20 DIY Room Divider Ideas and Designs

Room dividers are commonly used to provide additional privacy and to divide a room into two or several dedicated space. They often come in the form of movable panels you can easily set up anywhere in the house where it is needed. Room dividers are very much part of the home design and should complement your personality, needs and home interiors. Here are some great DIY room divider ideas and designs to steal for your next weekend DIY project:

Quirky, fun and sensible way of separating rooms. Don’t throw away used doors just yet. Recycle them into this unique and fascinating room divider. Painted with your favourite bright colours, they can add fun and character to your home.

Simple Pallet Screen

Environment friendly, economical and functional. Everyone can DIY this recycled pallet screen. Just clean and dry some pallet planks, assemble into three panels and then connect the panels with some door hinges.

String Curtain

Mesmerizing, unique flurry and beautiful. A fascinating way to denote room spaces. Using some thin coloured strings, hang a line across the room. Let the string fall free and unobstructed, from the ceiling to the floor.

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Shelved Separator

Built-in shelving is a top favourite amongst room divider ideas and designs. It is effective, double as storage and/or display hub and can help with the organising. A great option for studio apartments and smaller homes.

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Folding Gallery

Attractive, personalised and effective room divider. A great conversation starter, this will entertain your guests for a time. Ask an ironworker to assemble you a three-panel iron screen. Paint it with your preferred colour and then arrange your favourite photos to display.

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