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25+ Short Shag Haircuts for Women

woman cannot cut her hair above her shoulders in Islam : as that makes women look like men 

Today, you simply can’t ignore shaggy haircuts when you are looking for a short cut. They are extremely popular now, and it’s not a surprise — because they are really, really good. Short shaggy cuts work perfect for both straight and curly hair, they are extremely simple (well, the majority of them), they suit round, square and oval face shapes, and of course, they look great — so yeah, you just can’t ignore them.

So, the shags are trendy, modern and stylish — but there is a little problem here. The thing is, there are hundreds of interesting short shaggy cuts and choosing the best hairdo may be quite difficult… And yes, you’re right: we are here to solve this problem.

We have collected quite a few pictures of great shag cuts here. They all are really rock ’n’ roll and they look effortless — and if that’s what you were looking for, well, you will not be disappointed. We’ve gathered dozens of interesting ideas for those who need a haircut with bangs, for those who wanna find a cool edgy hairdo, for older women (yeah, we have something interesting for them, too!), and for those who are looking for short layered shaggy hairstyles. For y’all, basically!

Alright, let’s finally start it. Are you ready?

Ideas of short shaggy haircuts with bangs

One of the biggest problems of complex hairstyles is the time you need to spend on styling in the morning. Styling your hair can be a real problem when you are in a hurry — which basically means every morning, right?

But don’t worry: short shaggy cuts will help you solve this problem. They look very effortless, messy (sometimes) and casual (always), and there is one thing you expect from an effortless and casual hairdo: you expect simplicity. Short shags are simplicity itself.

And that’s why we love them. Simple, short, sexy and stylish cut that looks great on every hair length/hair texture — what can be better than that? Another piece of good news sounds like this: the short shaggy cuts are perfect for the women who love bangs.

The thing is, we know that some people say that the bangs look bad, obsolete and that they are not what you should choose in the late 2010s. We, however, do definitely not agree with these people — because bangs still look great with some hairdos. Like… yeah, like with short shags. We think you’ve got the idea.

Take a look at the short hairdos we’ve found here. They look perfect with bangs, they will work great for all the ladies who are looking for something flirty and sassy — and yes, short hair can look flirty, too. Actually, it’s all about the texture, the layers and the bangs — whether they are long or short, they still are very feminine. Just look at the photos above and you’ll see what we’re talking about here.

What’s the best hair for such cuts? Well, it doesn’t really matter. We’d say the answer is “thick and wavy” if we were talking about long shags, but the short shags look great on both thick and thin hair. Layering and choppy ends create a very rock ‘n’ roll vibe together with long or short bangs.

The last piece of good news is that lots of the short shags with bangs can work great as formal hairstyles. Yeah, they are effortless and messy sometimes, and lots of them look like “Oh, I Just Woke Up Like That!”, but some of them are perfect even if you are going to a formal event. Keira Knightley can confirm that.

So, let’s make it clear: short shags with bangs are a great choice for you if you wanna find an effortless, yet sexy and flirty hairstyle. What’s more, they are not always effortless — so actually, you can wear some of them even if you’ll have to attend a formal event. That’s basically all we wanted to say here — so all you have to do now is to check the photos we’ve found for you!

Edgy short shag hairstyles


edgy short haircut





Edgy short shag hairstyles 7

What about adding edginess to your look? Edgy short hairstyles are cool and extremely fresh — and they look even better if they are layered. Here you’ll find edgy short shag cuts that look really trendy — and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

These hairstyles will make you look younger, if that’s what you are looking for. They are perfect for straight and curly hair, so don’t worry about it — you won’t need to curl or to straighten your hair to wear such haircuts. That’s why we all love short shaggy cuts.

But that’s not the only reason of their popularity, of course. As you’ve probably noticed, the shags we’ve collected here are perfect even for the women with very short hair — while the haircuts in the previous paragraph were very similar to traditional bob haircuts (but with layers and bangs, of course), here we’ll show you something different. Actually, there are lots of pixie haircuts here — so if you’ve already heard about them, you will most likely find something familiar.

However, these pixie haircuts are not as simple as they were 30-40 years ago. Thesecuts are trendy and fashionable — with textures, bangs and layers. And of course, they are still feminine and romantic — so don’t worry, short hair doesn’t mean that you have to look like a boy (but you still can if you prefer a boyish look, of course).

So, if you’ve decided to try a shaggy and edgy short haircut, you are probably a very brave person… And you’ve come to the right place. Meet seven amazing photos that are waiting for you here — just make your choice and show the photo you’ve chosen to your hairdresser!

Very short shag haircuts for older women





Very short shag haircuts for older women 6

Who said that you have to be young to have a short shag haircut? Well, who said that very short haircuts are not for older women? We are here to prove that it’s not true. What is more, we are here to show you that it doesn’t matter how old you are — and that short (and even very short) haircuts will work great for you in all cases.

We tried our best to not make the common mistake here — you’ve probably noticed that there are lots of boring and outdated cuts in all those “best haircuts for older women” articles. That’s why we didn’t include any boring haircuts on this list, so you don’t have to worry about it — all of them are really trendy and gorgeous. Exactly what a woman after 50 needs, right?

Bobs and pixies, shaggy and feathered cuts, edgy and classic ones — we have done our best and found only the best haircuts. If you are a woman after 50 or 60, you’ll certainly find something interesting here — so don’t waste your time and make your choice right now. Are you ready to add volume to your hair and to add youthfulness to your life? We are sure you are!

Women’s shaggy hairstyles for short hair




Short hair is great, you can’t deny it. There are hundreds of interesting shags for short hair, and we are happy to show you the best of them — so we hope you are ready to check out these seven amazing shaggy short hairstyles!

The popular hairdo trends of the 1950s, 1960s and the 1970s are officially back. Pixie cuts, bob haircuts and long bobs, quiffs, cornrows — it looks like the late 2010s are the time of the returning trends. It’s not bad, no, it’s great — ‘cos we don’t have to reinvent the wheel and to create new and complex haircuts anymore. You just take a decent haircut that was popular several decades ago, “upgrade” it according to your preference and voila — a new, fresh and cool style is here. Sounds quite simple, right?

And guess what — here we have 7 fantastic shaggy cuts that will work perfect for all women with short hair. Your age, your face shape and hair color don’t matter at all — because we can guarantee that all these haircuts will suit you. Check them out right now!

Short layered shaggy haircuts


Short layered shaggy haircuts 3


Short layered shaggy haircuts 5



The layers make everything better. Short shaggy haircuts are not an exception — they become romantic, feminine and more beautiful when they are layered. What’s more, the layers add texture and softness — so we see no reasons why you should ignore them.

Short and layered shags are cool, and you can make them even cooler by different color techniques. Like, you can add highlights to emphasize the layers, or make balayage to make the haircut look a little more sophisticated — it’s only up to you to choose, after all.

However, even if you don’t like all these balayage, ombre and highlights, it’s not a problem at all. These haircuts will look fabulous on your natural hair color, too — so don’t wait and check them out right now! We’ve done our best (as usual), and that’s why we can guarantee that you’ll love the result. These pictures of female short shaggy haircuts are just perfect, aren’t they?

Short shaggy wispy haircuts






The wispy pieces can help you frame your face and make your style more messy. Wispy haircuts look extremely cute, and don’t worry: the shaggy wispy hairstyles we’ve collected here are trendy as hell. Wispy is another returning trend, so you just can’t go wrong with such hairdos.

shaggy bob haircut 2023

By the way, we recommend not to ignore color techniques if you will try a shaggy wispy haircut. Such hairdos look fantastic with subtle highlights, and even if your hair isn’t long enough to fall on your shoulders, you’ll still look awesome. Ask your hairdresser if you don’t believe us — he/she will tell you the same.

And of course, the wispy haircuts look very relaxed and really effortless, if that’s what you need. It’s probably one of the best possible combinations of elegance and messy texture. Check out the photos above — we are sure that you’ll love them!

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