28 Gorgeous living rooms with black walls that create cozy drama

If you are looking to create a statement in your living room, try adding something bold, such as black walls for a dramatic affect. This look is a hot trend and can really change up the look of your space. If your room gets enough light, it can really create a fantastic new look. Adding black to your room can create an ambiance or mood, it is timeless and can blend well with other colors. You can paint your whole room with black or just an accent wall to make your interior really stand out.

Your interior will not be gloomy if you add contrast or some bold pops of color in the furnishings or accessories. A moody space can be cozy and inviting. This looks can fit into any decor scheme, from modern to Scandinavian and everything in-between. The walls can be done with other elements besides paint, such as wood, paneling or wallpaper. Painting your living room with black walls can be a daring design decision and if you are considering it, we have a collection of images that will help to inspire you.

When talking about black environments, it is common for most people to wrinkle their noses. But what they don’t know is that the dark walls are masterful in generating unique environments, as we have already proved in this special of black rooms . And the result, surprisingly, is not always dark  but it can be, as it is in some dark colored washrooms . Browse the 28room installation to  be that we chose – and click on the titles to learn more about the project  – and discover vibrant moods, sophisticated, and even escadinavos Shady!

Minimalism and depth

This living room created by Vincent van Duysen uses the power of black to achieve an introspective and cozy atmosphere. As the dark walls and doors, both the entrance and the closet, are the same color, the illusion of dark amplitude is created . The few pieces of furniture, also in dark tones, invite relaxation.

Dramatic effect on decoration

Experts in creating ambiences full of impact, the duo behind the Italian studio Dimore covered all the walls of this apartment in Milan in black, so that the bold furniture , full of colors and textures, would gain more strength. The dark mood is theatrical and can be very inviting!

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Creative contrast on the wall

Jean Christophe Aumas’ Parisian apartment oozes creativity in every corner. The black wall, which shares space with another light pink (click on the title to see the complete environment) makes a counterpoint of sobriety to all the daring signs of decoration. Here, the climate is light thanks to the abundant light, the white ceiling and the sophisticated herringbone floor.

Backdrop for colors

Adopting black walls does not necessarily mean embracing the dark mood. In this living room, the dark background serves to further exalt the profusion of bright colors in the furniture. Everything is even more interesting because the paint was applied on wood, bringing more texture to the environment.

Twist wood panel

In this classic decorated living room , black appears to modernize the wooden panel that covers the wall. On it, a set of photographs in B&W updates the space even more.

Dark and Nordic

Anyone who thinks that in order to achieve a Scandinavian decor it is necessary to use a lot of white is wrong . This room created by Hans Blomquist embraces the black wall and shows that, alongside shades of gray, natural wood furniture and the typical simplicity of Eastern Europe, black takes on its softer side.

Black, carioca and cool

The typical lightness of Rio de Janeiro’s projects can also, with great sophistication, embrace the black walls. This living room shows that, alongside wooden furniture and accessories and industrial elements , the dark decor is very refreshing!

Dark and country

Beside rustic furniture and decorative objects, natural tones and warm sofas next to a fireplace, black takes on its most cozy version. The tone appears to inject sophistication into the countryside.

Together with candy colors

An unusual combination, but that works very well, is to pair black with a candy colors decoration , as is the case of this room. The two opposites create an atmosphere full of energy capable of even accommodating wood, glass and metal, all harmoniously.

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