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25 Classy Holiday Nail Art Colors that Look Natural and Last a Long Time

For most women, having great nails are necessary, especially on special occasions like birthdays, or holidays. Pampering ourselves and going to the nail salons to get the nails done can be considered a must. Even more, if you’re planning to go on vacation somewhere. Glam up and looking the best would make everything so much better! You’d have more fun and looking flawless while at it! So what’s not to love right?

However, we understand how hard it is to find the perfect nail colors that would go perfectly with your skin. Or even ones that would last long enough until your holiday is over. What’s the solution to that, you may ask? Well, going natural! Natural nail arts and colors are so subtle that when it wears off, it doesn’t really affect your look drastically. Here are some of the best classy holiday nail art colors that look natural and would last you a long time!

Natural Soft Beige Coffin Nails for Winter Holiday


Classy Long Creamy Beige Coffin Shaped Nails with Star Decoration


Simple and Classy Soft Purple Coffin Nails for Fall Holiday


Classy Transparent Nails with Star and Stone Jewel Decorations


Long Pink Coffin Shaped Nails with Glitters and Star Stickers


Long Natural Coffin Shaped Glitter Hologram Nails


Long Two-Colors Ballerina Shaped Nails with Glitters and Gloss


Two-tones Pinky-White Coffin Nails with Purple Glitters


Bold but Still Natural Different Nail Styles for Unique Look


Natural and Classy Two-tones Coffin Shaped Nails Decorated with Stones and Glitters



Long Oval Soft Pink Beige with Colorful and Gold Stone Decorations


Long Classy Nails with Different Colors, Stones, and Marble Designs


Long Semi Transparent White Coffin Shaped Nails Decorated with Silver Stones


Long Soft Purple Combined with Beige Color Squoval Nails


Shiny Coffin Shaped Nails Decorated with Diamond-like Stones


Short and Round Classy White Metallic Nails


Pretty Long Nail Art Decorations with Different Styles


Short Pink and Black Square Nails


Two-tones Ballerina Shaped Nails with Fun Different Colors


Long Almond Shaped Nails with Red Shiny Colors


Round Short Black and Stary Nail Arts


Short Natural and Shiny Nails for Healthy Look


Long Two-tones Stiletto Shaped Nail with Pretty Diamond Stones


Long Pink Squoval Nail Colors with Pretty Stone Decorations


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