20 wooden stairs that are a real decorative element in the house! Get inspired

20 ideas for a design wooden staircase

Wooden stairs are really a decorative element that helps increase the value of your home. Functionally, architecturally, the staircase becomes like any other piece of furniture, which completes the home furnishings and builds a particular mood. The staircase can be part of a dwelling from the beginning or be inserted in the same during renovation or renovation. The important thing is to choose the one that suits the furniture and that will not tire you, since it will have to remain in the environment forever.

There are many types: spiral staircases, open masonry, reduced (i.e. small, to access the mezzanines!). The staircase in the house must not clutter too much, on the contrary it must help to optimize the space, support the weight of the constant coming and going and above all never remove the light from the room. So if you are under renovation, position it where it doesn’t bother you.

Come and see our 20 stair proposals: you will love it!


20 wooden stairs that decorate the house …

A sense of absolute suspension for this architecturally minimalist wooden staircase, where beauty is a simple concept.

minimal style design wooden stairs


The staircase which is an unparalleled architectural style. A design that seen from above refers to complex geometries.

The wooden staircase which is unparalleled architectural style


Glass and wood for a truly beautiful design staircase: a kind of modern sculpture that enhances the environment.

Design wooden staircase with glass railing


A “lively” staircase that recalls that of mountain houses, with its rustic taste and warm color.

Wooden stairs design


A staircase with a truly unique design. Dark wood and light wood in a captivating mix that catches the eye.


Wood and wrought iron: the magic of the classic style that wins over everything and that never tires.

Wooden staircase with wrought iron railing


Here is a nice example of space optimization. A small room, where everything is functional, even the wooden staircase that reaches the mezzanine.

Wooden mezzanine with design staircase


Spiral staircase but not only. Super contemporary design for a wooden structure that recounts glamorous atmospheres.


The long wooden staircase with iron handrail: a linear beauty for an “easy” and young home that does not like formality.

Long wooden staircase with iron handrail


Not only staircase but also library. Here is another shining example of 360 ° functionality, for a house that wants to optimize but always with taste and intelligence.


75+ Stairs Design Ideas To Allure up Your Home

A container staircase that reaches a mezzanine: how beautiful this warm wood and the unusual architectural design, of great scenic impact.


The shabby chic staircase with white wood and dark steps that underneath becomes a respectable container: the house must be beautiful and functional in all its elements!


Wooden stairs that keep, that keep in order. The house is dressed in beauty and practicality, without which it could not offer comfort.


A design that recalls art deco and ancient atmospheres never forgotten. The decorated handrail and the rounded shape of the steps are pure daydreams.


Even in a narrow corner, the wooden staircase carries out its pretense and proceeds quickly on its way, without cluttering.


Long, beautiful, imposing, the wooden staircase that crosses the house like a backbone, holding its thread and telling its internal movement.


This portion of the staircase next to which to place an armchair or a table seems like a piece of furniture: when the design is ingenious and it is able to catch new inspirations.


A light style, with wood and iron, for this staircase that reflects a lot of brightness and is comfortable in a classic or modern environment.


A wooden staircase that connects the attic to the rest of the house: a rustic style of those that make us think of the houses of the past.


The spiral staircase par excellence. A sensual and enveloping mood that crosses the house with its sinuous and timeless movement, as in a dreamlike story.

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