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21 Extraordinary Nail Art Ideas for Beginner

Nail art is undoubtedly always the perfect idea to lift your beauty to the next level. There are many types of nail arts with different difficulties in how to make the design. Usually, the more unique the nail art design, the more expensive you have to pay for the nail art service. In other words, extraordinary nail art designs are not affordable. Well, good news for you is that in this article, you will get easy nail art ideas you can do by yourself at home, with of course—the unique type of designs.

1. Stick Scotch Tapes for Two-Tone Nail Art

A classic two-tone nail art design never fails to look very pretty. This type of nail art design suits even for the short nails. To create your easy nail art with two tones, you don’t need to buy any nail art strips. Just find the scotch tape in your stationery storage and explore your creativity with it. Stick it diagonally, horizontally, or even vertically so you can apply two, even three different colors onto your nails.

Classic two-color nail art design with a blend of navy and Tosca blue colors suitable for adorable short nails.
Classic two-color nail art design with a blend of dark pink and white that suitable for those of you who are new to nails.
Classic two-color nail art design with a beautiful blend of dark pink and white plus a black border for more pretty accent.
Classic two-color nail art design with attractive two-tone of purple nail polish color.
Different patterns using two tones of purple, one is lighter, while the other is a little darker. You can either paint the tip with a darker tone and the rest with light or vice versa.
This classic two-color nail polish design with gorgeous red wine and black colors for your a bit short nails.
This classic two-color nail art design with black and gold nails which beautiful for those of you who want to find the glamorous one.

2. Use Toothpick to Make Patterns 

Instead of buying a nail art pen or small brushes that have to be used with certain techniques, you can use a toothpick to make many kinds of the pattern you want. Try to explore patterns that you can make to get this easy nail art. Polka dots, galaxy pattern or your favorite characters that can be drawn easy are several patterns you can try to make on your own.

You can try deciding to get out of monochrome and add some color for the cheerful and stand out look like this orange neon color.
Try the pink color and white for your pretty chic nail art.
Nail art for beginners with a natural background, white and flower spots using toothpicks for the pretty gorgeous nail art.


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Awesome nail art for beginners with a deep red background in white flower pattern. If you love something glorious, then this one is the best choice.
Beautiful nail art for beginners on a pink, natural and freckled pattern using toothpicks.
Nail art with deep black and dots that form the flower pattern in white color looks both fierce and pretty.
White nail color with some different patterns that made by using toothpick. The patterns made by using some different color which are really festive.


3. Add Eyeshadows for Matte-Finished Nails

Matte-finished nails are on-trend. It’s like everyone wears it and it looks very elegant, both for casual or formal conditions. The problem is that you only have old nail polish and you don’t want to buy the new one. Easy, all you have to do is mixing it with eyeshadows, apply it onto your nails, and voila! You can have your matte nails, too!

These matte coffin nails look very chic and unique. Moreover, it is also fierce which is awesome.
Matte nails painted in dark blue color and decorated with gold ornaments that can be an amazing color combinations.
This manicure has matte black nails, then the crystals added look very glamorous and really enliven the black color on your nails.
Brighten your appearance with long nails and painted in a beautiful red color. Bright red nail color like this will make an extraordinary statement.


Amazing nail art for beginners with eyeshadows for matte finish nails by adding the glitters which is really elegant, whether for casual or formal occasion.


Nail art for beginners with red and black eyeshadows for matte-finish nails.
By using the red wine and black eyeshadow colors, you can create the matte and glamorous look.


Having pretty unique nail art designs is not that hard anyway. You don’t have to spend much money, but creativity. Explore the internet to get inspiration on how you would design your style of easy nail art, and then you can use these hacks. Have a nice try!

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