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20+ Gorgeous Ombre Hairstyles

As soon as you start thinking that a certain trend has gone forever, it makes a comeback. This is exactly what has happened to ombré hair. This hair coloring technique was at the peak of its popularity in 2012, but now it’s getting back on the track again. What does this mean to the world of hairstyling? It means that there will be more stylish women with strikingly beautiful ombré hairstyles than ever before. And we love it. And what we love even more is that ombré doesn’t seem to go anywhere in the near future. So take your time and look through the trendiest ombré hair color ideas from the ones presented below.

What is Ombré Hair Coloring

What is Ombré Hair Coloring 2
Unlike balayage which is more of a highlighting technique, ombré stands for a seamless transition from the darker hair color at the roots to lighter at the tips. It’s basically hair color graduation. More often than not, the colorist lightens your basic hair color along the way giving it the so-called sunkissed effect. But it’s the classic brown to blonde ombré, of course. There’s also a similar hair coloring technique called “sombré” which is a more subtle version of familiar ombré hair.
As we already said, ombré hair coloring represents two-tone coloring with a border, blurred by the horizontal line. Due to such coloration hairstyle looks quite original: from the roots to the mid-length preserved natural shade, followed by a soft and smooth transition in a different color, and at the tips, the color becomes the most intense and saturated. Ombré, where the darker shade is gradually transformed into a light, also called the “solar” coloring, because you get the result as if you spent all summer at the beach.

Caramel Ombré Hair We All Love

Caramel Ombré Hair We All Love 2
Only the most daring girls agree to make a sharp boundary between two colors. Transitions can be quite different – from dark hair to light and vice versa, or from natural colors to bright fashionable shades. In short, ombré hair coloring can be made in a way to suit all tastes. Having the tips of the hair dyed in a different color is very a refreshing way to make the face look younger. Ombré hair also adds volume and splendor will revive the simplest haircut.
Being one the best versions of ombré hair, caramel ombré still wins the hearts of many girls out there and for a reason. Such coloring makes hair look more dynamic. It also adds dimension and volume.

The Best Ombré Hair Color Ideas

The Best Ombré Hair Color Ideas 1

Sometimes the best things are the simplest things. We mean, you don’t have to go above and beyond just to get a trendy hair look. Take a look at these awesome ombré hair color ideas. They all are simple: darker hair at the roots, lighter at the tips. That’s the whole point of any ombré hairstyle – you just pick a color you’d like to get and leave your natural hair color untouched at the roots. The result is always stunning. Though we highly recommend you not to do ombré by yourself at home. Leave it to a professional colorist.

Dark Ombré Colors to Try This Season

Ombré looks gorgeous thanks to overflowing coffee and cognac, golden and brown, caramel and honey natural shades in combination with a deep dark color of hair. This fashionable coloration is now preferred by many luxurious brunettes in Hollywood and it certainly looks very impressive and glamorous. Depending on how bright the image you want to create, you can choose either subtle coffee and cognac shades or more juicy and contrasting caramel-honey colors.

Inspiring Pictures of Ombré Hairstyles

Inspiring Pictures of Ombré Hairstyles 1 Inspiring Pictures of Ombré Hairstyles 2

It’s so easy to get lost among all these awesome ombre hairstyle ideas. They all look awesome, they all call out for you, they all seem to be a perfect choice. We can’t tell you that this one is better than that one, but we can give you a few more cool ombré hair looks to consider before your next visit to a beauty salon. How about that? Whether you prefer platinum blonde hair or light brown shades – with ombré you’ll get your dream hair. Gentle color reflections make this coloration fresh and elegant. Hair with a warm shade of wheat, caramel, golden sand or light honey – any color will be just fine for ombré.

Ombré Hair Color Trends

Ombré Hair Color Trends 3
When it comes to ombré, your hair length doesn’t really matter. Do you have gorgeous long hair? Great. Ombré will make your locks look even better, especially if you make them wavy or curly. Medium length of the hair, maybe? With ombré, you will make it look more dynamic. Short hair isn’t a problem at all, too. The only thing that matters for ombré is your desire to get it ASAP. Well, this and a quality hair dye along with a professional colorist.

Awesome Colorful Ombré Hair

Awesome Colorful Ombré Hair 1

For bright and extravagant girls, there are also striking two-color and multicolor variants of ombré hair. This kind of hair coloring is done the same way as the classic one, but with bold enchanting colors like green, blue, purple and pink. Use your fantasy, get bolder and experiment with different ombré hair colors.
You can simply add blue color to your natural hair tone, and can radically repaint the hair, making it fully colored. The last option looks, undoubtedly, incredibly impressive, daring, striking, but consider that such a transformation can do damage to healthy hair!

Classic Brown to Blonde Ombré

Classic Brown to Blonde Ombré 2 Classic Brown to Blonde Ombré 3
What is the classic version of ombré? It is a two-tone coloring in which your natural brown or brunette hair color is left the way it is at the roots and the tips get bleached and later dyed into blond. The intermediate zone is made seamlessly and allows getting a maximum natural image. You’d better consult with your colorist and ask him/her what shade of blonde is better for you. The shade may differ depending on how dark how light your basic brown hair color is.

Subtle Ombré Hair Ideas

If you feel like classic ombré hair isn’t your thing, opt for subtle ombré (or sombré). Not only does it look softer and less attention-grabbing (if this isn’t what you want, of course), but also such a technique damages your less. And the best thing is, if you like natural looks as much as we do, subtle ombré hair is exactly what you need.

Ombré Colored Hair for a Perfect Fall Ombré Look

When you hear fall ombré hair what are the first colors that spring to your head? Let us guess. Perhaps, these are the shades of auburn, copper, red and burgundy. Is that right? Just imagine how wonderfully any of these colors would look in combination with light and dark brown roots.
All in all, no matter what ombré hair color you choose, we are sure that you will look fantastic with it. Trends come and go, but ombre has proved that it can survive the test of time.

soft pink ombre hairstyle

dark red ombre

beautiful ombre short hairstyle

stylish grey ombre hairs

purple ombre-hairstyles



ombre braided hairstyles


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