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25 Before and After Haircut Ideas That’ll Stun You

Beauticians are the two craftsmen and therapists in one. They tune in about our live’s; the triumphs and comes up short, all while doing something amazing with their scissors. Now and again we are so stuck in what we accept is our best style that we smother the beautician’s inventiveness as well as do ourselves an insult.

If you feel like adopting a new haircut but are afraid of change, getting inspired by some pictures from before and after may be the incentive you lack. Whether to cut the bangs or adopt short hair, seeing photos of locks that have taken on new life after a visit to the beauty salon is always a good request to find ideas.

To help you, we have assembled 25 assemblies before and after incredible transformations in different types of yarns. Check out our selection, make an appointment at the hairdresser and get inspired! See also: the best before and after photos of brown hair with highlights!

CHALLENGED BOB CUT CAN GIVE NEW LIFE TO SMOOTH HAIR If you have been in the habit of wearing long hair for many years, it can be difficult to imagine yourself with a new look, but how about stepping out of your comfort zone? A medium bob cut, which goes to the base of the neck, can make your locks much more stylish in a few minutes.

Try adopting a frayed bob at the ends to give lightness, movement and texture to straight hair. The length is elegant, practical and can be finished in several different ways. Want beach waves? Spray L’Oréal Professionnel’s Beach Waves spray and knead with your hands to achieve a natural curl.

Do you prefer the smooth and polished effect? Prepare damp hair with leave-in Liss Control to combine thermal protection and in-line styling and make a brush with a hairdryer.


To make a complete change, how about trimming the ends, cutting the bangs and highlighting the hair on the same day? The creation of blonde strands helps to lighten and transform the locks, while slightly reducing the length allows the hairdresser to remove the most worn and damaged ends. The fringe ends the production providing a youthful and modern air to the threads, which gain more style and attitude.

The look below was signed by Washington Nunnes, L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador and hairstylist at the Beleza Fidalga salon, in São Paulo (SP). “The base of the cut is straighter and below the soap dish with slight disconnections for movement,” he said on his Instagram profile. “And the longer points on the sides of the fringe give it a special charm”. How about using visuals as inspiration on your next visit to the hairdresser?


A radical cut can be just what your locks need to regain health. Super long hair has older, fragile and damaged ends, especially if you are in the habit of straightening or discoloring the strands. Instead of just trimming the tips, how about taking the opportunity to adopt a short bob, which is a stylish and current short cut?

The length at the chin gives an instant lightness to the look, in addition to removing the most damaged part of the hair so that it regains shine, softness, movement and even volume. Try it!


If you’ve always dreamed of adopting a pixie cut, this is the perfect time because more and more women are giving up long hair and betting on short cuts to revitalize the look.

Pixie hair is naturally sophisticated, elegant and adds a touch of attitude to the locks. In addition, they are more practical to wash, treat and style. To finish, just use a little bit of a folder like WEB, by L’Oréal Professionnel. The fibrous texture ensures maximum fixation for styling without taking away the naturalness, since it gives a light finish and preserves the elasticity of the threads. Spread a small amount on your fingertips and shape the locks as you prefer.

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