bob Layered Short Blonde

Seamless is the only word that can define this blonde bob cut best. For ladies with thick hair, this style is perfect.

 Short Dark Hair Style

30 hairstyle ideas for short hair very easy to be more beautiful

More and more women are encouraged to use short hair, although we are honest, this type of haircut is not for any face and is sometimes closely related to male haircuts, although of course everything depends on the hairstyle we make and the shape of the face that we have so that it fits us really well.

As many celebrities were making short hair cuts more and more the trend was increasing and the fashion for short hair prevailed over long hair hairstyles and it is something that often influences the length that we leave in our heads.

To cite some celebrities who cut their hair short we can mention Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron among other famous internationally known.

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Do you dare to cut your short hair?

That is the question for those who never made this type of cut, although when we cut it short it is because we have a change in our lives and it is very consistent that women when we change our look or hairstyle something internal happens to us, surely you understand me and ever made a radical change in your hairstyle. But if you did not do it, I think it is time to start meditating and if the idea is to have short hair, I leave you the most complete and excellent sample of photos with cuts and hairstyles for short hair that you can get.

Within the hairstyles we have different styles and sizes that we must respect so that they can be done since if we shave our heads we do not have many options. In the different ideas and styles that exist created by renowned hairdressers we have hairstyles that are straightened, afro, asymmetrical, which is so fashionable nowadays for which they encourage an informal cut, the short layered hairstyle, with bangs, with French braids among others.

Then something that we have to evaluate, especially who is going to carry out the hairstyle or ourselves if we have patience and delicacy in front of the mirror, is if our hair is thick or fine since that will influence the hairstyle.

Hairstyles for short hair

I am going to explain the different haircuts and layered hairstyles that exist for women who want to have short hair as it happened to me and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life regarding having a change of look

HERE you have MORE Easy Hairstyles

Hairstyles with Short Hair: Rockabilly hairstyle

It is a woman’s haircut that became very famous from the 50s where rock and roll music was in fashion and Elvis Presley was a leader in hairstyle with tupe, in the best style of other references in the music like Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.

As I always say the fashions are recycled and they reappear something that is currently being used a lot with the rockabilly hairstyle with the tupe look in the best Pompadour style.

This is derived from the Pin-up hairstyles that were so fashionable among women as a way to demonstrate feminine liberation, where long wavy hair on the shoulders was also very fashionable.

They had the characteristic of being collected on the top of the head all the mane but with the characteristic of being hollowed out to achieve the maximum possible volume.

I cut my short hair and started using a new hairstyle

I tell you my personal case where I was encouraged to go cut my hair very short but I went with a professional who is dedicated to these types of cuts as well as hairstyles, which is the stylist and hairdresser Bebe Sanders, the daughter of the renowned hairdresser Alberto Sanders . Without a doubt the cut can be a little more expensive when it comes to paying than other neighborhood hairdressers that are not renowned but could not leave a hairstyle or look in the hands of someone who has no experience.

One day when I was watching television I saw Pamela David, a host of a magazine where she made this same radical change that she told them, she cut her long hair for a short one, I imagine for a makeover she wanted to do and I was encouraged to look for who He made that beautiful cut and that’s how I got to Sanders.

I went to her hairdresser and it was without a turn that they took care of you, as you arrived it was that the cut corresponded to you and she recommended me for my face and the shape of my head what type of cut it was convenient for me to do which I followed her advice and it was The best change I made for my look since all my acquaintances liked me.

Keep in mind that when you have short hair you must have a maintenance to go to the hairdresser approximately every two months so that the cut does not deform and you can continue doing the hairstyle that you like the most.Looking for the most wanted hairstyles I found many of these photos in case you want to change your hairstyle and join the side of women with short hair.


Bold looks are rare to get while keeping up the sophisticated vibe on your appearance. However, this short dark bob has made the process much easier. And you don’t need to spend a lot of your time, money and effort to remain in style with this hairdo. Overall, a classy look!

 Shaved Nape

Shaved Nape, Hair Bob Short Bobs

The shaved nape gives a distinctive look and will help you stand out of the crowd. A perfect head turner!

Ash Blonde


Sassy look is something that doesn’t come with all short hairstyles, especially if you have a fine hair. So, try this ash blonde and you will love the sensational effect it will bring with it.

 Artistic Blonde Pixie Bob

Asymmetrically cut, this artistic pixie blonde hair is second to none when it comes to shining like a star!

 Smooth and Shiny Stacked Bob

Bob Bronde Stacked Layered

Rock the floor with this smooth and shiny stacked bob in no time. Too enthralling to skip a second look from your admirers.

 Chin Length Angled Bob


This chin length angled bob is promising in its appeal and can make you the next fashion icon among the females of your surroundings.

 Bold Purple Hair Color for a Pixie Cut


– Straight Blonde and Black Mix

Bob Short Straight Thin

Dirty Long Waves


Deep Blonde with Underlying Black Hair


 Katy Perry Short Hair

Bob Brunette Short Balayage

 Rounded Bob Side View


 Black Mane with Brown Tinge

Layered Bob Short Length

Short Layered Inverted Bob

Short Layered Hairtyles Bob

Grey Hairstyle for Ladies with Thick Tress

Trimmed Back with Stylish Angled Haircut


Back Shaved Mild Brunette

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