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24 Updos Meant to Be Performed on Short Hair

It seems as if short-haired girls are deprived of the chance to make a beautiful updo. It also seems that they literally have drawn the short straw when it comes to the versatility of styling hair. The truth is, girls with long hair have no problem with styling at all. They can do whatever they want with their long locks: from twisting to braiding, from pinning hair up to wearing it loose. A number of possible hairstyles for long hair is endless really. The same can’t be said for women with short hair. The time they decided to cut hair short, they left themselves with a limited choice of hairstyles to do with their short hair. But it doesn’t mean that if you wear bob, for example, you can’t do anything with it. We have collected quite a few cute updos for short hair so you could diversify your look a bit.

All these stylish, elegant, feminine short hair updos are here to help you and give some bits of inspiration. There’s one thing though since your hair is short and probably of different length, you’ll need a lot of pins and some hair ties to elaborate an updo.

So, if the desire to make updos from time to time is the only thing that stops you from trying a short haircut, you can leave these worries in the past because we’ve got more than 30 updos for short hair.

Quick and Easy Updos for Short Hair to Do Yourself


The first rule of quick and easy updos for short hair, you don’t necessarily have to put all your hair into an updo. Feel free to leave a few curly tresses here and there. Moreover, you can leave almost all your hair the way it is and just add a side braid or twist the top of your hair. Such updos look great and don’t require much time and effort for styling.
Another thing you should consider while making an updo on your short hair is that you probably won’t be able to create a high top bun or something like that. The hair at the nape is way too short for that. There’s a way out though. You can make a few small buns all over the length imitating a mohawk. Such a hairstyle underlines the elegance of female facial features and is really easy to do by yourself.

It is worth noting that the hairstyles, which open the shoulders, the neck, and the forehead, are not for everyone. Hairstyles with open forehead suit women with oval faces more. But again it depends. The best way to find out if a certain hairstyle suits you is to try it out.

Interesting Short Hair Updos Tutorials


How to do an updo with short hair? Now that you know a bit about what kind of updos you can create on your short hair, it’s time to look through a few great tutorials that will explain you step by step what to do. Of course, it’s better if you have bob to shoulder-length hair because such updos are impossible to make if you wear a short pixie cut. Look at the pictures and you’ll see why. Low chignon, French twist – everything is possible if you know exactly what to do step by step. Agree?

Fancy Hairdos for Short Hair


Is your hair very short? You simply can’t put it in an updo whatsoever? Okay, a curling iron and some accessories are your best friends till your hair grow out a little. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. But in case you have short hair but long enough to at least make a braid out of it, get inspired by the hairstyles in the pics. Crown braid, side braid, well, any braid makes a hairdo look fancy. And the best thing is, such updos are easy to do and they are perfect for both a date and work.

Formal Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

Formal Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair 2

It’s kind of harder to make formal updo hairstyles on short hair. We’ll explain our point. As you know formal ‘dos are better when they are neat. But if you have short hair, it would be way too difficult to elaborate a neat updo without hair sticking out in different directions. Strong fix hair spray, a bunch of hair pins and patience will come in handy, that’s for sure. But at the same time, you’ll first need to figure out what kind of formal hairstyles you can accomplish on your short hair, right? What do you think about a low roll? A simple bun maybe? They all look nice Such hairstyles are suitable for short hair because they can show it in a different light. You always have to have a stylish hairstyle that fits both a business suit and an evening dress.

Cute Updos for Girls with Short Hair


Let’s get this straight from the very beginning, we consider all these updos for short hair cute. All of them with no exception. But there are a few that are a bit cuter than other ones. What makes these styles slightly more attractive? First of all, braids. Braids always add cuteness to any hairstyle. Then, it’s a slightly disheveled look and curls (at least in some of these updos). As a result, we have got 4 awesome and cute updos you can easily make on your short hair right now.

Casual Short Updos to Try if You Wear Bob


Upswept hairdos are a great way to diversify your bob hairstyle. If you are tired of looking at the same reflection in the mirror every morning, isn’t it the right time to try something new? In case you had long hair, we’d probably recommend you to have your hair cut shorter, but you have already got hair that is short enough. Of course, one of the options could be a pixie or something like that. But for now, we want you to look through the best casual updos for short hair (in this case short hair means bob-short).

Simple Updos for medium Hair


Why are you searching for the ideas of updos for short hair? The chances are, you are planning to go to a wedding as a guest. You can be a bride, too. There are also such occasions as a prom or a party that require a certain dress code and a certain hairdo as well. at the same time, you might be tired to wear your short hair loose all the time. Changes are for the better. It happens that you change your hairstyle and, next thing you know, your life changes too. Maybe not in a cardinal way, but still. So, why don’t you start with these simple updos for very short hair then? Simplicity and ease of styling make it possible to create a modest and impressive hairdo.

two messy pigtail buns updo - checopie braid and updos hairstyle 2 in 1 Romantic updo for medium length hair

How about a Messy Updo for Short Hair?


A bit of messy on your hair won’t do any harm. On the contrary, messy updos look exceptionally beautiful on short hair. And here’s why. You don’t have to worry about hairs that stick out all the time. Your updo gets the needed volume once it’s messy. Last but not least, messy hairstyles look cute. Do you really need any other arguments in favor of messy updos for short hair?

Half up Half down Hair Updos for Short Hair

Half up Half down Hair Updos for Short Hair 1

Let’s cut to the chase, half updos for short hair are the best options. First of all, there are a lot more variants of such updos for ladies with short hair. High top knot, half-up bun, half pony, half braided hairstyle and so on and so forth. You can even just pin half of your hair up and get a cool hairstyle in a blink of an eye. Well, we hope that these cute styles will give you some inspiration for your next updo.

Elegant Braided Updos for Short Hair

Elegant Braided Updos for Short Hair 1


As we were saying, braids make any hairstyle better. What is more, braids make any hairstyle more elegant. Just take a look at the pictures and try imagining these updos without braids. They would look flat and uninteresting, right? Braids add volume, braids add depth and dimension. And more importantly, braids can be done on short hair, which is crucial for you, we guess.

Short Pinned Up Hairstyles


How to put short hair up? This question seems difficult to be answered. But it only seems. With a handful of pins and some imagination, you can create almost any updo on short hair. The chances are, you’ll need some help from another person, but as you can tell from the pictures, such pinned up up ‘dos are worth trying.

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