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20+ Braid Hairstyles To Fall In Love With

The history of hair braiding counts for more than 5000 years. This tells us one thing – braids are never out of fashion. What is more, there is literally an infinite number of braided hairstyles out there. It seems that new hairdos with braids appear every single day. You might not even know this, but the chances are you can make a braid hairstyle no one ever made before you. Cool, huh? It’s true, braids are by far the most versatile hairstyles. Starting with a well-known French braid and finishing with original DNA-shaped braids, the versatility impresses. One thing is sure, whatever braids you choose for your next hairstyle, you will certainly look fabulous! And you know what? We have rounded up the best braid hairstyles here so you’d choose the perfect one.

Nice Braided Hairstyles for Women


It is not always a good idea to use your hair completely loose, sometimes for reasons of practicality, comfort and even visual attaching the strands can be a great idea. Therefore, we will show  22 photos of braids for all hair types  for you to get inspired and start using your braid!

The braids are super versatile! They can be used on a daily basis, as a basic way of holding hair, just as they can be used even on special occasions like luxurious parties, because this is one of the most classic hairstyles that exist!

In addition, there are several ways to use braids. Therefore, the hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, style and especially hair type. The different types of hair find in braiding a great way to keep the hair tied or semi-tied. So we can consider this one of the most democratic hairstyles of all!

But before you start using your braid remember that braiding as a casual hairstyle is super recommended but the continuous use of braids can cause hair loss through the well-known Traction Alopecia ; so use it sparingly!

Braid in all hair


Braids have reappeared in recent years and with infinite new ways to reproduce them, from soft and romantic, the classic with a modern touch. They are officially here to stay!
Braids are the first thing that hairdressers think of when a bride wants a special, whimsical and fun hairstyle. In addition, you can take off your hairstyle after reception and have beautiful waves all over your hair for any post-wedding occasion or flight to the honeymoon the next day. Braids are unique, and do not go out of fashion.
So, if you are looking for a light and romantic style, or something a little modern, there is a braid for you. We researched some of the bridal hairstyles with braids to inspire your wedding day look.


Nice and neat braids, made in different styles, will help transform any image instantly. Refined weaving helps women look more feminine and romantic, so the hairstyle with a braid will be a great idea for your everyday look or for a formal occasion. If you feel like a simple braided hairstyle isn’t enough, you can always add accessories. We especially love braids decorated with flowers. Such hairdos are perfect for proms, weddings or any other special event you are planning to attend. Apart from flowers, you can choose among all the possible headbands, scarves, and headpieces. Braids look beautiful with any accessory you pick.

One Braid Hairstyles to Give a Try to

One Braid Hairstyles to Give a Try to 2 One Braid Hairstyles to Give a Try to 3

One of the simplest ways to create a braided hairstyle is to braid one braid. But it doesn’t mean that the only option you have is a French braid. Though, of course, the French braid is the most popular among braids. Take a look at the examples of one braid hairstyles we have collected in this paragraph. Do they look boring? Absolutely not. if you have some free time for braiding and a bit of inspiration, everything becomes possible. you can combine different braid styles to get an unusual braided hairstyle. Like, try mixing a Dutch braid with a Fishtail braid. The result is stunning, as you can see.

Images of Cute Braid Styles


Images of Cute Braid Styles 4
You don’t have to be too good at braiding to be able to make complex braided hairstyles. Some things turn out to be easier than they seem at first. It’s true when it comes to plaits. Of course, you might like to watch some tutorials before you start braiding your hair, but it’s not necessary. Frankly, when I was a kid, I used to braid my hair the way it led me to. The interesting thing is, the result was sometimes better than I expected. So, take your time, train and experiment with different braiding techniques. May these cute braids serve as inspiration for you.

Different Hair Braiding Styles

Different Hair Braiding Styles 1 Different Hair Braiding Styles 2 Different Hair Braiding Styles 3
Whether you prefer a loose waterfall braid or like plaiting your hair to the side, we have lots of cool braided hairstyle ideas for any taste. And the best thing is, they are all quick and easy to do. Sounds too good to be true? It might at first, but once you check out all the pictures of different braiding styles here, all your doubts will disappear right away. Cute half braided styles, interesting braided updos, eye-catching single braid hairstyles – each of you, ladies, will find a braided hairstyle to your taste.

Trendy Hairstyles with Braids for Women

Unique doesn’t always mean trendy and vice versa. Yet we’ve got a few cool plaited hair designs that are definitely in trend right now and they are far from ordinary as well. How about that? Truth to be told, though you’ll need some help to get such braided hairstyles as well as it’ll take you a lot of time, the result is worth it.

Cool Braids Designs

Cool Braids Designs 2

You just can’t ruin a hairstyle with a braid. On the contrary, braids make any hairstyle better. They have this cute romantic touch that complements any look. It can be a slightly messy crown braid that goes around the head or a braided ponytail, one way or another you look pretty. What is more, you don’t necessarily have to have long hair to wear a braided hairstyle. Cornrows can be made even if you have a pixie cut. Actually, cornrows aren’t the only braids you can make on your short hair. You know that, right? Box braids, braided bob, to name a few.

New Braided Hairstyles You Will Love


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As we were saying, braids are versatile and they have a countless number of variations so new braid styles keep appearing. If you are looking for some braided hairstyle no one have ever worn before, maybe you can create one right now. Use your imagination and the braided hairstyles we have singled out here. And who knows, maybe tomorrow girls from around the world will be trying to copy your style.

Trending Hairdos with Braids

Trending Hairdos with Braids 3 Trending Hairdos with Braids 4
Without doubts, if you have long natural hair, your choice of braided hairstyles is unlimited. It seems that long hair was created to be plaited and twisted in all the possible ways. Here you will find the most popular and beautiful braid hairstyles which are also quite simple to make by yourself. One of the best thing about braids is that they save women during summertime. Can you imagine how hot it is to wear hair loose when it’s 86°F outside? But with a neatly braided updo, you not only look fantastic but also feel comfy. Besides, hair braided up is a great way to save yourself from hair getting in the eyes when it’s windy. All in all, there are only advantages of braided hairstyles, agree?

Best Plaited Styles You Can’t Miss


We know you can’t wait to start finally making braids on your hair, but there are a few more cool styles left here. And if you think that these braid styles are hard to accomplish, start with braiding a basic French braid, then try making something based on it and only after that go to more complex braids. It’s all about practice, really. As with any other skill which you have just started learning, the main rule is not to quit if something doesn’t go the way you wanted to. It is possible to do any braided hairstyle. All you need is time, practice, patience and inspiration. As for the latter, we hope that we gave you enough of it.

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