30+ Geometric Support Ideas for Plants (DIY): Learn how to do it

Do you want to innovate in your decoration? This is very simple, just create a beautiful handmade geometric support for your plants.

Have you thought about making your plants much more stylish? In addition to the traditional macrame support , today the geometric support for plants (DIY) is on the rise. The model has a contemporary design and leaves any decor with a more modern touch.

It is not today that geometric design is on the rise in interior design. It appears in the prints, in the painting of the walls, in the furniture, in the lamps and also in the supports of plants. The pendant became a sensation on Pinterest and packs many “Do It Yourself” projects.

Hanging Geometric Support for Plants

If you miss a plant to brighten up a corner of your home, this idea is perfect. As the support is suspended, there is no need to take up space on furniture or on the floor. Therefore, it is ideal for those who live in a small apartment .

Geometric support with popsicle sticks

Do you want to build a differentiated and economical geometric support? For that, all you need is this panel with wooden sticks. For it to support the plants, it is only necessary to increase the number of chopsticks. See how it works.


  • Popsicle sticks;
  • Wood glue;
  • Adhesive supports for frames.


Step 1. At a craft store, buy a bag with several wooden sticks, the type that is used to make popsicles.

Step 2. Now, fit the pieces in hexagonal shape or form a cube by gluing the tips of the chopsticks with the wood glue.

Step 3. To fix the wall, use an adhesive frame support. Buy in the amount of supports you want to make, one for each.

Step 4. Ready! You have a panel-shaped support that resembles the hives. Very practical and stylish.

To make sure everything works on your project, check if the piece supports the weight of the plant pot you want to use. When in doubt, use plants for small apartments that are lighter or an artificial model. For the vase, choose one that doesn’t have a lot of weight.


  • 2 hollow and golden metallic tubes 3 mm thick;
  • 1 roll of rose gold or golden wire;
  • 1 vase of your choice;
  • 1 succulent;
  • 1 sawdust;
  • 1 nose pliers.


Step 1. Cut the metal tube into 8 8 cm pieces. Also make 4 more pieces with 15 centimeters.

Step 2. Now, using the metallic wire, pass inside the tubes with 8 centimeters, forming a square. Up to that point you used only 4 tubes.

Step 3. Then, connect the 4 larger 15 cm tubes to these vertices of the square you just formed.

Step 4. It is important that these parts coincide with the opposite ends, so that you can form the pyramid.

Step 5. After that, do the same with the opposite side, using the 4 remaining 8 cm tubes. Thus, they will form another smaller and opposite pyramid.

Step 5. Put a succulent , decorate the vase with sawdust and enjoy your new geometric support for plants.

During this project, be careful to put all the points together well. This will make your DIY sturdy. To hang, you can use a fishing line, creating the feeling that the support is floating.

Geometric table support

If the idea is to decorate a table in the living room, bedroom or other special place, this support will be perfect. The template is a basis for you to create your own styles and other formats. So, see how the step by step is uncomplicated!


  • Painted metal or plastic straws;
  • Fine and malleable wire;
  • Nose pliers.


Step 1. Join 7 straws to make the pyramid.

Step 2. Then, place these straws inside a long wire. To make it easier to shape, leave a leftover length.

Step 3. Once this is done, join the first 3 straws to form an equilateral triangle. Leave leftovers and make another “V” with the remaining 2 straws.

Step 4. Join the points of the “V” to your triangle now and assemble a pyramid.

Step 5. Now to create a base for the pots, you only need to cut the straws in half and create a triangle using 3 halves.

Step 6. After that part, fit the base over the pyramid and place your favorite vase.

Photo: We Share Ideas

Did you like this idea? In addition to this model, you can test others. To vary in size and color, just change the type of straw or spray paint to paint.



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