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23 2 in 1 Genius Hairstyle for Women with Step by Step Guide

very practical hairstyles that every woman should know

Best Hairstyles for Women 2020. Hi Ladies! We have extremely truly new short haircuts directly here for you! In our display you will discover the pictures of Nice Short Haircuts for Women 2020 that can be moving for some ladies.

Often, we need to fix our hair in ten minutes and we have no idea what to do. So, nothing like a few simple tips to lend a helping hand when running and ensure a beautiful hairstyle!

Because haste and perfection can go together yes!

To take the look out of the obvious and make the look more interesting and sophisticated, we bet on hairstyles. Stuck, loose, classic or stripped, there are inspirations for all types of hair that match different styles and occasions. Check out 20+ hairstyle ideas step by step to follow and do it yourself!

Step by step: how to make an easy and beautiful hairstyle

This hairstyle is easy to do, but it takes the look out of the ordinary with delicate braids. Take a look at the walkthrough:

  1. Part the hair in half and separate a strand to make a boxer style braid;
  2. Start making a built-in braid, adding strands along the length;
  3. When the braid reaches more or less the top of the head, continue braiding without adding any strands until the end of the hair;
  4. Do the same thing with the lock on the other side and secure with an elastic band.

Quick, isn’t it? These hairstyles can be adapted to any length of hair and are practical for those days when we have no idea what to do with our hair.

Step by step hairstyle for curly hair

  1. Pull all of your hair up;
  2. To tie the bun, make a slight twist on the back and tie it as bare as possible, leaving some curls free;
  3. To fasten, take some mechinhas and go wrapping around the bun until it is well tied;
  4. Finish by placing a few bobby pins so that the hairstyle is firm and lasts longer!

Check out the tricks on how to make this bun in the video, as well as other hairstyle ideas for curly hair:


In Womens Hairstyles 2020, Short hairdos are incredibly in style, there are bunches of varieties of short hair styles from shaggy or layered to side-swiped bounce that can compliment each lady. You need to choose your haircut dependent on face shape and facial highlights. For brooding look you can attempt with finished and layered short haircuts. For oval face ladies can go with wavy sway haircut with a smidgen of layering is the best decision. Furthermore, blasts can include increasingly exquisite and attractive look to your short haircut and we promising you that will have a major effect.

These are all the 2 in 1 genius and gorgeous short & long hairstyle :

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