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20 Really Cool Short Red Hairstyles

woman cannot cut her hair above her shoulders in Islam : as that makes women look like men 

Everyone loves red hair, we know it. Fire hair is not a new trend, but it’s definitely a trend — red and reddish hair styles are rare, hot, sexy and impressive. Seriously, we just can’t imagine a person who doesn’t like red hair — so let’s talk about such hairstyles. We surely have something you’ll like here.

If your natural hair color is red, our congratulations — you received a great genetic gift, so you are the lucky one! If you dyed your hair red (or if you’re only planning to do it), it’s not a problem at all, of course — as we’ve already said, there are hundreds of haircuts that will suit both natural and dyed redheads. And guess what? The best of them are already here!

Long story short, here we’ll show you 30+ awesome ideas of short hairstyles for red hair. Sexy, cute, romantic and beautiful — we know that you will certainly not be disappointed. Let’s start!

Cool Short Haircuts For Red Haired Girls






Strawberry? Ginger? Classic red? Dark red? Auburn? It doesn’t matter what shade of red do you have. Short haircuts look awesome with all of them — just take a look at the photos above to make sure we are right. Short red bob and lob hairstyles, pixie cuts, curls and blunt cuts, even mohawks — it would be extremely difficult to find a haircut that doesn’t suit redheads.

So, whether you are a girl with short red hair or you are only planning to change your style, these photos will certainly help you. You can choose your favorite style and copy it, you can use these pictures for inspiration and create something new based on them — it’s only up to you!

Cute Hairstyles For Short Red Hair With Bangs


Bangs. They are one of the most popular causes of disputes between the people who have something to do with haircuts… But we are sure that the main problem of those who say that bangs are out of style is that they have never seen a textured red bob haircut with bangs (or a straight bob with side long bangs). If they’d seen these awesome cute hairstyles, they wouldn’t have said that bangs are outdated. 100%.

You have a chance not to repeat their mistakes. Just check out these four amazing pictures of short red cuts with bangs and you’ll fall in love with ‘em!

Inspiring Short Hair Ideas For Redheads


There are not many ideas for ladies with short red hair at first glance. Bob, pixie, what else?

But as we’ve said, it looks so only at first glance. There are literally hundreds of cool ideas of what to do with your short red hair. A small detail can change everything and make your look dramatic, sexy or more formal (it very much depends on what your goals).

Here we offer the most interesting of these ideas  — we’ve tried to do our best and to satisfy ladies with all hair textures (straight, wavy, curly) and with all shades of red. If you won’t find anything worthy of attention here, don’t worry and continue reading — you’ll surely find a good idea later!

Awesome Short Curly Red Hair Styles





Are you one of those women who always try to straighten your curly hair? You are probably so damn tired with it, right?

Forget about it. Curly hair seems to be made for red color (all shades of it) — because you can do literally whatever you like with this combination. Casual and messy hairstyles, elegant and voluminous ones, tight or loose curls — the choice is really wide. If you don’t wanna get confused, check the photos below. We’ve chosen the best of these hairstyles, seriously.

Sexy Short Red Hairstyles For Red Headed Women



Sexy Short Red Hairstyles For Red Headed Women 3


Red hairstyles look sexy, that’s a fact. Here we’ve gathered four sassy and chic cuts that will look great on every redhead — of course they will not work perfect as formal haircuts, but that’s not what you’re looking for now, right?

As always, we found the hairstyles for both straight and curly hair textures. All of the cuts here are quite simple, yet really sexy and beautiful — so you just can’t miss them!

Short Haircuts For Women With Auburn Red Hair Color


Auburn doesn’t look like that classic “ginger” red, but it’s still red, which means it’s another perfect shade for shorthaired ladies. Bob, pixies and long bob haircuts look PERFECT in combination with auburn red — and of course, you are not limited to these three options. Check out the photos above and you’ll see what we mean.

Oh, and btw, we highly recommend to try different color techniques if you have short auburn red hair. Lowlights and highlights will work great for you.

Beautiful Short Ginger Hair You Will Love

Full fringe? Side-swept bangs? Adding waves? Straightening and curling hair? There is one general answer to all these questions when we’re talking about short ginger hair. This answer sounds like “yes, of course!”. The thing is, it’s a perfect combination of color and length, which means you can do everything you want with it. Take a look at the pics above and get some cool ideas!

Light Red Hair cute light red lob hairstyle

Famous Redheads With Short Hair

Fake or natural? It doesn’t matter. All the women on this list have two things in common: they all are redheads and we all know them. Emma Stone, Karen Gillan, Hayley Williams, Lindsay Lohan — you just can’t deny that these ladies know how to look great. You won’t be disappointed with the photos, we can guarantee it.

Very Short Hairstyles For Redheads


Very short does mean neither masculine nor boring. Explore these four very short yet very sexy and adorable hairstyles — they look like they were created for redheads! Of course, all these cuts will look great on, like, brown hair and blonde hair — but red hair certainly makes every haircut better. Agree?

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