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15 Winter Floral Nail Art Designs

During winter all the things we can see is the plain white from the snow and the cold weather. This season is nice actually, but sometimes we miss the colorful view from the spring florals. But, fear not you can have this spring spirit on your hand with winter florals nail. This nail art design will brighten up your winter days.

Here are some ideas of winter floral nails that you can try on your fingers.

1. Pink and Maroon with Flowers Painting Nail Art

Pink and maroon as the base colors, then some flowers painted on the top of the pink. Either hand-painted or flowers nail sticker with top coat, you can bright up your day with this cheerful design.

Using nail polish with a combination of pink and maroon is the right choice. As in the picture above, adding flower paintings on the nails can also enhance your nails in spring.
Choosing a maroon nail polish with beautiful flower paintings is perfect for you. Because with this nail polish you will look beautiful in the spring.

Using pink base nails and white flower paintings is the right choice. With this choice of colors and paintings you will look attractive in spring.
Pink nail polish is a choice of nail polish suitable for use in spring. Because if you use this color you will look cheerful in the spring.
One way to make your nails look cheerful in spring, you can use nail polish with a pink base and use flower paintings.


2. Navy Blue and Gold Crescent with Flowers Painting Nail Art

Do you want to look luxury and sophisticated, yet you still want the winter florals nail? Then you can go to try this one! The navy blue as the polish base in a crescent shape, with a hint of gold on the crescent of your fingers and topped with white flowers painting. You will look fabulous on your way to the office with this one.

The gold nail polish that has a flower painting on it is perfect for you to use. Because with the golden color your appearance will look luxurious in spring.


A beautiful flower painting combined with a base color of gold nail polish is the right choice for a spring look. With a beautiful nail appearance like in the picture above you will look elegant in the spring.


Besides gold, you can also use navy blue to color your nails. Adding flower paintings to the nails can also enhance the appearance of your nails in spring.
A very interesting color combination between gold and navy blue. As in the picture above that uses the basic colors of navy blue and gold for flower paintings you will look luxurious and elegant in spring.

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Choosing navy blue as the base color and white for the color of the flower painting is perfect for you. Because these two colors will make you look more beautiful.


3. Winter Florals Nail in Shades of Grey

The party invitations are piled up, so you need to have a nail art design that is going to fit for almost every outfit you have. You can try this shade of grey winter florals nail art. Combine the grey in some shades, like pale grey, dark grey and silver glitter on each of your fingers and then paint the florals on the pale grey polish. The silver will give you the luxurious look, while dark grey gives you warm color, and pale grey with some florals will add the spring spirit.

Use gray for your nail polish selection is the right choice. As in the picture above that adds flowers that will make your nails more attractive.
Using a basic color of gray nail polish with pink flower paintings is perfect for you to use at a spring party. Because with nails like in the picture above you will look beautiful at a spring party.
Gray is a natural color suitable for the color of your nail polish. As in the picture above that uses gray as the base color, white and pink as the color of the flower paintings will make your appearance look elegant.
If you want natural nail colors, you can use nail colors and paintings as in the picture above. With the colors and nail paintings like in the picture above you can use any color of the shirt, because this color is a natural color.
Using nail polish with a pale gray color is the right choice. Apart from these natural colors you can also use these nail colors to come to spring parties.


Those are some of the ideas for winter florals nail art that you can try! It is always a good idea to have some flowers on you regardless of the season! Enjoy your wintertime!


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