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25 Awesome Long Bob Hairstyles

Trending Long bob haircut ideas 2022

Still not sure whether you want to wear long hair or make a bob cut? The solution is simple – choose a long bob that is also known as a lob. This is a universal hairstyle that suits all types of faces and is really liked by celebrities.

What is a lob haircut? A long bob is already considered a classic hairstyle in which the length of hair is somewhere between your chin and the collarbone. And the best thing is, there are so many ways to style lobs – asymmetric cut, waves, different types of bangs – the choice is up to you!  Long bob hairstyles are very easy to manage and they suit almost any style. A lob may be a trend, but be sure it will not go out of fashion for a long time – first of all, due to its versatility and elegance. So, if you want to wear a stylish haircut, but do not want to part with long hair, a lob hairstyle is exactly what you need.

Curly long bob cut hairstyles

amazing ombre curly choppy bob


Another important advantage of the lob hairstyle is that it fits all hair types. It is a mistake to think that the lob haircut only suits owners of straight hair. The curly long bob cut looks just awesome and sometimes even more spectacular than straight styling – see for yourself!

The elongated curly bob will add femininity and tenderness to the image as well as smooth out the strong features. But be careful while choosing the lob styling and take into account the texture of your hair that has its own characteristics. For example, if you have very voluminous curls, it’s better to choose a layered lob haircut so that they don’t look like poodle hair.

Extra long bob haircuts for women




Women who don’t want to trim the hair length need to pay their attention to the extra long bobs. Our point here is that extra long bobs are very comfortable because they look gorgeous and allow you to make almost any hairdo and wear hair both up and down. This gorgeous cut, versatile and attractive, goes well with a variety of face shapes and hair textures. All you need is to choose the right option for you.

Extra long bob haircuts allow you to constantly experiment and express your individuality and style. Take a look at the photos and get inspired to change!

Asymmetrical long bob: one side longer bob styles

Meet a very creative variation of the elongated bobs – an asymmetrical lob cut! This haircut stands out for its extravagance and can hide certain face flaws and emphasize the merits of appearance. Even round and square faces with clearly pronounced cheekbones (which are a real headache when it comes to finding appropriate hairstyles) will only benefit from this choice.

An asymmetrical long bob will always look attractive and a little intriguing. Such image speaks of the uniqueness of its owner and her unusual vision of her natural beauty.

There is only one drawback – the haircut will look not so impressive on thin hair and may require additional styling.

Cool long bob straight hair

A long bob is a perfect hairstyle for straight hair, so if you have this type of hair, you should definitely try a lob haircut! The lob on straight hair is one of the most charming and versatile hairstyles, which attracts the attention with its elegance. As we mentioned before, long bob haircuts will work great for all face shapes – from square to oval (that’s why lobs are so popular among the Asian ladies with their oval faces and V-shaped jawlines).

Despite the fact that new and new fashionable haircuts appear every season, the long bob doesn’t lose its leading positions, remaining one of the most popular options for women of all ages. Young schoolgirls, stylish moms, elegant business women – a long bob is perfect for any woman with straight hair.

Beautiful wavy long bob hairstyles



Beautiful wavy long bob hairstyles 4

If you have wavy hair, you’re lucky ‘cuz you can choose any bob hairstyle option – from short to long bob – and it will look amazing even without time-consuming and complicated styling! So if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on hair styling in the morning while you’re getting ready to work but still want to look impeccable, choose a wavy long bob!

The wavy lob in hairdressing art symbolizes women’s independence, romanticism and freedom. Check out the photos of how adorable wavy long bob hairstyles may look and choose the one you like most!

Eye-catching long bobs with bangs

Short Hair With bang Highlights


Even if you already have a long bob, you can still bring something new to your image – for example, with the help of a fringe! Eye-catching choppy bangs, romantic side fringe, playful curtain one – let your imagination run wild!

The bangs refresh the image and give it bold and playful hints. Check out the photos and choose comfortable and fashionable long bobs with bangs. The masterly combination of lightness and comfort, style and beauty is the harmonious formula of ultra-popular haircuts.

Nice blonde long bobs you should give a try

If you’re a happy owner of thick blond hair, don’t miss the chance to try a long bob! This hairstyle looks gorgeous and allows you to be always the center of attention. You can often see celebrities wearing such a hairstyle on the red carpet, which confirms our words that blond long bob is a terrific choice of hairstyle.  Take a look at the pictures with nice blonde lobs and see for yourself!

How about long bob with side bangs?




The good news is that unlike straight bangs, side bangs suit almost everyone. What’s more, side bangs are a great option for fine hair. The cut of the lines and the hair lengthening can be smooth, gradual and soft or sharp with the addition of choppy ends.

Side bangs can help hide unnecessary details, as well as transform a classic image into something modern and trending. Meet some cool ideas of long bobs hairstyles with side bangs!

Cute shoulder length lob with color

Cute shoulder length lob with color 1



Cute shoulder length lob with color 4

If you’re already wearing a lob, asymmetrical bob or any other variation of this particular haircut, or you’re just tired of long curls and you want to dramatically change your image, the cute lob with coloring will look a great choice for you! Beautiful coloring whether it is an unusual hair color or ombre technique is the hottest trend these days. If your hair is not very thick, try a wavy bob with color highlights – so your hairstyle will look visually more voluminous. Pick your color, lob haircut shape and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Messy lob hair styles any girl will love

Messy lob hair styles any girl will love 1

Don’t want your hairstyle to look too sleek and polished? Choose a messy lob! Any girl who leads an active lifestyle will love this type of hairstyle! Shaggy lob styling doesn’t require any effort and time and this hairstyle looks very eye-catching. Wanna stay out of the crowd? Take a look at the photos and get inspired to try a messy lob hairstyle!

Cool long a line bob

Cool long a line bob 1

Cool long a line bob 2



The main feature of the A-line bob hairstyle is the contrast of the strands length – the back strands are short and the hair gradually gets longer in the front. This harmonious combination of lengths will allow you to open and show the grace of the neck and at the same time perfectly frame the face. In accordance with your style, there may be a slight gradation or sharp one.

The long A-line bob is a great compromise btw long and short hair. The classic cut may be parted both in the middle and on the side, depending on your preferences. You can also add textures for a light feel and the elegant effect.

Ideas of long length bob with side part

It would seem that the parting is such an insignificant thing… However, if the parting is chosen correctly, it can change your face beyond recognition or, conversely, worsen the situation if you make a mistake with the choice. Fortunately, the side parting suitable for almost everyone. We especially recommend it to girls with a round and heart-shaped face as it visually lengthens the face. In addition, it is a great option for creating extra volume on lifeless hair.

The long bob with the side part hits the mark if you need a hairstyle that will make you look brighter!

Textured long bob ideas for long hair

Textured long bob ideas for long hair 1


A textured long bob is unusual and non-standard hair styling. If you’re bored with classic sleek lobs, choose layers and texture! The textured long bob will bring originality, playfulness and uniqueness to the haircut and the image as a whole. But keep in mind that this hairstyle is a little more difficult to maintain. Your lob should not be messy; it should just look a little careless.

We offer the most trending ideas for textured long bob cuts – check them out!

Pictures of blunt long bob hairstyle




The blunt long bob haircut implies the hair of the same length all around, so this kind of lob provides a sleek and clean look. The blunt lob looks stylish, sophisticated and sexy.

The good news is that it fits any type of face, so you have nothing to worry about – this hairstyle will always be a win-win option. The blunt long bob looks gorgeous on straight hair, so if you have curls, use a hair straightener or simply leave the hair wavy to create a slightly careless effect. This is the most popular type of elongated bob for good reason – girls with blunt long bob hairstyle are awesome!

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