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20 Amazing Lounge Room: What is It and Whether You Need it at Home?

Indeed, we often hear mentions about “lounge room” among people but not everyone can say precisely what lounge room really is. In today’s article we will try to sort out the difference between living room, sitting room and lounge room, what particular qualities and differences has this room. Of course, we will see some of the successful hands-on and real-life examples on how to decorate this functional part of your home.

Common Questions:

What is the difference between a living room and a lounge?
Is lounge room one word or two?
What is a lounge in a house?
Why are living rooms called living rooms?
Do British people say couch?
Why do they call it a drawing room?
Is bathroom one word?
Is cardiovascular a compound word?
What is the difference between a parlor and a sitting room?
What is a lounge area?
Why do they call it a drawing room?

Lounge Room: What is it and Whether You Need it at Home? Black upholstered seating zone

What is Lounge Room?

So, let’s define what is lounge room and why don’t we call it living? The truth is there is no strict answer to this question. Living room as a notion comprises all those spaces and any rest room can be called living. Living room can include lounge zone and also be a sitting. The difference between lounge and sitting rooms is mostly in the filling the room with functional elements. Lounge room is predominantly equipped with some items of attraction: comfortable furniture sets, library shelving, fireplace, TV-set with videogames, board games etc. Sitting room, unlike the lounge, is less formal but the room mostly for just relaxing and chatting.

Loft sloped ceiling and panoramic windows for modern styled cottage with large sitting zone


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Absolutely white decorated common space designed apartment with black angular sofa at the lounge zone

Classic or Modern?

This is probably the most intriguing and actual question: which style to apply for the interior. There is also no unambiguous answer. Of course, it all depends on the overall color scheme, furnishing and stylistic of the whole house or apartment. Nobody will probably dare to make the lounge room modern in classic or rustic styled house.

Unusual Classic designed chandeliers at the lou8ng room adjacent to other zones of open space apartment

But if we speak about what option is more preferable for the lounge room, we will probably advice to take a closer look at the Modern, High-tech, Minimalism and Scandinavian styles. Why? We believe that mini malistic interior with less decorative items such as figurines, pictures, any additional decoration disposes to relaxation and more pleasant pastime without distractions.

Ultramodern style in the interior of the cottage with large black wooden table and angular sofa at the lounge zone


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Gorgeous and nicely emphasized with blue partition lounge room in the cottageOblong studio apartment with the lounge zone in the center

However, this doesn’t mean that Classic stylistic is fully irrelevant to decorate the lounge room. But in the sense of strict accordance to style, designers give preference to more compromise  solutions as Casual style and similar.


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Cozy living room full of upholstered furniture in blue pastel tones and the same colored walls


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Red carpet all over the lounge room with dark furniture Dark accents in the casual styled living room with partition zoning

Ecodesign styled sunroom made as lounge is also quite interesting option. Fill the space with plants to create relaxing atmosphere. Large windows won’t let people feel uncomfortable.


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Private house with large common space at the first floor and panoramic windowsLounge Room: What is It and Whether You Need it at Home? Absolutely white minimalistic interior

Color Palette for the Lounge

As we decided on the most fitting styles to decorate the lounge, it is logical to determine the most successful color combinations that will look good in the interior. Of course, the most popular color theme for the lounge is of gray or pastel colors. It makes the room neutral and doesn’t distract from relaxing or creativity.

Lounge Room: What is It and Whether You Need it at Home? Gray accent functional wall with orange pictures and electric fireplace



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Lounge Room: What is It and Whether You Need it at Home? Bunch of colorful pillows on the sofa Lounge Room: What is It and Whether You Need it at Home? Zebra carpet and artificial fireplace for Classic white interior Lounge Room: What is It and Whether You Need it at Home? Round ottoman on the striped rug for large common room for rest

Despite the overall color scheme, of course we can experiment and add some bright strokes to already finished interior. It can be colorful rug, pillows, vases, any other kind of decorative elements. The room will never look boring with new items. The only thing to keep an eye on is that the room should not turn into kaleidoscope of hardly combined parts.

Lounge Room: What is It and Whether You Need it at Home? Full of natural light open space in casual style with fitted in color of the furniture Lounge Room: What is It and Whether You Need it at Home? Upholstered furniture under the stairs and beige colored walls

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