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25+ Cute Med-Length Hairstyles You Need to Try

Learn to identify your face type and check out several suggestions for ideal hairstyles for each shape

With so many details to consider when making that production, perhaps what most doubts is the hairstyle.

We often think of several ideas based on the visual references we like the most, but what many women do not know is that to achieve the ideal hairstyle it is necessary to go beyond style or trends, it is necessary a visagist look to choose the hairstyle that best matches your face type and, of course, with your personality.

To know which hairstyles are the most suitable for your face type, you need, obviously, to know the shape of your face before . To do this, go to the mirror, pin your hair and observe the lines that outline your face. If necessary, take a photo, print and try to understand the shape with the help of a pencil.

choppy looks for medium straight hair


Once you find out what your face shape is, it’s time to identify which hairstyles best match your features. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best hairstyles for you.

Square face


With straighter lines on the sides, the square face has the same width between the forehead and jaw. As it has angular features, the most suitable hairstyles are those that soften this characteristic or those that in a way lengthen the face, leaving it more rounded.

Ideal hairstyles: For this type of face, hairstyles that abuse volume are welcome, especially those that have a wavy cut, as the movement softens the face that has straighter lines. Buns, tufts and ponytails also work very well.

curly and straight ( two in one )

brown balayage

straight n curly ( two in one) Pink ombre straight medium length hairstyle

Expert tips: For the hairstylist and visagism expert Suellen Reis, hairstyle has a lot to do with style, but paying attention to the shape of the face is essential to highlight the beauty and give more harmony to the look. For square faces she indicates hairstyles like buns and tufts, which add volume to the top of the head and lengthen the face. Side hairstyles like braids and semi-curls are also perfect. Avoid using hair parted in half, especially if it is very straight.

Hairstyles for you to try:

  • Tuft ;
  • Smooth tail with forelock ;
  • Tuft with embedded side braid ;
  • Side Greek braid ;
  • Semi stuck with volume .


Oval face


It has a slightly wider and thinner forehead at the height of the jaw with more rounded contours. Who has this type of face won in the lottery of the hairstyles, because its format allows the use of almost any styles.

Ideal hairstyles: Those with an oval face can use their imagination when choosing a hairstyle, after all the combinations are quite varied. As it is a face with long face characteristics, the ideal is to just avoid hairstyles that use volume on top of the head, such as tufts.

Expert tips: Suellen Reis indicates abusing stuck hairstyles, such as inlaid braids , buns and ponytails. Another tip is to invest in wavy hairstyles or that use loose curls. Because it is a generally thin face, volume and waves add an extra highlight. But remember that the oval face is practically a wildcard, so don’t be afraid to dare with straight and loose looks.

Hairstyles for you to try:


Round face


This type of face has almost no angles or straight lines. Those with a round face usually have the same width on the forehead and on the sides. In this case, the ideal is to choose hairstyles that disguise the rounded shape, such as hairstyles with volume on top of the head, as they lengthen the face and automatically tune it.

Ideal hairstyles: For this type of face, it is best to look for hairstyles that have volume on the sides, like loose strands in semi-tied hairstyles. Loose hair with voluminous waves in length also matches the round face.

Expert tips: Suellen gives the tip for those with a round face: “Usually fuller, the round face has practically the same widths and the chin is almost always rounded. To give more angles to the face, invest in looks with tufts and mohawks, which add volume to the top of the head. Romantic hairstyles that show only one side of the face are also great options for those with rounded features. ”

easy straight blonde lob haircut

gray neck length hairstyle

topknot magic on bob hairstyle side bun with a braid accent braid hairstyle and how to recreate accent braid at home side swept voluminous fishtail ponytail fancy barbie ponytail hairstyles Textured Ponytail

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