15 Sliding doors Ideas : the solution to save space

Why opt for sliding doors

Sliding doors, a design solution that saves space. When you are about to move house and renovate it to your liking, it is normal for you to start thinking about the space-saving solution that is as effective as possible, with the aim of making your home livable, especially when it comes to mini apartments.

The use of sliding doors instead of traditional swing doors is one of the most effective solutions . As you may have noticed, there are several on the market, but not all of them are suitable for the environment to be furnished. In case you are wondering which sliding doors to choose and why to choose one model over another, read on and we will explain what are the differences behind the choice.

Looking at the past, it is difficult to know for sure when sliding doors were invented, but their origin is certainly very ancient. In fact, it is curious how among the excavations of Pompeii you can still find the tracks for the sliding doors that were used at the time.
Returning to current events, let’s start by clarifying the fact that calling them casket doors or sliding doors does not make a difference. Actually it is the same model, but the so-called “casket” nomenclature derives from the name of the best known brand in the sector.

Whether it’s sliding glass or wooden doors , it’s purely a question of design . However, a distinction that can be made to facilitate the choice, directing it to the best possible solution, certainly derives from the difference between an internal and external sliding door.

The internal sliding doors have as their fundamental characteristic a closing and opening system positioned inside the wall . The counterframe of the retractable doors can be easily installed and allows easy sliding of the door.

The external sliding doors, unlike the previous ones, are characterized by an opening and closing system, located outside the wall, thus allowing the door to open leaning on it. Precisely for this reason, they are also known as external wall sliding doors.


Sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors can be used to separate rooms, but leave transparency which, especially for small spaces, becomes vital for reflecting light. As can be seen from the photo below, the sliding glass doors can also be opaque, to ensure privacy.

Sliding glass door.



The sliding glass doors for interiors , are not always completely crystal, but can be combined with other materials that frame the glass and match the decor. Below, you will find an example of external sliding glass doors that redesign a classy and high design environment, taking advantage of the use of the timeless white lacquer.

Interior sliding glass doors.



The sliding glass doors on the wall are suitable for all rooms in the house. In the photo below you will find an emblematic example of a completely transparent door and the use of the external mechanism that runs alongside the wall. The sliding glass doors in the kitchen are ideal for separating it from the dining area, while maintaining a certain contact between the two environments.

Sliding glass doors on the wall.



In case you are trying to use the doors to make your salon a place worthy of one of the most luxurious modern design houses, you are on the right path. The decorated sliding glass doors , in fact, are a worthy choice that will completely change the perception of your home, giving it added value.

Decorated sliding glass doors.


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In case you own a very large kitchen and want to completely isolate it from the living room or from the corridor, the ideal would be to opt for a sliding glass door along the entire wall. The photo below is a clear example of how a beautiful door can give class to the environment.

Large sliding door in opaque glass.



Sliding wooden doors

The sliding wooden doors give the environment in which they are inserted, not only an elegant, but also a practical aspect. In the photo below, there is an example of how to maintain privacy, without sacrificing the lightness of the surrounding environment. In fact, the light color of the wood is combined with the white of the walls and is in perfect contrast with the furnishings.

Sliding wooden doors.



In case you want a sliding wooden door that takes you back a little with the times and manages to give you that country feeling, the following is the example for you. Strictly white to be able to combine it with any environment, it is one of the most original sliding external doors on the market.

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Beautiful white sliding wooden door.



Following the same style as the previous one, we find another even more rustic model. The sliding wooden door is undoubtedly a detail that marks the environment.



In a clear context, a white casket door becomes the queen of the room. In fact, it draws attention to itself, especially if it consists of double panels with central opening. In a large room it must not be missing.

splendid white casket door.



In case you want to do things big and you love details, the one that fits you will be the casket door with double colored panel. In fact, in a neutral environment or with a fairly linear decor, a colored sliding door will give liveliness and it will be a real touch of class that everyone will notice.



Sliding doors prices

With attention to every detail and with a safety cap to prevent excessive sliding, the following is an external sliding door worthy of being considered among the most beautiful in design. The value for money is enviable, you can find it on the market for € 46.55 *, also available in black.



Let’s move from one extreme to the other and if you are more mantles than the classics, here is a casket door with internal mechanism that follows the style of the surrounding environment, without giving too much attention, almost disguising itself with the wall. This retractable door can be found on the market in various colors at a price of € 235.00 *.



Wooden casket doors never go out of style, but they also adapt to a completely modern home. The following photo is an example, rigorously of gray oak, of the dimensions of 210 × 80, you can buy it for € 278.00 *.

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However, glass and wooden doors are not the only solution. In fact, you can buy a 700X2100 plasterboard kit for € 139.00 *. In the following photo you will find an example of how the casket door can be an excellent space-saving solution.



A double-panel concealed door inside the wall is a solution in case you have a large wall, but lack of space to open it and, therefore, you cannot opt ​​for a normal swing door. In this photo you will find an idea of ​​a wooden and opaque glass casket door, which you can buy for € 850.00 *.

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